I’m Doing Something Right?

repeat_training_triathlonAs humans we are creatures of habit and while change is a good thing it may not be so good when it comes to training for endurance events.

If you have read this blog long enough you know that my weeks are setup the same from week to week and that I get up at the same time everyday except for Friday.  I believe by doing this I am training my body to be prepared to go and not confusing it to the point where it has no idea what is happening next.  Yes we want to confuse our muscles so that they get stronger but you confuse them through different exercises not through different start times.

This week I have been doing research on trying to find an eating plan for a late in the day marathon.  On December 4th I will be running the Rock N Roll Las Vegas marathon and it starts at 4pm.  Obviously the later starting time means that I need to adjust my body clock to be ready for optimal performance at that time.  I will be doing at least one late evening run per week until race day but my biggest concern is fueling for that day.  I have all day to eat and that could throw a major monkey wrench into my plans to qualify for Boston.

In case you were wondering my week usually looks like this:

  • Monday:   Recovery bike and a strong swim coupled with core/strength
  • Tuesday:   Strong swim and solid run
  • Wednesday:   Moderate Length ride and a brick run
  • Thursday:   Solid Run and an Open Water Swim
  • Friday:   OFF
  • Saturday:   Long Bike and Brick Run off the bike
  • Sunday:   Long Run
I start my days with a 3 am wake up and a smoothie breakfast, coffee and water.  I am working out by 5am and done by 7-8am each day.  This gives me nearly 24 hours of recovery before the next day.  I am never tired, nor am I hitting snooze or missing workouts.  I believe my body has adapted.  I am hoping that I can get my body to that point with only 6 weeks before Vegas.


In doing this search I came across this article on Competitor.com that gave me confidence in how I workout in terms of time of day and routine.  The title of the article is Live Like A Clock:  How A Routine Aids Performance.
 The main points were:
  1. Improved Consistency:  Dedicating yourself to a routine not only acclimatize the mind and body to running hard at a certain time, but it also transforms how you think about, and schedule, your week.
  2. Adaptation=Optimization:  research has shown that when athletes exercise at the same time each day, the body responds by optimizing performance during those hours.
  3. Better Sleep Patterns:  Another benefit to running at the same time each day is better sleeping patterns.
  4. Improved Recovery:  When you fluctuate the time of day you run, you’ll often be completing runs and workouts on less than 12 hours total recovery between sessions. Our body doesn’t reset overnight, so when you run later in the evening on Sunday night and then run early Monday morning, your body is operating on limited recovery time.
  5. Healthier Eating Habits:  Finally, developing a routine leads to better eating habits and reduces the risk of bathroom breaks or cramps ruining your workouts. When you run at the same time each day, you can accurately predict when you’ll be hungry and provide yourself with healthy food choices.
I can say that my recovery from 70.3 Austin has been phenomenal.  My legs have felt so good that waiting for yesterday’s 18 miler was more stressful than the taper prior to the 70.3.  Wondering how the run yesterday went?  How about 18 miles covered in 2:21:40 for a 7:51/mi pace with a heart rate in high Z2-low Z3 at 157.

Do You Train At The Same Time Everyday?

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  1. Jeff Irvin says:

    This is a tough one dude! I’d never be able to get my best race performance at an evening race like this, let alone and evening race in Vegas. I’d probably not even make the start line in Vegas but that is an entirely different subject (-:

    You are going to have to start going to bed a lot later and sleeping in – that is your only alternative. The good news is you’ll be able to have your glycogen levels topped off and ample time for the pre-race dump to occur – so you have that going for you!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..10 For Texas Race ReportMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      I just read an article about when to eat and it makes sense. A good brunch at 10a-11a and then a light meal at 3pm and then off we go at 5pm. It is going to be tough but I’m going to start practicing this for my long runs on the weekends. Not much of a choice.

      Yeah, I will be the first guy who goes to Vegas and doesn’t truly enjoy all the bells and whistles. Had I not wanted to BQ it would be a different story and you’d see me put up a 5:15 marathon.

  2. yeah, a late day marathon would be tough for me as well since im an early bird like you. sounds like you have a solid plan going into it. you are a very disciplined individual so i am sure you will be just time and tweak things enough for you to do great in Vegas.
    Bells & whistles?? what losing money and getting a hangover? Naaah, I’d rather leave with some tired legs :D
    MilesMusclesMom recently posted..RocktoberMy Profile

  3. Chuck says:

    Man, my 13.1 started at 10 PM- soo weird
    Chuck recently posted..Mile 6.5 got really dark…My Profile

  4. Jim says:

    Totally agree – I think consistency is the key in so many areas, including pace and “dress rehearsals” for the race. If I can consistently do in training what I am going to do on race day, then nothing surprises me.

  5. BDD says:

    The starts at 10pm???? Thats my bed time!!!!!
    BDD recently posted..The Dumbest Product of the Month – The Speedfit Mobile TreadmillMy Profile

  6. Jen says:

    You’ll do great Jason and if anyone can figure it out – you can. Your ability to trouble shoot and problem solve is stellar and if I know you, you’ll be more than ready come race day.

    I was thinking about this topic earlier this weekend – it’s dawned on me that this has really become my life – running, eating right and striving towards getting better. As someone who’s never been able to ‘stick to a diet’ or make meaningful change, it hit me that this thing I’ve embarked upon and nearing a 2 year mark – is not a fad or fluke – it’s who I’ve become.

    Your picture really sums it up. You just have to make good decisions and then ‘do it again.’
    Jen recently posted..Atlantic City half marathon recap: Born to Run!My Profile

  7. katie says:

    I train at the same time every day and on the days that I don’t, my body gets real confused. I believe it’s incredibly important to be consistent for the sake of recovery.
    katie recently posted..MCM: spectator report & weekend wrapMy Profile

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