Ironman Texas Training – Week #10

140.6_Woodlands_TexasIronman Texas training is better than any job I have ever had.  I say that because I don’t take time off from it.  I love getting up and getting to work.  Yes there are days that I would rather be sleeping but once I start the workout I feel great and when it is over I feel even better.  No job in the world has given me back more than I have given to the job.  How does one become a professional triathlete?  Are there sponsors out there that would want me to promote their product all day long while I train?  If so, let me know because I love it.

I love it until I see that the current week’s planned training shows over 12 hours of training.  This does not include the amount of swimming or lifting that I do.  To give you a point of reference my training typically shows anywhere from 8-10 hours of planned training and I end up with anywhere from 13-16 hours of completed training.  To see 12.5 hours of planned training means that I could be in the 17.5 to 20 hours this week.  Scary but at the same time invigorating.  I am ready for it and I’m ready for the zombie look as well.

Yesterday I had an email exchange with my Coach regarding an event I qualified for.  Last year at the Disco Triathlon I finished in 5th place in my Age Group.  This event is taking those from the series that finished Top 10.  I sent Coach the information and her reply was to not waste my time as I have graduated to the big leagues.  After laughing for a good 2-3 minutes straight I responded with:  That is true I guess, but I am more of a candle burner and not a match stick burner these days anyway.  What I meant was that I enjoy the long course triathlon and am no longer in the mindset of doing sprints.  There is nothing wrong with them but to pay for a sprint when I can do one, and actually do them, in training makes no sense to me anymore.

Training for an Ironman has changed my perception of training, of what I want to do and how I want to get there.  I enjoy 70.3s and am loving the 140.6 training.  Race day will provide me with background for whether or not I love racing the distance.  I have not run a 5k in nearly 3 years and I don’t think I will be doing one any time soon, same can be said for sprints.

That being said this past week of training was a step back week or a recovery week from the overload we have been doing for the previous 8 weeks (can you see my RRCA class coming through with that sentence?)  The numbers are the lowest but it was necessary and is setting me up for success in this overload week I’m staring at.

Week 10:

  • Swim: 4.86 miles
  • Bike: 75 miles
  • Run: 17.5 miles


  • Swim: 49.7 miles
  • Bike: 1111.56 miles
  • Run: 281.95 miles



Week 10 Breakdown by Miles



Ironman Texas Training by Minutes

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  1. Karen says:

    I know what you mean by the sprint thing. These days, a sprint tri feels like a 5k. Unless it is a special race, I don’t know if I want to go to the effort or spend the $$. Which sounds totally obnoxious and I don’t really mean it to sound that way…. It is kind of like once you do a few marathons then 5ks, 10ks and sometimes even halves mentally don’t feel like the big deal they once were.
    Karen recently posted..Running the Reagan…My Profile

  2. Jeff Irvin says:

    Hey better be very careful when showing up at my house with the Zombie thing going on — I have the zombie machete now — when don’t want any mishaps (-:

    Ditch the salt tabs dude, look at EFS Drink and the on course PowerBar perform. These drinks have to equivalent to 4 tabs in one bottle. Start out with some EFS Drink on the bike and then grab a Perform Bottle at every other aid station. Both of those drinks are LOADED with Electrolytes (with high concentrations of sodium) and can just be part of your nutrition as opposed to adding something new. Simplify! Also, Salt Tabs are a bitch to carry in the heat. Those SOBs just dissolve in the Houston humidity.

    I had a few salt tabs in a plastic bag in my jersey last year as a backup and around mile 13 of the run I pulled them out and the tabs part was gone! It was just a sweaty bag of salt!

    You need to tell me about the RRCA course and what you thought?
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    • CTER says:

      Keep the machette in the closet until after the race. Don’t want you to end up like Josh Scobee of the Jaguars.

      I have had that happen to me with the salt tabs as well. Was going to put them in a tic tac box. But that being said I will train with that PowerBar stuff to get the electrolytes from that. I calculated all the sodium intake from Prolong and Liquid Shot and it falls short which is why I was thinking salt tabs.

      As for RRCA I will speak with you this weekend but for me it was a great help b/c I could never create my own training plan but think I can. I am going to design one for Karen to get her to her ultra in July.

  3. Good luck with your big week.

    I understand the whole thing about the shorter races…suddenly the time invested v. time on the course seems odd. That said, if you were a pro triathlete you’d probably have to do them to fulfill sponsor public appearance obligations. A couple years ago Macca was showing up at almost every local sprint tri and just destroying the competition. He ran by me in his wetsuit – on the sand – uphill – faster than I’ll probably ever be able to run anywhere.

  4. B.o.B. says:

    You are hitting big numbers my friend! I am still not ready to give up sprints. Heck, I haven’t even hit a 50 miler on the bike. Damn I gotta get going on that. Good luck with your training. You are big time now homie.

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