Oakley Polarized Split Jacket Sunglasses Review


Lance Armstrong Sporting The Oakley Jawbone

Oakley Split Jacket sunglasses…..have you ever seen them?  Of course you have.  Lance wears them.  You know the ones with the yellow on the bottom to match his Livestrong company colors.  You have probably seen them on more than just Lance and wondered, like I did, if they were worth the hype and in the end really the cost.  I fortunately, or unfortunately, happened to be in the market for sunglasses and started shopping around.

Let me take you back a week and tell you how this whole thing started.  I had just finished my fastest ride on the 60 mile course I have around my house and put up a decent 20 minute run.  I was feeling good and loading my bike into the Team Baha car when I put my sunglasses ear piece into my mouth so I could have use of both hands.  It was then that I tasted metal.  I looked at them after I was done loading the car up and notices that the bars were breaking through the rubber ends and I knew immediately it was time to go sunglass shopping.

I am a cheap skate when it comes to sunglasses because I know that with the sport of triathlon it is very easy to leave them at a race, leave them at a hotel, break them as we change from cycling to running.  There are a ton of different ways to lose or break so I tend to be somewhat cheap in terms of pricing, but I still want the best.  The last pair I was using were a prize from Jen over at the blog Miles, Muscles and Mommyhood won over two years ago.


Source: Oakley Vault

As I was sitting down to do some research I had a few must-haves:

  1. Interchangeable lenses.
  2. No slipping when my face would get sweaty.
  3. Matching colors to the Cook Train Eat Race racing kit.
  4. Travel case.
  5. Price.

I contacted Marni Sumbal of Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition as I knew she was an Oakley Ambassador and asked her what pair she would recommend.  I did not give her my list and just let her choose which ones she thought were best.  From there I could make a decision.  Marni did not disapoint and gave me a list of the ones that she likes and different pairs that her husband, Karel, really enjoys riding with.  Then she gave me the best bit of information I could have asked for and told me to visit OakleyVault.com.  This is where Oakley puts their products on sale and it was a home run.

As soon as I got there and clicked on men and eyewear there they were staring at me like an epiphany.  The blue stood out as I knew it would match the race kit, then I noticed the price.  $89.99, down from $260.  It was as if my hand took control of my brain and immediately went to add to cart, filled in the information, paid for express shipping (still came out to barely over $100) and they were at my front door before I knew what had happened.

I must have refreshed the tracking information every 3 hours for the 2 days it was going to take for the sunglasses to ship from California.  When the door bell rang and the man in brown handed over the package I ripped it open and knew immediately that I had made the right choice.

These sunglasses were everything I wanted in a new pair of sunglasses.  The lenses are interchangeable, there was a hard case for traveling with an extra pair of lenses and the blue matched the race kit perfectly.  Next was to test them out.

The first few times I used them were on a few runs.  This is where I figured I would put them through their paces because with running I would be bouncing up and down and this would allow them to slide across my face.  As I ran and was sweating in the Texas heat I was amazed that they never moved. Not one slight movement and better than that is that they are so lightweight you barely notice they are on your face.

The one downside that I have to get used to is having a bottom frame on the lens.  I have been wearing sunglasses without a bottom frame for the past 4 years and the first time I looked down to see my pace on my watch and saw the lens frame I was freaked out.  I did not know what it was I was looking at and was confused for a moment.  The answer to this:  raise my arm up just a bit more and run in them a couple of more times.  Now I don’t notice the bottom frame.

So they passed the run test, but lets see how they work on the bike.  Yesterday I had a simple 1 hour recovery spin and would have done this on the trainer but went out into my neighborhood and took the Oakley Polarized Split Jackets with me.  I found them so comfortable that I never pushed them up on my face and when I was heading into a headwind I did not feel any wind coming up under the bottom of them because of the frame touching my cheeks.  Perfect.

These lenses also have a venting on them which is great as well as the sunglasses never fogged up with the heat, humidity and sweat pouring onto them.  It is amazing when you focus on these things that you take notice and in this case taking notice meant nothing to see.

I am very happy with this purchase and want to say Thank You to Marni for helping me out in choosing these sunglasses.

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  1. I’ve only had one pair of tri glasses and every time I was down in areo position the top line of them got in my line of sight.. drove me NUTS!
    Once a Runner recently posted..Only HumanMy Profile

  2. Chris @ Tri4Success says:

    I’ve had a few different pairs of high-end sunglasses and am using the Jawbones currently (FYI, there are slight differences in the shape/fit of the Jawbone and the Split Jacket — they aren’t the same although they are VERY close). I have the vented lenses on mine and for the most part I love them. The only problem I’ve noticed is that they seal so well around the eye sockets that if you remove them for a brief moment and put them back on in humid whether you can end up with some fogging. That said, I’ve never had a fogging issue when keeping them on. Curious if you run into this problem if you mess with your glasses in T2 at all. Another indicator of the fit is when I wore them in a rainy bike race, they actually started pooling water in the bottom half of the frames. I could see the water level as I was riding. Luckily I’m a scuba diver so the water sitting by my eyes was no big deal but I could see it irritating others. Oakley lenses are the best though, night and day compared to some other top brands. I think my next pair will be the Radar’s though for the wider field of vision and less of a seal along the bottom.

    • CTER says:

      I tested them out yesterday in my version of T2 during a brick workout. I took them off as I was changing from cycling shoes/helmet to visor and running shoes and then put them back on and had no fogging at all.

      I also took them off for about 5 minutes during the run and put them back on to test and again no fogging.

      Today I ran about 4-5 miles of a 13 mile run without them on and then slid them on and no problems at all with fogging.
      CTER recently posted..Oakley Polarized Split Jacket Sunglasses ReviewMy Profile

  3. Jeff Irvin says:

    Thanks for the review Jason. I have been looking for a new pair of sunglasses as I sat on mine a couple of days ago and broke the frame. I know.

    Timely review buddy!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Buffalo Springs Lake Tri 70.3 …My Profile

  4. IronBob says:

    Just another thing to put on my list when the 3 boys are done with college…
    Until then the Dollar Store ones will have to do…
    IronBob recently posted..The emerging nightmareMy Profile

  5. Michael Davis says:

    I’m a big Oakley fan who has an original Splice pair from 2005. Considering that I wanted to upgrade and get something newer, I did my research and came upon the Split Jacket in white. I am extremely pleased with the sun glasses as it fits perfectly to my face while giving me the clarity and vision I need when I am out and about in the sun.
    Michael Davis recently posted..שרתים וירטואלייםMy Profile

  6. Do the mother know that wearing sunglasses for kids on the roads is necessary? The first year of life, the human retina is fragile and weak, so it should be protected.
    Therefore, the ophthalmologist often encourage parents to build the child the habit of wearing sunglasses. However, the fact that many parents often overlook the shopping for her baby to take the glasses.

  7. Tina says:

    Wow! This looks like a great product! I have to go out and find a place that carries them and check it out in person! Thanks for the review

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