Nairn’s Oat Biscuits Product Review

Nairn’s Oat Biscuits, or more specifically their marketing agency, contacted me asking if I would like to do a product review of their products.  The first thing that they used to describe their company is that it is a Scottish product so before I said yes I asked if the cookies were even available in the United States.  Would be pointless to do a review for those that follow this blog if there is no way for them to purchase the products.

Secondly I had to be 100% comfortable with this product as I don’t do product reviews.  This blog is not for product reviews that get sent to me unless I can be 100% sure it is something that fits my lifestyle and thought process. In other words if a company like Omaha Steaks contacted me I would tell them no since I don’t eat meat.  I get quite a few product review requests and turn the major majority of them down.  I don’t feel comfortable pumping out product review after product review since I don’t think that is why you come here.

Thirdly and probably the most important part of this product review was the ingredients.  I have recently started reading Wheat Belly and knowing what it has done for Jeff I was going down this path as well.  The cookies are wheat free, suitable for vegans and have no trans fasts.  This was the final selling point for me and I agreed to have the products shipped to me for a review.


Mixed Berry Oat Biscuits

Mixed Berries:

The mixed berries cookies tasted great.  They come in a box with 20 cookies and the recommended serving size is 2 cookies but for me the serving size should have said two packages.  I took the cookies with me to Arizona and had them in my carry-on so I had something to nibble on during the flight.  Once I opened the package I thought that the cookies would never make it to my final destination but I held off as best I could because I wanted Karen and Emily to give them a try for a more well-rounded review.

The taste reminded me of cherry thumbprint cookies.  When I was a kid my parents would get these cherry thumbprint cookies around the holidays and I could eat 10 at a time and loved them.  They had this filling that would stick to your teeth and there is no doubt that they were not healthy but I could have cared less back then.  When I sunk my teeth into the Nairn’s Mixed Berry cookies I knew what I was tasting.  Just like those memories of my childhood I could have eaten 10 of these at a time and had no issue with them at all, but were they truly ‘healthy’ c0okies?

Looking at the ingredients I think you can say yes.  Here are the ingredients:  whole grain oats, Demerara sugar, palm oil, inulin, treacle, dried cranberries, potato starch, barley malt syrup, raising agents, raspberry puree pieces and sea salt.  Needless to say I was happy to not see corn syrup or canola oil in the ingredients.  I’m sure these cookies can be made with applesauce or mashed bananas instead of the palm oil and sugar but otherwise this is a terrific ingredients list for a cookie coming from a company and not baked in your own home.

Outside of eating these cookies with tea other uses that I think would be perfect are:  Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches where the ice cream is blended frozen bananas or strawberries with your favorite protein powder.  You can also serve these on a platter with fresh fruit and cheese if you are hosting a Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve party.


Stem Ginger Oat Biscuits

Stem Ginger:

Oh the ginger cookie……how I love thee.  I have had a serious case of the I WANT GINGER COOKIES for quite sometime now.  I make protein smoothies that taste like gingersnap cookies but the notion of getting into the kitchen and making them always seemed like a chore.  I was always coming up with an excuse to not make them but the real reason:  I was training for Ironman Arizona and those cookies wouldn’t have lasted a single day and I want to savor my ginger cookies.

When the box of Stem Ginger cookies was noticed in the package I received I was giddy like a child on Christmas day.  Oh how I was going to tear into this box once I reached Arizona and wouldn’t stop eating until I had a stomach ache.  That was the plan… them all and not share!  Truly the taste would have allowed that to happen but being raised properly to share I put the box out on Emily’s counter and asked the family to share them so that I could get a product review that was more than just me.

As I figured Emily enjoyed them and even said that her husband (originally from New Zealand) would love them too as they tasted like something they had while they were down there.  Sure enough he tasted them and liked them, as did Karen.  I have a rather sophisticated palette when it comes to the ginger cookie.    I can tell if it is a bi-product of chemicals or if it is truly a ginger cookie.  These are truly ginger cookies and the ingredients bear that out.

The ingredients are essentially the same as the mixed berries except that these contain stem ginger as well as ground ginger instead of dried cranberries and raspberry puree pieces.  There is no molasses in these cookies so they aren’t that brown tinge that most ginger cookies are but you truly don’t miss that taste with these.  The cookies are not chewy and are closer to crackers but either way they are delicious and can easily be consumed by the case load.



Dark Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits

These cookies are very tasty and is a product I can see purchasing in the very near future.  They have additional flavors beyond the Stem Ginger and Mixed Berries.  They sell a fruit and spice (which is perfect for this time of the year) as well as Dark Chocolate Chip (which is good anytime of the year.)

In addition to the cookies they sell Oatcakes and you can order them online here.

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  1. Mandy says:

    Those look yummy!! Too bad I am off sugar!! haha But the ginger ones look like the ones I would DIVE into!
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