Refocused and Dialing It In

Recovery is officially over and my goals have been set.  Today marked the first day of training for the remainder of this season.  As you read in my goals post I am looking to go sub 2:53 for the Olympic distance triathlon, sub 5:42 for the Half-Ironman Triathlon and to qualify for Boston in the marathon.

I am focusing on Austin 70.3 which means that I have approximately 5 months before the race.  When I went into training for California I had no base and I trained for almost a year.  That year of training was tough but so much fun at the same time.  I learned a lot about myself as a person as well as an athlete.  I made changes to my diet (became a vegetarian), changes to strength training and fitness.  I learned how to go to the bathroom on the bike as well as on the run. I pushed myself to earn a pukie award.  I discovered this world of Angels and Ninjas that helped me along the way.

So what is in store for me now?  Will I have the go get ’em attitude from the first training cycle?  Will I feel burnt out as we near October?  Will I get bored with my training?  What will be new this time around?

I don’t know the answers to these questions and that is why I am excited about this training cycle.  I go into it with open arms ready to embrace anything and everything that Coach C is going to throw my way.  I know that I can push myself harder so that I get faster.  I know that what I did previously got me to 5:42 so I need to be better than that this time around so I go faster than 5:42 (you are going to see that number a lot between today and October 23.)  That 5:42 has become the first thing that I see in the morning.  It is burned into my mind’s eye and will not go away until I see 5:41 or better.

I have learned a lot of lessons from the race and will be applying that to my training.  The first 2 hour ride was this weekend and I almost earned another pukie because I was determined to take in more liquid hydration than I normally have.  I consumed about 36oz of accelerade and water in those two hours and it made my stomach feel so full and sloshy that it almost came up.  I held it down and was happy to know that I can consume that amount of liquid.  I wound up riding 33.71 miles in 1:55:47 for an average speed of 17.46mph.  I rode the California course in 18.0mph on Zipp 404’s.  I have since returned those wheels to my friend Juan and rode on the stock wheels.  To maintain a speed 0.5 mph slower than California on inferior wheels made me happy.  I really pushed hard and kept saying to myself:  5:42; 5:42.  There is no choice.

Today I got in the water and it hurt.  I did a strength set prior to the swim and I could feel it in the water, but I think two weeks away from swimming took its toll.  It was like swimming in molasses and at one point I thought about giving up.  I was tired and sore and that is when 5:42 popped into my head.  I finished off my set and spoke to Greg about it.  Told him how much I felt like I was swimming so slow and how much it hurt.  His response was so encouraging in that he told me that no matter the shape you are in when you take two weeks off from swimming you will pay that first time.  I think I will pay the 2nd time as well but there is no give up in me.  I have the WANT TO.  Don’t know what the WANT TO is.  Well, let’s just say that greatness was never achieved without the WANT TO.

This afternoon I will ride El Diablo (cleaned) for one hour and 30 minutes with Greg and love every minute of it.  We are going to attack some very large hills and I will smash my legs but I am going to be refocused and dialed in.  This training cycle will be different from the last one as I am now a half-ironman and I am honing my skills.  I am developing a better base for SPEED.  I am developing a better base for ENDURANCE.  I am developing, and will never stop.


The motto for the rest of 2011 is now THINK SPEED to BEAT 5:42


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  1. Matt Oravec says:

    What a motivating and inspiring post. Bookmark this one to read whenever you are feeling blah or worn down.

    Clearly stating your goals is one of the best ways to achieve them.

    Good luck buddy, anxious to follow you on your journey!

  2. Jill says:

    “Think Speed” – just reminding ya!! :)
    You’re so focused and driven – how could it be anything other than successful!! Looking forward to watching your journey!

  3. Matthew Beal says:

    Vegas Vegas Vegas.
    Matthew Beal recently posted..Week 15 of 20 Marathon trainingMy Profile

  4. Shannon says:

    Love that picture of you! So awesome!

    You have me seriously considering Longhorn. October 23. Very, very doable for me. FInish IM in May. Short Break. Nationals in August….build to 1/2 Iron in October. Hmmmm…
    Shannon recently posted..Holy Toledo! Big Daddy Diesel &amp IronDiva – Run Your Buns!My Profile

  5. Jeff Irvin says:

    I’ll come out and cheer you guys on at Longhorn!

    My season will be done by then!!!

    Why you trying to force that much liquid down? Have you done a sweat rate calculation? That is a lot, especially if you rode in the cold on Sunday.
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Cowboy Up My Profile

    • Jason says:

      I drank a total of 5-8 oz of fluid in the 70.3 so I want to try to try to drink more even if it is over the top right now.

      I have not done a sweat calculation yet but will do to try to dial it in. I know I need more than 8 oz over 3 hours for sure.

      And I rode in the afternoon on Sunday so the temps were in the mid-70s.

  6. Mandy says:

    Think speed. That is awesome. Inspiring post, as usual!

    Also, that picture of you is so great.
    Mandy recently posted..Inferno Weekend Or HOLY CRAP- Thats a Lot of Climbing!My Profile

  7. Kevin says:

    You totally got this! You’ve done the training once already so you know what to expect.

    Swimming, for me, is by far the hardest discipline to take time off from. If I miss two or three workouts in a week, it feels like I am starting over when I finally get back in the pool.
    Kevin recently posted..Race Report- Glass City Half MarathonMy Profile

  8. Chuck says:

    Dude- Austin isn’t for 5 months? You’ll crush it. I would make sure to periodize correctly; take a week off for fun. You don’t want to burn out in 3 months when your race is in 5!

  9. Kristin says:

    You definately can do this! Keep those positive thoughts flowing!
    Kristin recently posted..Weekly Report An ending to a great week!My Profile

  10. Quinton says:

    This is going to be a great year!!! Let’s get it started!
    Quinton recently posted..Mutha’ NatureMy Profile

  11. Chris says:

    Great post. Think speed!

    Where do you do your hill climbing at?
    Chris recently posted..Lions Dash 5kMy Profile

  12. Marlene says:

    Like you, I have a certain number running through my brain every Sunday morning when the alarm goes off at an ungodly hour, every day as I prepare and pack my healthy meals and snacks, every time I push through a tough spot in a run. These goals and the drive to achieve them are what make the runner/cyclist/triathlete an ATHLETE.
    Marlene recently posted..Boston EnvyMy Profile

  13. Do it!! I just ran a 2:52 oly on saturday, shattering my oly pr by 31 minutes and breaking 3 hours for the first time. You’ve got the speed to burn. My other goal this year is to break 6 hours in the half ironman and finish my first full ironman. You’ve got the guts for 5:42.
    Carolina John recently posted..Stormy Weather – a Perfect StormMy Profile

  14. Scott says:

    As always, I am so pumped up after reading this!!!!

    In my opinion, I feel you might get bored and itchy if your next race is 5 months away, I suggest maybe a couple sprints or olys in that time frame to get your racing itch satisfied

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