Old Times Are New Again

This morning I decided to go to the coffee shop I worked out of when I first moved to Dallas.  It is as they say like going home again.  It has been around 2 years since I have been here and it is exactly as I remember it.  I am inclined to discuss partnering with them and opening another shop in a different location with their help…..sort of a franchise but not exactly.  I actually started to look up franchises online yesterday and have a call with a franchise on Friday at 3pm.  Friday morning I have a meeting with a friend that opened up a pool franchise so we shall see where this goes.  Would be interesting to work for myself and to be responsible for all facets of a business to learn and grow from.

This morning was also like going back in time in that I ran with the Castle Hills Running Club.  I had a scheduled 45 minute run this morning that was to be essentially in Zone 1.  A recovery run where you are not pushing yourself so hard and just working your way through muscle fatigue and getting the lactic acid out.

The run was great as we covered 4.75 miles in around 49 minutes so it was perfect.  My average HR was 134 with a peak of 152 and that was probably at the hill climb of the golf course as my pace was slow and steady.

On the run I spoke with Robyn about her job and she informed me that she is having lunch with an HR recruiter from the company and will find out if there are any openings.  Life is going to start to turn around very soon.  The challenge after that will be figuring out work, working out, family time and sleep.  In order to perform your best at any of these making sure you have rest is very important.  A coach of mine from middle school once told me that you can never catch up on sleep but that even if you are not sleeping but laying down and letting the body rest that is good, not as good as sleeping, but good nonetheless.

Off to the job hunt and getting that perfect situation for myself where there is a life and work balance.

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  1. C says:

    Interesting…I was just looking at Franchises you might be interested in and called IN2IT Nutrition and Fitness. Was in a magazine I was reading, and I rarely have time to read. Check it out! 1-877-477-2942

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