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Why Wait?

New Year’s Resolutions, and maybe more lifestyle questions, seem to be starting early.  In the last couple of weeks a few things have happened that have led me to this conclusion.  Before I get into those few items let me say that these all happened in a short time frame and right around Thanksgiving.  Also, being so close to the start of 2014 led me to believe that we are going to start to see the flood of New Year’s resolutions posts on social media as well as articles being written.  I understand the need/want for people to make these resolutions but what I do not understand are the delays in getting started.  If you are planning on doing something like eat healthier why wait a month to do it?  Why not eat healthier today and start the habit?

Here are the few things that occurred that have led me to the belief that people are starting to think about their live’s a bit more.

  1. Friended by the co-worker of a cousin on Facebook.  I received a friend request along with a message from a stranger.  The person went on to explain how they were speaking with my cousin about a vegetarian lifestyle and training for their first half-marathon.  My cousin pointed them toward me and now I have a new friend on Facebook.  This person is taking action TODAY for something they plan on doing in 2014. They decided to not only run but to see if a plant-based lifestyle would fit their needs and wants as well as fuel them for the half-marathon.
  2. Asked on Instagram What My Treats Are. I was asked on IG if outside of eating eggs if I was a vegan.  My response was that I eat eggs, honey, whey and casein in the recovery shake I use so I am not a vegan and just refer to my diet as plant-based.  The next comment was about alcohol. When I responded that I had not had a drink in three years I was asked what do I do for a treat.  This caught me by surprise and when I went on my run had to think about that.  Most people would say Snickers or a beer but those are not in my life (especially the beer.)  My response was grapes and dates are my kryptonite.  I love a 100% cacao bar square as a treat as well.  I guess when you live this lifestyle it is not a big deal to not eat or drink certain things.
  3. Invited To Be Profiled On The Wholesome Athlete by Meg Gillmer. Meg is a tremendous athlete that I happened to be fortunate enough to cross paths with through blogging and social media.  She posts some terrific recipes and has recently started featuring athletes on her blog.  When she asked me I was flattered and excited.  The gist of the questions are about eating and fueling my body for performance.  I will post it to Facebook and Twitter when the profile is published on her site.
  4. My Friend Kevin Sent Me This New York Times Article. My first reaction was: No Shit.  Eating McDonald’s and other highly processed foods while pregnant will lead the baby to craving those types of foods.  Not a total surprise right?  Then the more I thought about it I thought that this goes beyond the during pregnancy.  If women are eating these foods while pregnant they are most likely eating them after they give birth.  So while the focus is on the pregnancy we can expand this scope to go beyond that thought process.

These are just a small sampling of the content I have been seeing or been involved in within the past month or so.  The holidays are a time to do some self-evaluation to prepare yourself for January, but I also believe that the sooner you start the sooner you will form the habit then the holidays just become a time of the year to spend with family and friends instead of thinking about the changes you promise to make (but never do) starting on January 1st.  And while we are at it isn’t that the worst day to say you are going to make changes?  More than likely you are hungover and craving anything greasy just to get through the day.  Now we are on January 2nd and the excused have already begun.

Do You Make New Year’s Resolutions? Do You Stick To Them?

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  1. Tara Gantz Newman says:

    I used to make resolutions, now I set goals. Somehow they are different. Like a resolution is an idea but a goal is action. I am sure there will be a blog post forthcoming.

  2. jillconyers says:

    Plant based here too! I haven’t had a drink in over 2 years and it really never crosses my mind until I’m asked if I don’t drink what do I do for fun. My answer would have not been drink even if I were a drinker. Or when I’m told I need to have a drink (or piece of chocolate cake) and live a little! Trust me people! I’m living :)

    So many things that people assume I miss I never even think of.

    • Jason Bahamundi says:

      I find it oddly amazing that the connection between living and not living is a drink and a slice of cake. I enjoy cake but it isn’t my everything. There is so much more to life than that and we have to take our blinders off to see that.

      Going plant-based and alcohol free has been a part of that. Another part is just experiences in life and that cannot be taught. You just have to go through them, even the darkest ones, to realize what living really is.

  3. John Flynn says:

    I like the “ideas” behind drinking – feeling uninhibited, having an excuse for bad decisions, the social aspect of it – but at my age the hangovers aren’t worth it anymore so I never have more than 1 or 2 beers. Even that only during the offseason. What I wouldn’t be able to get by without is the jokes that you can make about drinking as a social relevance. You have no idea how many times I tell someone “fuck it, let’s drink” then leave, go home, and don’t actually drink.

    • Jason Bahamundi says:

      HAHAHA! That is awesome. You are drinking when you get home it just doesn’t involve alcohol…..

      These days I am more proud of saying I got 10 hours of sleep than saying I had 10 beers last night.

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