Time To Act Like Kenny And Loggins All My Nutrition

Nutrition, as you would come to expect, is a major focus of mine.  I believe that what we eat has an impact on everything that we do from how well we sleep to how well we perform at work and on the athletic field.  This week I begin the first of three overload weeks in training for the Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile Ultra Trail Run.  So far the training has been going on for 6 weeks without any major issues in terms feeling tired or worn down.  The first week took its toll but I attribute that more to the fact that I had not run 50 miles total in two months and the first week of training I was over 50.  My body had to figure out what was happening and I had to make adjustments.  Since that first week things have been going very well.

That was until today, Wednesday January 8th.  This morning was the first of the mid-week long run at a manageable distance of 10 miles.  Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but after the first few steps I knew it was not going to be the unicorns and rainbows run I had been experiencing for the past 5 weeks.  This run was going to suck and suck it did for the first 5 miles.  My legs felt like lead.  I could feel them shuffling along, especially the left leg, rather than a smooth high knee cadence that I am accustomed to.

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As the steps ticked away I thought about what had changed or what had happened over the last couple of days.  Yesterday around 1pm I felt light-headed and grumpy.  I had a sales meeting to drive to and along the way I felt out of sorts.  I realized that I needed some protein and stopped at a grocery store to pick up a Kind Bar and immediately felt better.  While on the run I realized that I needed to start logging my food and tracking my nutrition because I was most likely not getting enough protein to help recover from the long runs I was embarking on.

Last night I also got on the trainer and rode a bit harder than I had throughout this training.  My legs felt strong when I started pedaling, and most likely because the previous week was a step-back week of ‘only’ 33 miles.  I started to calculate in my head that I had not truly recovered from a nutrition stand point after that ride.  I was also most likely dehydrated although my measurable  showed a Body Water % over 60%.

Thinking back to how I managed to get through Ironman training without this feeling led me to the fact that I was tracking my meals on a daily basis back then, and that included snacks.  Today, my nutrition tracking is back and while it will be great to see how many calories I am consuming I am more interested in hitting the ~100g of protein that I need on a daily basis.  In addition to that the meals that I have after the runs need to be in that 3:1 – 4:1 Carb:Protein ratio.  Ensuring that I hit these numbers is going to be the key to getting through the next three weeks without feeling horrible.

Once I figured out what was happening my mind reacted positively and I finished the 10 mile run today on a strong note.  I negative split the 10 miles and then when I got home it was feast time.  I made eggs with sweet potato, brussels sprouts, crimini mushrooms and 2 slices of Alvarado St Bakery Sprouted Rye bread.  The meal consists of lean protein (eggs), healthy fats (eggs), complex carbohydrates (sweet potatoes) and plenty of fiber (brussels sprouts and mushrooms.)  The macronutrient breakdown of 567 calories, 72g Carbs, 16g Fat, 36g Protein will keep me full for hours and help my body recover.  The ideal carb to protein ratio was not hit on this meal and I will need to adjust for the future.  That being said, getting back to logging my nutrition is going to be a huge benefit for this training.

Do You Log Your Nutrition? Do You See A Correlation Between Your Food and Your Performance?

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  1. Rene Rodriguez says:

    I love that bread!

    • Jason Bahamundi says:

      My favorite too. I love keeping it in the freezer and then toasting it as I find that it gets crunchier that way.

  2. misszippy says:

    I love the title–right from my era! I have never tracked my nutrition like you do, nor do I log any of my training. That’s just me–I will never be a numbers person. But–I do adjust as I go along. Right now, with no running and less training overall, I have brought the calories down and am being laser focused about what goes into my mouth. Without a doubt, nutrition is a huge part of the equation in the endurance world and anyone who thinks they can skip that step is mistaken!

    • Jason Bahamundi says:

      I haven’t been tracking since IMTX in May ’13 but today’s run and yesterday’s lethargic feeling made me think that something was wrong and that I needed to be more diligent on what I was consuming. Especially since the next three weeks are going to be murder on my legs.

  3. John Flynn says:

    Nice. Identify, fix, track. That breakfast sounds good too. Were the veggies leftovers or did you have to cook those fresh this morning? I was planning on running 10 this morning too, but time and hamstring soreness caught up with me so I did 3 miles tempo instead.

    But as a vegetarian how do you possibly get the 80% protein that you need? bahahahahahaha

    • Jason Bahamundi says:

      They were fresh veggies. I diced them so that they would cook faster. I started my run at 4:45am and finished by 6:15a and was eating by 6:30a.

      Didn’t leave me much time to relax before taking the kid to school and commuting to work but I am not getting up any earlier and I am not doing 10 at night after a long day.

      I just input my lunch and realized that I need more lean protein at this time. I think this is where the mistake was. I will keep track over the next few days with how I feel but this may be the culprit.

      As for getting my protein: I keep a block of Tofu in my bag and just rip off a piece every now and again. Similar to just eating a slice of bacon…….hahahaha!

      • John Flynn says:

        You know I was kidding about the protein question right? That’s the most horrible annoying thing I always get asked whenever I propose a plant based meal, much less suggest someone go vegetarian or vegan for a while.

        • Jason Bahamundi says:

          Oh no doubt I knew you were kidding. Although I do find it amazing that I still get asked that question.

          As for the RAGE…..it was brewing yesterday. I am glad I took the time to cool down before typing that up and posting.

          The MLB HOF is crazy but I find the NFL to be even crazier. Limited slots? Is there no room at the inn in Canton? Look at the 15 finalists announced today. Only 1/3 are getting in and yet without thinking there are at least 10 guys worthy of getting in right away. None of it makes any sense.

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