Have You Seen The Sun Rise?

Welcome to the new site for Jason Bahamundi and the Life of An Aspiring Triathlete.  You can see that there have been ‘some’ changes around here.  In the past two months or so I have truly been chasing my passions.  My passion for cooking and my passion for a healthy lifestyle through training and racing.  I decided to put them together and came up with this site.  I did not do this all on my own.  With a lot of help from Rita Barry at Fitblogger and Blog Genie this dream has become a reality.  It is terrific because the post for today was going to be based on the sun rising.  Well the sun rose over me today when Rita sent me an email that said the site was (almost) ready except for a few things.  I could not contain my excitement anymore and decided to launch it and will fix up a page or two along the way.  Thank you Rita.


Pic courtesy of noelkingsley.com

As a runner we are often asked: ‘Why do you run?’ and ‘Why do you run so early?’

For me the answer is very simple.  I run because it is my time.  It is my time to getaway from the everyday.  It is my time to let my creative juices flow.  It is my time to examine who I am and how I want to be better.  It is my time to dig down deep and push myself to the next level.  It is my time.

And during that time I have seen some of the most amazing sunrises.  I have run pre-dawn in cities like New York, Maui, Dallas, Jackson MS, Cozumel, Miami, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Austin, Healdsburg CA, and Charlotte to name a few.  It is the same sun everywhere I have been but it is a different and amazing feeling because each city, town, village is different.

I have seen my breathe in Jackson MS in October on a 16 mile run.  I didn’t have any idea where I was but as the sun started to rise and my feet met the pavement a warm sensation came over me that can never be replicated.  I felt free at that time.  I had a 7 hour drive back to Dallas ahead of me and at that time it didn’t matter.  I was alone with the world and at the same time I was one with the world.

I have had sweat pouring off my forehead in Cozumel while running side by side with my wife.  We didn’t talk, we just ran.  We didn’t have to talk as we knew what the other was feeling.  The sun was beating down on us but to our right was crystal blue waters.  A sight like no other.  Yes, the water in Maui was crystal blue as well but in Maui I had beaches before that water.  I had the smell of pineapple in the air.  Fresh sushi was on tap for lunch and well Maui was different that Cozumel.

This is the beauty of running.  The ability to see the world from a different perspective.  Have you ever seen the sun rise?  Have you ever seen the sun rise while running?  How about seeing your city?  You drive through it everyday but have you ever run through it and seen it  from a different perspective?  Have you truly opened up your eyes to your environment.

For me this is what running is all about.  It is the Social Studies class they never taugh in school.  They can tell you about the capital of Texas being Austin, but they can’t tell you how it feels to run down Congress Ave with the capital building ahead of you and the hundreds of people going to their many destinations.

I love running and it is my lifestyle.  It brings me joy and happiness.  It brings out my creative problem solving skills.  It bring out the best in me.

Have you ever seen the sun rise?

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  1. MissZippy says:

    Love the new look Jason! And love to run in different places–that’s one of the highlights of any vacation I take. I also love seeing the sun rise, which it does on most of my runs ’cause that’s when I get it done!

    • Jason says:

      Thank you very much. I am so excited. I barely contained myself all week with the changes going on. I loved working with Rita and putting this all together.

  2. Karen R says:

    The new look is awesome!

    Sunrises are the best! In the winter, I usually am finishing my run when the sun is coming up but I love the feeling of watching the sun rise – like a new beginning! :)

  3. Karen says:

    Love the new blog – so exciting to have a fresh look!

  4. adena says:

    Congrats Jason, this is gorgeous! I’m thrilled for you!! I am going to take a longer look around when I get home tonight after work. Am happy to see my link in my blogroll still works. NICE!!

    • Jason says:

      That was important to me that the blogrolls didn’t change with the URL change. And when people go to the old URL they will be redirected here. Some cool stuff.

  5. oh man, you left blogger! =( BUT, I love the new look. Very clean and organized. Are you gonna have a background? Just to add some color =)
    Julie @ Hotlegs Runner recently posted..Wordy Wednesday- Swimming IssuesMy Profile

    • Jason says:

      I am going to leave the background as it is. I really like the look of it and how the colors all blend well with each other.

  6. Laura says:

    Love the new look and great post. I have seen the sun rise, I have seen my streets at 4:30am, I have seen vacation destinations on foot (almost got hit by a coconut on the last vacation running adventure) and have made my time….my run time.

  7. Kovas says:

    New look is really good, clean.
    Kovas recently posted..Ultrarunner versus IronmanMy Profile

  8. Rita says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words Jason, it was great fun designing it!
    Rita recently posted..A Site Makeover is a Color Change AwayMy Profile

  9. Emily says:

    It looks awesome! I love seeing the sunrise over the monuments when I run the mall in the morning. I also love seeing the sunrise over the mountains when I’m back in Vermont. Running is effing awesome.
    Emily recently posted..Ch-ch-changesMy Profile

  10. I love seeing the sun rise. One of my favourite quotations is, “Never let the Sun beat you up.” I have no idea who said it.
    some of my favourite trail runs take place in the darkness, timed so that i get to the top of a bald peak 10 minutes or so before the sun starts to rise. it is FABULOUS to sit in the wind and watch the sky light up, then see the sun break the horizon. after it washes all of the hills and casts shadows into the valleys, i run back down and go home high as a kite. great times, great pictures.
    one year I was able to convince my (then) 15 year old step son to come with me. he brought some friends, and the 5 of us trecked to the top of the mountain and watched the sun come up. it was one of the best times i have ever spent with him, and i will NEVER forget it. They slept all the way home after we got back to the truck.

  11. I love the new look of your blog!! It’s awesome!

    I have run in the early morning and gotten the chance to see the sunrise and it is amazing! I’ve also run in the evening and seen the sunset. Both times are beautiful and they always make me appreciate what I am able to do!
    Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) recently posted..A week in review and other things tooMy Profile

  12. Man, great looking site – and great post as always my friend. My wife and I always look forward, and learn from it! Be great today!

  13. Marlene says:

    I loved seeing the sun rise on all of my morning runs last summer. Sadly, the sun rises too late now for me to squeeze in a run before work.

    The new site looks FANTASTIC!
    Marlene recently posted..Foto Friday- Antigua!My Profile

  14. Looking good!

  15. Michel says:

    Blog looks great!! I took pics of the sunrise before the Chicago marathon last year. Still one of my favorite pics of that day.
    Michel recently posted..Five things for FridayMy Profile

  16. caroline says:

    wow Jason this looks really good…thought I was lost for a second there.
    love to see the sun rise. As a swimmer in College I would see it almost every day before morning practice. the best one I ever saw was in Maui during my honeymoon, We went on the top of a volcano to see the sun rise it was magical..and we came down the volcano biking!
    caroline recently posted..3 Things ThursdayMy Profile

    • Jason says:

      Caroline – were you up at Haleakala? I have pics from there and will have to post them as it was the absolute best. Freezing cold until that sun came up and then the ride down was incredible.

  17. Scott says:

    You did a great job on the make over

  18. Jeff Irvin says:

    New site looks great Jason, very nice work!

    Dude I am usually so tired in the morning I NEED the sunlight just to wake me up! But in most cases I am done running before the sun rises. I am an early, early bird!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Sick PuppiesMy Profile

  19. B.o.B. says:

    OMG! I love it! It is much easier to read now. WTG! And I see the sun rise almost every long run. Down here in Florida we have to run before the sun comes up or we’ll melt. :)

  20. Nora says:

    Wow o wow!! Great job this is beautiful!!!

  21. Kristin says:

    I’ve seen the sunrise many times with my running. Its my time to reflect on everything going on in my life and how Im handling things. great post


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