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If you are a consistent reader of this site then you know that second to nut butter, and a close second, is pizza.  Not just any pizza though, it has to be New York style pizza.  Not that Chicago stuff that is nothing other than an open faced stromboli (sorry Chicago pizza lovers, but its the truth.)

If you think I am a snob about pizza then you’d be right.  It has been through trial and error and recommendations that I have just about sworn off ever finding New York pizza in Texas.  Every shop owner says his name is Joe or Paulie and they are from Brooklyn, but slice after slice folds over and all the toppings fall off.  Slice after slice went by to no avail.  I thought I found one at Napoli’s in Euless, Texas but there was something missing:  the pizza bubble.  Any good New York style pizza has the pizza bubble.

Everybody down here claims to have found THE New York pizza and well…..they’d be wrong.  First off, if you don’t refer to it as pizza pie then there is a good chance it won’t be any good.  If you don’t sell it by the slice…..good chance it won’t be any good.

Well, my Texas friends, I have found it.  I have found New York style pizza in Texas.  It took me nearly 3 1/2 years and a 3 1/2 hour drive but it does exist.  This weekend I am racing the 70.3 Longhorn in Austin, Texas and on Friday night Karen and I needed a place to eat.

She went to Yelp! to find a pizza joint near our hotel.  Yelp! told her about Little Deli & Pizza which was less than a mile from the hotel.  She showed me the phone with a smile and said:  They refer to it as a pie and you can get it by the slice.  Done and Done I said.

We drove there and immediately I knew this place was going to be good because the parking lot was packed and people were waiting to get in.  As soon as we walked by a table and saw what looked like a white pizza with artichoke hearts I knew we were ordering that.  Before we walked in though I noticed that the pizza even had a bubble to it.  Really?  A pizza bubble?  Oh my word this place is going to be great.

We picked up the menu and found the white pizza and ordered a medium.  We also ordered a Greek Salad and before we could say dressing on the side, they said that the dressing was served on the side.  We went outside to sit down and wait for our food.

The salad came out and was fresh and tasted great.  Then the longest 5, 10, 30 minutes or 3 days took place.  I honestly don’t know how long we waited but smelling the aroma around us I just could not take it anymore.  The couple that sat next to us had a Rueben sandwich and the rye toast and mustard wafted over to us and I could have eaten the picnic table.

When the pizza came out the talking stopped and the eating began.  All my dreams came true.  I was eating the pizza  without adding crushed red pepper to every slice because it actually had taste.  Did not need to hide the pizza.  The dough was thin and crunchy.  It did not fold over and you could hold it with one hand and enjoy every bite.


Pepperoni Pizza

I am beyond thrilled to have found this pizza joint in Austin and will be sure to come back a lot more often.  Maybe for lunch tomorrow I will get the Vegetarian Sandwich.

When you go there tell Tony that Jason from New York who race the Half-Ironman sent you.

If you were wondering if I am hallucinating, here is the About Us from their website:

About Us

Little Deli & Pizzeria is a locally owned and operated, northeastern style deli and pizzeria. We offer the best of both worlds – great deli sandwiches and authentic New Jersey pizza.

Our sandwiches are made on fresh baked breads, using the best quality meats and cheeses. All of our soups and salads are homemade and our variety of desserts are made either in-house or come from a local bakery.

Our pizza is made using our homemade dough which is prepared in the artisan style the old fashioned way. We hand toss our pies and bake them on two inch stone hearths. They are sold by the pie or by the slice.

If you are a transplant to your current home, where did you move from and what do you miss most?

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  1. Very happy that you have found your pie! All that we have near us is rubbish.
    When I lived in AZ and again in CA, I really missed REAL maple syrup. Not that I eat a lot of French toast or pancakes, but when I do, nothing else will do.

    • CTER says:

      I couldn’t imagine the thought of getting syrup from a tree in VT and then a bottle in AZ or CA. Everything must have been a disappointment.

  2. Michelle N. says:

    man..this post makes me hungry & homesick…this is good info, I’ll be sure to keep it in mind whenever I’m in Austin =)

    • CTER says:

      Where are you from and what do you miss the most?

      • Michelle N. says:

        I’m from Brooklyn… and although getting a slice is one of the first things I do when I’m back home, I have to say I miss the energy of the city the most! =)
        Michelle N. recently posted..5 Days…My Profile

        • CTER says:

          Oh I certainly miss the energy of the city as well. Such great vibes and love walking through the city and seeing everybody and all the cultures.

          Certainly miss that part of NY but the weather from October to April I could live without.


    oh well. looks good :) congrats!!
    MilesMusclesMom recently posted..~Why~ (and a giveaway!!)My Profile

  4. Jill says:

    I. Am. Drooling!!!!
    I will not give in to temptation….I will go run and pretend it’s the same thing! :)
    Jill recently posted..I am completely stunned! Denver RnR 1/2My Profile

  5. Mandy says:

    That looks so freaking good.


    I want pizza now (I always want pizza). October is national pizza month you know. :)

    • CTER says:

      When BDD wrote that it was National Pizza Month I figured it gave me the excuse to eat the entire pie.

      By the way I did not eat pepperoni pizza at all but it looked great.

  6. Jeff Irvin says:

    Gonna have to check that place out next time there! Sweet!

    RE: Post Title – TWSS!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..School Me, Runners …My Profile

  7. Some points:

    1) If they ask if you want a piece of pizza, run away.

    2) A true test is if you can eat it without it wilting while you walk to the subway without getting any on you. You might have to simulate the subway :)

    3) I found the best way to find a real pizza place while traveling is to ask a cop. A true public service. They know pizza and donuts.

    Congrats on your find.
    The rock star recently posted.."Am I Ready?"My Profile

  8. I’m a Girodana stuffed crust pizza guy myself… trouble is you have to buy the whole thing… and a small is like $20. Doesn’t matter though, when on business in Chicago I get one and give what I don’t want to some unexpecting table near by..

    Have fun tomorrow!
    OneHourIronman recently posted..Tools in ActionMy Profile

  9. I miss the slightly chubby and sassy East Boston girls wearing Red Sox warm-ups two sizes too big for them giving me a hard time with really strong Boston accents on the Blue Line.
    Patrick Mahoney recently posted..Ironman Training To Start (Almost) As PlannedMy Profile

  10. And I miss at least the idea of having my choice of at least 20 Dunkin’ Donuts in every square mile I that I may find myself in while in Boston.
    Patrick Mahoney recently posted..Ironman Training To Start (Almost) As PlannedMy Profile

  11. Mike Ransick says:

    Yum, that pizza looks fantastic. Good luck tomorrow! Can’t wait to read about it.

  12. Chuck says:

    I’m all about the toppings- loaded! But it’s all about the charred, thin, crispy crust. Best ever was at John’s pizzeria in NYC near Times Square. The trick outside NYC is to find somewhere with a brick oven
    Chuck recently posted..Mile 6.5 got really dark…My Profile

  13. lindsay says:

    oh i am well aware of the great hunt for real ny pizza. first my dad, now josh. and now josh is on a mission to make the perfect pizza crust…

    glad you found a place – even if it is 3 hrs away!
    lindsay recently posted..bah humbug (christmas photo card giveaway!)My Profile

  14. BDD says:

    I miss GOOD Mexican food

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