Household Of Endurance Athletes

The household of endurance athletes looks no different then that of the non-endurance athlete if you ignore the piles of sneakers, piles of food, baskets of laundry and ……wait a minute the house is just like any other house isn’t it?

Yesterday my friend (yes I hang around national publication writers) Susan Lacke wrote an article titled Triathlon Love: Moving in with your Ironman?  Have these three conversations first and then I started looking around our house and noticed that everywhere I saw a hint of endurance sports.  As you know I am training for Ironman Arizona in November, but my wife is training for her first Ultra next month.  After that she has her first triathlon in August, and then I just know we will be a two triathlete household.

In addition to Susan’s article, Beth of Discombobulated Running posted A Day In The Life and I figured I would combine the two posts  to show you what the household of endurance athletes looks like:

Household Of Endurance Athletes

The Household Of An Endurance Athlete does not look any different than that of any other household..

[img src=]4110Trigger Point and Stick
Always getting rid of those adhesions.
[img src=]3550Stretch Rope
Gotta be limber to be an endurance athlete
[img src=]3300Trainer In The Living Room
Karen's trainer, towel and block in living room. Mine is in the garage.
[img src=]5220Bags are always packed and ready to go just in case.
Swim bags, Triathlon bag, swim shorts, flip flops and extra sneakers.
[img src=]4930Scale and Dirty Towels
The scale is always out and usually a couple of dirty towels from a recent workout are next to it. Gotta know your sweat rate.
[img src=]4750TriSwim Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash
Smelling like chlorine, sweat or a dirty lake are not attractive
[img src=]4660Cycling Gloves And GPS Watch
It is 90+* here in Texas and those gloves are always out.
[img src=]4510Bananas - An Endurance Athlete's Best Friend
[img src=]4450Oats, Cereal, Peanut Butter, Liquid Shot, Honey Stinger, Lift Off, Prerace
Need Fuel?
[img src=]4370Herbalife 24
During and After Supplements to help fuel the machine
[img src=]4280Rice Cakes Anybody?
My 8pm snack every night always includes 3 rice cakes with 1 tbsp peanut butter, honey, sliced banana and shredded coconut
[img src=]4300Got CorePower?
Cases of CorePower, formerly Athletes HoneyMilk
[img src=]4280Shoes?
How many pairs of shoes do two endurance athletes need? LOTS!
[img src=]4150Take Gu Out Of Pockets
No longer necessary for me since I don't us GU but I have ruined many a load of laundry. Wetsuit hanging next to washing machine.
[img src=]4120Laundry Basket
And this is after folding laundry this past weekend.
[img src=]4090Clothes To Lift In At The Ready
Going lifting at lunch today and the clothes are ready to go.
[img src=]4110Medals for The Lady Baha
[img src=]3980Medals For CTER


What Does Your House Look Like?

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  1. BDD says:

    Mine looks like a gym locker exploded, the smell is way worse then the many piles of clothes and gear
    BDD recently posted..Guess Where I am Racing This Weekend……My Profile

  2. Donna says:

    What a great idea for a post. I am going to follow your lead and do one – my particular favourite at the moment is the wetsuit hanging in the shower. Yes. We are *that* couple!
    Donna recently posted..On GratitudeMy Profile

  3. Marlene says:

    Love it! Yep, the house pretty much looks like that. And we now have the addition of PUPPY STUFF all over the place. Oo, and of course the athletic goods must be stowed away now so said puppy does not make them into chew toys!
    Marlene recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  4. Ha! Pretty much looks like … the smell !!! (o.0)

  5. Jeff Irvin says:

    You’ve been to our place and know it is exactly the same.

    You forgot a pic of the bike on the trainer …lol, we all seem to have a pain cave somewhere in the house!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Buffalo Springs Lake Tri 70.3 …My Profile

  6. Jill says:

    My kids couldn’t understand why my Garmin charges in the main level bathroom….um, so I can grab it quickly when I head out the door – duh! My running shoes now reside in the garage on their own special shelf because I have way too many and they were overflowing the laundry room where the kids were stepping on them to get to the pantry. All my running jackets hang in my laundry room though….about 15 of them. And my bike resides in my living room because I’m fearful someone will run over it in the garage. I love when non runners or cyclist come over to my house. :)
    Jill recently posted..America’s Highest Road Race: Nailed it!My Profile

  7. Robyn Lindsey says:

    This was funny to read as I am training for my second marathon and the fiance is starting to train for his first and I just tripped over his running shoes this morning and left all my stuff in the laundry room after my morning run. So it begins…

  8. misszippy says:

    Very similar! I have a friend who used to use his dining room table as a transition area. Come in off the bike, go to the table, make the changes he needed and head back out. Brilliant!

    Do you wear those full-finger gloves in Texas heat? I think I’d wilt!
    misszippy recently posted..Back to the futureMy Profile

  9. Dr. St Onge says:

    I tend to sweat a lot, especially in the summer and I have a peculiar habit of hanging my dripping wet running and cycling gear over the edge of the hamper. And of course there is the pile of kettle bells sitting next to the TV which doesn’t even work since we disconnected the cable (who has time?). I think our back door is a little warped from using the TRX on it. The garage looks like a freaking bike shop and the Refrigerator… let’s not talk about the refrigerator. :)

  10. Molly says:

    pile of water bottles, check. cabinet full of protein powders and vitamins, check. PB & nanners, check. foam roller (when my son doesn’t use it as a arm protector while playing star wars, check. The fact that I no longer wear suits to work, and that my daily uniform is running shorts and a tee, check.
    Molly recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: 6 miles during a heat advisoryMy Profile

  11. Maria Simone says:

    Cracking me up! This looks like my house for sure. You nailed it…

  12. Becky Heemeryck says:

    I never thought of it that way- but you’re right!! My house looks the same, including some of the comments above. Love the laundry sign- that would be very messy!!

  13. lindsay says:

    oh yes. i imagine this is jusssst what a non-athlete’s house looks like too. especially the rice cakes and actually-used workout gear ;)
    lindsay recently posted..welcome backMy Profile

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