Healthy Snacks: Donut Part Two Guest Recipe

Healthy snacks does not have to mean carrots and hummus.  It doesn’t mean that you should be sprinkling pepper onto a hard-boiled egg, nor does it mean that you should go and just drink water to ease those hunger pains and cravings.  When I think of the words healthy snacks I think of those items listed in the previous sentences but I also believe that healthy snacks can be more than that.  I also believe that sometimes a donut can be a healthy snack.

What did he just say? A donut as a healthy snack?  That is right.  You did read that correctly.  As I pointed out in yesterday’s post about banana chocolate chunk donuts sometimes you just need a donut while out riding your bike for four hours.  It goes a little beyond this and this is what I mean.  If you are craving sugar in some form and are always pushing it off at some point you will break and you will go from a craving to a hoarding.  You will find yourself in the grocery store stock-piling Kit Kats, Twi Bars and Oreo cookies.  So that one donut has now blossomed into a gorging episode and one that can have been avoided had you enjoyed a snack.  Now, do all your snacks need to be sugar-bombs?  No, you can take a typical sugar laden snack and convert it into a healthy snack.  Have you seen black bean brownies?  That is the perfect example of converting a snack into a healthy snack.   As with yesterday’s post from @brookeeking I came across a donut post from @hungryfoodies that showcased a healthy snack in baked banana walnut donuts.  Just from those words can you understand my desire to not only eat them but to know how to make them so that I never run short of them.  Imagine coming home from a 5 hour bike ride and 30 minute run brick to have them waiting for you when you walked through the door.  The recipe is rather simple, similar to Brooke’s, but provides you a healthy snack that anybody can make.
So there you have it.  Two days in a row where healthy snacks are shown in the form of donuts.  Can it get better than that?  Maybe but I’m not sure how!

What Desserts Have You Converted Into Healthy Snacks?

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