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paleo pancake - instagram - challenge - recipPaleo pancake…..where do I even begin?  I am not a person who you would say is well versed in paleo cuisine other than to say I know it typically involves bacon or at least that is what the pictures I see on Instagram would leave me to believe.  So when I saw a pancake challenge I was all over it and then I saw the categories.  First up Paleo Pancake and my mind began to think if I could use tempeh bacon in my meal.  Then I thought that Paleo has to be more than just bacon so I did what any self-respecting home cook would do…..I turned to THE Google!

Well, The Google showed me that there is more to paleo than bacon and so my mind began to think of ways that coconut would go well in a pancake that wasn’t just coconut topped.  That wouldn’t be much fun so I immersed myself in coconut.  Coconut flour, coconut flakes, coconut oil…..oh truth be told the last two I had but to make a paleo pancake I would need the coconut flour.  After my run this morning I got in the car and went right to the nearest grocery store and picked up coconut flour.

Before we go any further I want to let it be known that I live in a new area and so that quick trip to the grocery store wound up taking me 15 minutes because I made a wrong turn.  Now I am hungry and going into the grocery store….bad combination BUT I came away with only the coconut flour and parchment paper and polenta.  Not bad for just finished running and hungry.

Oh, and by the way the new house means new appliances which means new learning curve.  What you see in this photo is not the first batch of paleo pancakes but rather the second set.  The first set was a total flop and they broke everywhere and were just not that enjoyable to even look at.  This is the second meal that I have butchered in my new kitchen and I am not a happy person.  First off when you are hungry burning food or under-cooking leads to frustration which leads to more hunger which leads to more frustration and well you get the picture.  So without being deterred I got back on the paleo pancake horse and made a second batch and I have to say that they came out quite tasty.

These paleo pancakes are not exactly the type of pancake I get when I use garbanzo flour as the coconut flour is a total sponge.  It absorbs everything, even the oil that you are cooking in. It is amazing to see something start out like a batter and go to cement mix in a second.  I just kept playing with the amount of liquid until I felt I could get a solid cake out of the batter and I did.  Here is my recipe and my submission for the Paleo Pancake Instagram Challenge (self plug: if you are on IG please go and check out the other creations.  Some of them are simply amazing and may force you to lick your screen……)

This paleo pancake challenge was not the easiest but I needed something challenging in my life.  Coming off of racing and not having a set training plan I was beginning to lose my mind.  I am still doing the swim, bike, run thing but with nothing to aim for.  The move into the new place proved challenging and there will be things to do here but there is nothing like the open road or water to let your mind wander.  Today I ran in a new neighborhood and made paleo pancakes and with that I can feel the competitive juices begin to flow again.  Look out tomorrow as I make protein pancakes…….

And if you are interested in seeing what the other days have in store here is the competition and be sure to check out my IG account for the upcoming #ShowUsYourStack submissions.

paleo pancakes - recipe - healthy living

#ShowUsYourStack Pancake Challenge With Day1 as Paleo

So Did I Pass My First Paleo Pancake Test?

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  1. Mari says:

    OMG, those look so good. Also? Not a good idea to read your blog just before lunch when you don’t have food in the house.

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