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We all have our favorites.  It might be the favorite kid, even though you don’t tell the other one they are not the most loved.  It might be a pair of sneakers, or a recipe/meal.  Maybe its an old pair of jeans.  Today I get to feature the plate of one of my favorite athlete’s, bloggers and friend.

Today’s photos are brought to you by Marlene of Mission to A(nother) Marathon.  I can’t recall specifically when I started following Marlene but I knew I would like her blog when I saw the picture of her in an M&M outfit in a race.  From there I read all her posts and commented and then one day while awake at 3am I saw a good morning all tweet from her.  I thought….there is another?  I am not the only one up at this time with those over in England?  (BTW – I love reading the British tweets at 3am….jolly good fun!)  So we started encouraging each other with our early AM wake up calls and Then.It.Happened!

She became a triathlete.  The person who referred to it as the dark side has been fully converted.  She is not only racing triathlons, but she podiumed in her first two events on a HYBRID!  And now the dark side has sucked her in so much that she is shopping for a TT bike.  It will not be long before we call her IronMarlene.

That is enough of me talking about her, so here she is presented in her own words:

Bio – I’m 28 and live in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada). I started running in January 2007 when I became bored of the usual equipment I was using at the gym. I was on the treadmill for a while before I ventured outside, but once I did I was completely hooked. I ran my first half marathon with my husband in September ’07 and my first marathon in 2008. Just shy of 5 years after my first run, I have now completed nearly 60 races including 16 half marathons and 8 full marathons. I qualified for Boston in May 2011, shaving more than 1 hour off my first marathon time. I have recently ventured into the world of triathlon (or the “dark side”, as I affectionately call it!) and look forward to many great things to come.

Here is her day of dining in pics:


How Disgruntled Marlene looks before she eats.....



Clif Bar and Coffee to start the day



Breakfast #2



Hello Chocolate Milk!!!



Hard Boiled Eggs and Apples






4pm Healthy Snack



4pm Vice



Genius Idea for the bike....Nut Butter Rollup






Dinner #2



Greek Yogurt for Evening Snack


Despicable Marlene......after she eats



Try not to laugh....I dare you. Best pic if a negotiation with a client doesn't go as planned. I turn right to this.


There is nothing on this menu that I would eliminate except for the Diet Coke, but you can drink  a diet coke when the rest of your day is filled with veggies and fruits and whole grains.  And did you notice her serving sizes?  I guarantee that Marlene felt satisfied without feeling stuffed.  This is a perfect example of how eating healthy is not a chore and that you get to do it all day long.

Marlene – you absolutely rock and I cannot wait to cheer you on next year at your two 70.3s and then 2013 when IronMarlene comes out.  Keep doing what you do!


Want to be featured next week? Contact Me and send over your pics



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  1. Matt Oravec says:

    You don’t want me to send you my plate… seriously haha.

    Man, shocked at how well all these people eat. I definitely do well 2/3 of the day. It’s that other 1/3 that drives me nuts and I am a vaccuum inhaling every bit of food in my reach!
    Matt Oravec recently posted..Rev3 Cedar Point – Race ReportMy Profile

  2. Jill says:

    What? No Diet Coke? :(
    I seriously gave that crap up for a couple years then when I went to Boston last year, I had one to celebrate and then I was addicted again. Anyhoo… Marleen, she is awesome! And I’m gonna steal that pink swim cap from her!
    Jill recently posted..Week 2 / Random mindlessnessMy Profile

    • marlene says:

      Thanks Jill. But the pink swim cap is MINE, all MINE! You’ll have to do a tri and get your own. :)
      marlene recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

    • marlene says:

      Marlene is one if my favorite athletes, bloggers and friends too!!! Oh, wait…….

      Thanks for “hosting” me… and inspiring me daily to fuel my body properly. I may never be as talented, ambitious or creative as you are in the kitchen, but reading your recipes gives me all kinds of great ideas.

      Can’t wait to meet you one of these days on the Ironman circuit so you can really show me how it’s done. :D
      marlene recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  3. Morgan says:

    Jason you are so evil! Goading her into IronMarlene!!! :) Love it!
    Morgan recently posted..WWKDMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      Not evil……just know a triathlete when I see one and with the volume she is putting up there is no doubt in my mind that IronMarlene is just around the corner.

  4. Laura says:

    Love this! So nice to see lots of real food and not too many bars etc.
    Laura recently posted..20km+run drills? Yes please!My Profile

  5. lindsay says:

    love the nut butter roll up! can’t go wrong with that.
    lindsay recently posted..Thirty Minute ThursdayMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      My response to her when she sent that to me was ‘Why haven’t I thought of that?’ Maybe the jelly getting everywhere and sticky then I was reminded that I pee on my bike… what’s the big deal of having jelly on my hands.

  6. Wow that is some serious healthy eating, she is making me look very bad, even with the Diet Coke. Marlene is one of my favorite bloggers – so down to earth, supportive and grounded. Her food choices are grounded too. The girl is not afraid to eat, but she is so healthy and makes wise choices. Her food choices epitomize good/smart eating and support a lifestyle of dedicated training, IMHO.
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..Traveling Meth LabMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      Marlene is truly awesome. I am thinking of renewing my passport to head up there to meet her and Adena in the northern country known as Canada……or if I can convince them to come to Puerto Rico (like YOU…..) that would be awesome as well.

  7. Meg says:

    Great post! Marlene rocks. She is my only chance of ever going to Kona. Cheer squad. Keep it up, Marlene!!
    Meg recently posted..GIRLS ON YOUR LEFTMy Profile

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