just_triathlete_definition_enduranceathleteJust is a word I hear quite often when discussing endurance sports with others.  Let’s list a few of the things that get the adjective (it is in this case, trust me) JUST:

  • I just ran 3 miles.
  • It was just a half-ironman.
  • It was just a 45 minute swim.
  • I did well but it was just a short race.

The list can go on and on and it is the one word, besides the word like, in the English language that I probably dislike the most.

If I were to use the word just to describe how I was just a few short years ago this would have been the description:

  • I am just a divorced man living in New York going to work in the city.
  • I am just a sports fan.
  • I am just a person who cooks to feed himself.
  • I am just…..

I am not going to use creative writing but I do not think these are accurate descriptions.

I am a vegetarian triathlete who has not had a drink of alcohol in nearly 1.5 years.  I am a husband and a step-father.  I live in Dallas, Texas and write a blog while also being a partner in a web design and internet marketing company. I am a running coach.  I love sports and movies.  I enjoy reading books and magazines.  I enjoy talking to people.  I enjoy being around other people and hearing their stories and learning from them.  I enjoy having a different opinion so that there can be a conversation.  I am not JUST one thing.

I am that and a whole lot more.  When I hear the words just it lights a fire in my belly because we are not just.

There were a couple of comments left on this blog that didn’t use the word just but they might as well have and they got me fired up this past weekend.  They lit a fire in me that will stay with me for a long time.  Whenever I was getting tired those words would ring in my ears and they would get me going again…..thank you.

Next time you are having a conversation listen to what you are saying and what the other person is saying and if they insert the word just into the sentence stop them or yourselves.  You are more than the next few words that are going to come out of your mouth.

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  1. so true!!!! i fall into that trap every now an again. i am going to focus on eliminating ‘just’ from my descriptions of myself, and encourage others to do the same!
    Thanks, Jason!!!
    gene @boutdrz recently posted..Running is 50% physical, 99% mentalMy Profile

  2. Jen says:

    I am just super guilty of this. No matter the accomplishment it’s easy for me to find a way to make it “just” but you’re right… I’m gonna try to catch myself from doing this.
    Jen recently posted..Food For Thought II: Living with food sensitivitiesMy Profile

  3. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the reminder. This is something I do more often than I would like.

  4. BDD says:

    “Just” is like nails on a chalk board to me, there is no “just” in this sport, regardless of the distance or event, it still takes discipline, heart, commitment, soul and follow through to get through the event.
    BDD recently posted..Maumee Bay Olympic Aquabike Race Report – SortaMy Profile

  5. Natasha says:

    So true!! I use it all the time! I feel like I have to because I know there are so many other athletes out there that have accomplished so much and I “just” did this or that…. I like your point and I will try to pay more attention..
    Natasha recently posted..Ironkid to IronmanMy Profile

  6. Trish says:

    Thank you. I believe I will be eliminating that word from my vocab! I have said that so many times and it does make me feel less than what I am. Thank you for helping me see that!!
    Trish recently posted..LoziLu Mud Run ~ "Race" ReportMy Profile

  7. Jeff Irvin says:

    But, but, but … How am I supposed to let others know how superior of an athlete I am?

    Like when I say, “Yeah, I am not tired, it was JUST a 20mi training run.”

    C’mon dude, you are killing me (-:
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..I Am Triathlete … Hear ME ROAR!!!My Profile

    • CTER says:

      Haha….you just puff out your chest and say:
      I crushed that f’n 20 miler and I am doing 22 tomorrow b/c I am a badass.

      No need for just and still the point gets across…..haha!

  8. Chuck says:

    “I just did…” is why I stay off Twitter on my rest days
    Chuck recently posted..Uniquely NormalMy Profile

  9. Guilty! I’ve trivialized like that before.

    It’s just a marathon. not that big of a deal.
    It’s just a nine inch penis.
    It’s just a spinach salad.
    Carolina John recently posted..Best Father’s Day EverMy Profile

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