Have I Become Addicted? by Karen Bahamundi


And I Applaud Them For Doing So

I may have become addicted to running and racing, possibly even triathlon…..eggads!!  As I sat on the couch last night – I was trying to remember everything I planned that I needed to do, and realized I planned a doctor appointment for Monday morning. My first thought was not dreading the doctor , it was actually “Oh I can run now!”  My doctor appointment is not scheduled until 9 am and of course now my mind is racing. “If I get up at a certain time – I can do a longer run and have plenty of time to get to the doctor and then go to work”.

When I think about many years ago, and making an appointment at 9am on a Monday morning prior to work –my initial thought would be sleep until the latest possibly time and then get up and go to the doctor (possibly hungover from drinking the night before!). It’s funny how things change in your life – being a mommy, wife and working full-time, plus drive time of 30-45 minutes each way tends to limit my workout time. If you know me personally, you know that I do not do well without working out, I tend to get a little angry – so I sneak in WHATEVER I can get! Jason and I have a good balance between watching the little man, but sometimes I want to be home with my family, so I decided to join the gym and go at lunch as well. Nothing like a quick workout midday to de-stress from the drama of the workplace!

So now I run, attend bootcamp and gym and apparently my race schedule has gotten out of control. I keep signing up for races:

  • Rock & Roll Dallas Half – 3/25
  • A2A HalfMarathon – OK 4/1
  • White Rock and Roll 15k- 5/10
  • Rock & Roll San Diego Half- 6/4
  • El Scorcho 50k – 7/15
  • Hula Girl Tri – 8/11

I actually spoke to Jason about signing up for another tri in May just to do it, and of course my Fall races are already planned in my head, but registration is not yet open. Normally I am not a racer, I am a runner, but I have been enjoying getting out amongst all the other runners, and liking the fact that I am starting to meet people and socialize with them. Even if I am not great at racing, at the finish line we are all winners and have something in common. I think about other athletes, and the way they live, getting up in the wee hours of the morning and working out or doing it before bed, and being parents or students as well and still finding time to move and it amazes me and inspires me to do more.

The questions I wonder – Will I lose steam eventually? Will I get burnt out? I have seen it happen to so many – other things take priority and life gets in the way. I have noticed the personalities change as well. The runner’s high is gone, and the bitterness/depression is obvious. I have been sidelined various times due to injury and I know that feeling and I know getting back is tough, but once you start moving and train your body to move, it does get easier, and you do feel better. Honestly – I think I will stick to moving..I am sure Jason is thankful.

Do you ever get burnout?  Do you know others in it now and do you try to move them?

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  1. I hear you loud and clear. I signed up for a 50 mile triathlon this morning. just because I didn’t have a spring tri on the schedule yet. Never mind the 10 running races from jan – may. Yes, I have a problem.
    Carolina John recently posted..Feb TotalsMy Profile

  2. Megan says:

    It is possible that you could burn out, so I recommend taking a solid break after your races to fully recover. Last year I was on GO from March thru September and I was toast. If I would have taken breaks after my events, I would have felt a lot better. Also, adding in that triathlon will help you mix it up and not JUST run. Best of luck to you this year!
    Megan recently posted..DNF: February ChallengeMy Profile

    • Karen says:

      i wrote this blog earlier in the week and ended up at Dr office thursday with 102 temp and the flu.. sidelined. Resting is in order, no choice. :(

  3. this is wonderful!!!!
    and yes, i have been burned out. but then i get grumpy all the time and my wife says, “why don’t you go for a run tomorrow?” and i do, and then it is all better again.
    i think it helps me to ‘expect’ that i will burn out and then to use that time for other things; playing more with the kids, showing our son how to skip rocks, ride a bike, those things. they help me to regain my center from having been so far over on the running side….
    then i’m back at it (like now!)
    keep up the great work, BOTH of you!!!!!


    • Karen says:

      Thanks Gene- funny after writing this – I get the flu – and I am sidelined again… for a few days, but I will be back!

  4. I have had the same problem for the last 10 years (i.e., since I was 20). I live for exercising, triathlons, Ironman, yoga, etc…it’s totally an addiction but, trust me, among all addictions, we have by far the healthier one.
    You’ll be happy to know that they have forged a specific term for identifying people “suffering” from such disease: Gymnorexia. And apparently we’re hooked up on endorphins…
    Well, what are we going to do? Stop competing? NO WAY!
    Mike @TheIronYou recently posted..“Jamba Juice Is For Heroes” (But Pick The Right Smoothie!)My Profile

  5. Shannon says:

    I love this! I’m so proud of you!! And, yes, you should sign up for Texas Girl Sprint Tri in May! The medal and the t-shirts are going to be adorable! I’m actually working on getting you a discounted/ free registration for that, for all you’ve done to sign others up.

    Will let you know, ASAP.
    Shannon recently posted..3 Heart-Worthy ThingsMy Profile

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