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In Triathlete Magazine for one of the top recovery products along with HoneyMilk

As many of my followers know I am sponsored by Carla and Eddie Weber of Nutrition Addiction and Herbalife.  Herbalife makes protein powders so that people can make shakes.  There are those out there that will say that you don’t need to have a powder and you can get plenty of protein from food and I don’t disagree one bit.  The problem for me is that during heavy training days I don’t have the opportunity to cook all day and go to work while trying to recover properly.

The line of product I use is Herbalife24 and is manufactured for the athlete so there are more carbohydrates in this line than their typical product line and it works very well for me.  My recovery has been short and effective since I’ve used these products.  I also know that because I want to get some nutrition in my body before I begin my workout at 5am I need to consume calories around 3am so that the nutrients have an opportunity to actually help me out during my training.

Yesterday while going through my inbox I noticed an email from that focused on active recovery, zone diet and cool pools.  At the very bottom was a tiny link to an article titled Powder Power: The Importance Of Dietary Protein.  I was intrigued because I believe, as per this post, that protein is the most over-sold macronutrient on the planet.  Whenever you read about recovery, fuel, losing weight, gaining weight, vegetarianism the subject inevitably comes back to protein.

Yes, protein is important but for me it is the ‘least’ important of the macronutrients.  A perfect day of eating right for me is 55%-60% carbohydrates, 25%-30% fats and 10%-15% Protein.  I know when I am at or near these numbers my body feels amazing.  I have energy to burn so to speak.  I see bars claiming that they have 22g of protein in them or even sports drinks with labels touting 30g of protein.  I found a calculator that would calculate the amount of protein a person my height 5’6″ tall with a medium frame and very active needs 99g of protein per day.  If I had 4 bars and nothing else I would be fine, or maybe 3 or those drinks and ate nothing I would be golden but unfortunately I enjoy eating so this doesn’t work for me.

As I said I use the shakes to help me get those early morning calories in, and then I use it for recovery after a workout that is 2 hours or longer.  Anything under that and I don’t consume protein powders.  This article from showcased 5 protein powders along with some description of them and how much protein was in a particular serving.


Protein per 30g serving: 17–25g

The epitome of protein powders is widely available, digests quickly and contains an abundance of amino acids, including leucine—needed to encourage post-exercise muscle recovery, particularly when paired with carbohydrates. Find unflavored versions to avoid added sugars and artificial sweeteners.


Protein per 30g serving: 11–21g

Most plant proteins are labeled “incomplete” because they lack essential amino acids. “Hemp protein, however, contains a full complement of essential amino acids, making it a great raw vegetarian option,” says Forsythe. It contains good amounts of fiber and heart-healthy omega fats. It tastes, well, earthy, so you’ll want to blend it with plenty of sweet-tasting fruit.


Protein per 30g serving: 23–26g

Similar to hemp, soy protein is considered a high-quality, complete vegetarian protein. A recent study reported that soy is just as good as milk protein in stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Look for “isolated” soy protein, which contains very little gas-producing oligosaccharides.


Protein per 30g serving: 16–20g

Egg protein powder is derived from egg whites and is fat-free. “It’s the standard by which all other protein powders are measured because it’s the highest quality protein,” says Forsythe. It’s packed with amino acids that are very effective at repairing and building muscle, but unfortunately, it tends to be pricey and not everyone is crazy about the taste.


Protein per 30g serving: 20–25g

Like whey, casein protein is derived from dairy. However, it’s much slower to digest and therefore should be consumed before bedtime or anytime there might be a prolonged gap between eating to keep a steady flow of amino acids going to the muscles.


What I found most interesting is the vast difference in the amount of protein by each type in a 30g serving.  I would have guessed that they would be closer to each other.  To see that the egg protein is the standard by which others are measured and yet Soy and Casein have more surprised me.

I enjoy my morning smoothies, although some mornings I’m not sure if I actually tasted it as I’m ready to go back to bed but I do keep a watchful eye on the number of shakes I make.  My rule is to have one before I workout.  A second shake immediately after a rigorous workout of two hours or more and then a complete meal within two hours of completing that workout.  After that I do not consume a shake as it is no longer necessary for me to sneak in proteins as I have all day to cook.

Do You Use Protein Powders?

Why Do You Use Them?  What Brand Do You Use?

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  1. misszippy1 says:

    Just started, actually for morning smoothies. Not every day, but several times/week. The one thing I learned from the sock doc is that the vast majority of protein powders are denatured in processing, thus creating MSG. Doesn’t show up as MSG in the indgredient list, but in a number of different forms (read his article on this). Anyhow, all this leads me to the brand I use, which is Whey Cool. It is processed differently than the others and is not denatured, thus no MSG. Worth looking into.
    misszippy1 recently posted..Controlling the urge to take it out too fastMy Profile

  2. Christie says:

    The only powder I have found that doesn’t upset my stomach is Syntrax Nector and I use post-workout every day. My body preforms significantly better when I have anywhere from 100-120 grams of protein a day. When I was solely eating fruit/veggies I was getting injured about once every 2 months… now that I have been taking in the protein I have not been injured **knock on wood**
    Christie recently posted..Week 2/10, This Is My StrongMy Profile

  3. Jeff Irvin says:

    When I was heavy and focusing on weight loss I used to drink a Whey Smoothie every morning and then another one for an afternoon snack. My ratios were 60% Protein/20% Carbs/20%Fat. It worked to maximize protein intake.

    Now that I am at my ideal racing weight my ratios are more carb heavy – 60%Carbs/20Protein/20Fat – and since I have cut back on protein I get enough in my normal, heavy protein diet. This limits the need to supplement with powders. But I do believe the powders should be used when not able to get in the right amount of Protein from your meals.
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Random Shit …My Profile

  4. BDD says:

    Costco usually has coupons for their protien powder/shakes, a couple different brands, so what ever their is a coupon for, I normally get, SUPER SIZED, last me over half a year, its kinda nice
    BDD recently posted..Weekly RamblingsMy Profile

  5. Mandy says:

    I use Hammer unflavored Whey. I put it in all of my smoothies and use it for recovery…sometimes for protein if I have a smoothie for breakfast/lunch.
    Mandy recently posted..Wagging Wednesday: Jumping for JoyMy Profile

  6. Christina says:

    Can’t bring myself to drink the stuff, but I’m not a hard core athlete enough yet either.
    Christina recently posted..Restocked + GratitudeMy Profile

  7. marlene says:

    I’ve never been one to use protein powders… I track my nutrition and I believe I get enough from the foods I eat. That being said, I’m currently reviewing a new product line of all natural sports nutrition and it includes some protein powder… so we’ll see. I keep an open mind. :)
    marlene recently posted..Reminder..My Profile

  8. katie says:

    I use a whey protein powder and I have a breakfast shake most days that I’m training. Right now I’m recovering so I had pancakes and peppermint hot chocolate instead. :)
    katie recently posted..things that are weird and or disgustingMy Profile

  9. B.o.B. says:

    i like the EAS whey myself. i used to get one that was specific for women but i can’t find it anymore. i’m all about adding some skim milk and a banana to the chocolate flavor. dee-lish!
    B.o.B. recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!My Profile

  10. I never do shakes or smoothies. Just not my thing. I agree it is a quick and easy way to get the stuff you need. Next time I train for a long distance event, I’ll have to look into some new options.
    Shut Up and BQ with a 7:15 recently posted..Spread Eagle TuesdayMy Profile

  11. I use soy protein (whey doesn’t sit well w/ me) during peak training times because I can tell my body needs it and it’s a convenient way to take it in but I generally think supplements are an artificial industry that exists simply to enable more hands to reach into a consumer’s pocket.
    Patrick Mahoney recently posted..Dana Point Turkey TrotMy Profile

  12. Jill says:

    I LOVE a protein smoothie. Lately, I’ve been making an orange banana one, but up to the switch it was blackberry vanilla. I love to throw in a bunch of spinach, too….my raw foods friend says you absorb more of the spinach cells when it’s ground up than when you chew it.
    Jill recently posted..Bye Bye, PlanMy Profile

  13. XLMIC says:

    I find that brown rice-based protein powders work better in my belly. It’s been years since I used a protein supplementing powder though.
    XLMIC recently posted..What it is to be TOUGH…My Profile

  14. Gage Y. says:

    this looks like something I could do. thanks for all the information about protein shakes
    Gage Y. recently posted..The Story of Brandon CrawfordMy Profile


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