Kiwi – It’s What I Am Currently Enjoying

Kiwi, or the longer version Kiwifruit, is native to southern China and is currently a commercial crop in countries such as Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Greece and France.  More importantly than that kiwi is what I am currently enjoying on a nightly basis.

I have enjoyed kiwi in the past but it is never a fruit that I go to the grocery store in search of.  That was until recently.  These days with social media being a big part of my life, especially Instagram, I see them all the time.  People have them in their oatmeal and on the sides of dishes and it got me thinking.  Maybe I should re-introduce myself to kiwi and try to remember what all the fuss is about.

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Mystery Ingredients: Mint, Millet, and Pero

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because it is sale day at Sprout’s.  Everything from the week prior is on sale and everything that is going on sale starts on Wednesday.  So I take myself over there at lunch and have my own form of retail therapy.  I can walk into Sprout’s with all my meals planned for the upcoming week and walk out with a brand new meal plan using the same ingredients and then the one ‘mystery’ ingredient I always pick up to add some variety to my life.  My most recent pick-ups were mint, daikon radish (nothing to write about here as I was under-whelmed by the flavor), Pero and millet.

As luck would have it, this trip meant that kiwi was on sale at 3 for$1.  Of course, not foreshadowing my thorough enjoyment of kiwi I only purchased three and now I stand (or sit as I type) kicking myself for not purchasing more.  There is a unique sweetness to the fruit and I find it so enjoyable.  I have been slicing it thin and placing it on my homemade nut butter and honey spread with strawberries and coconut on top of Suzie’s Thin Cakes.  The kiwi has replaced what had been becoming a staple of caramelized bananas but since I only purchased three so the banana will be back in the fold very soon.

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Great Way To Incorporate Kiwi Back Into My Diet

Not one to sit by and just consume such foods I wanted to know what the kiwi was doing for my body.  Was it an anti-oxidant?  Would it reduce inflammation?  Was I getting more Vitamin C than from an orange?  A quick trip to my all-knowing friend (Google) and there was a wealth of information about this awesome tasting fruit.

Kiwi – Health Benefits:

  • Rich source of Vitamin C (more than oranges), Vitamin K and Vitamin E.
  • Good source of dietary fiber which makes you feel fuller longer and thus a terrific aid in weight loss or maintenance.
  • As much potassium as a banana and we all know how we endurance athletes love bananas.

Then I thought about the uses besides my evening snack and again the wonderful world of the internet produced a lot of ideas of which here are a few:

Kiwi – Cooking Uses

So with my mouth salivating for Kiwi now I will have to venture to the grocery store and pick up more so that I can click the tarts link above and actually make the dish instead of staring longingly at the dish.

Do You Enjoy Kiwi?

How Do You Incorporate Kiwi Into Your Diet?

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  1. dude! we love kiwi and luckily, our local asian market (where we buy most of our produce now) always has organic for 4/$1
    I’ve never done more than just eat them in fruit salad or on yogurt. Will try on an almond butter sammy though!
    MilesMusclesMom recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: SNOWRUNNINGMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      I put cinnamon, tumeric and honey with my homemade nut butter and the added Kiwi is just out of this world awesome for a snack.

      Need more and also need a store that has them on sale at all time at 4/$1.

  2. Jen says:

    Kiwi is OK. but you know what sounds really great? Coconut bacon.
    Jen recently posted..The best run ever and a little more yogaMy Profile

  3. Brittany says:

    I love kiwi! Just bought a huge box at Costco – I think it will be good in smoothies/juices. I also dry it in the dehydrator to make snacks (my husband loves these).
    Brittany recently posted..Double Ride WeekendMy Profile

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