Samoas Are Not Just Cookies – Waffl-amoas Recipe

Samoas are my favorite Girl Scout cookie.  There is something about the combination of toasted coconut and chocolate that makes me tear through an entire box in as much time as it takes Usain Bolt to run 100 meters.  In case you don’t know how long that it is, then let me tell you that Usain Bolt holds the World Record for the 100 meter dash in a time of 9.58 seconds.  I am not talking about one samoa cookie but an entire sleeve.  Given time to breathe and rip open the second pack I could finish a box and beat Bolt’s 19.19 World Record at the 200 meter dash.

Samoas are not allowed in our house anymore because of the fact that I will spend $3.50 or $4.00 or whatever they cost and truly not remember what they taste like because I don’t chew and swallow.  It is as if the samoas are aspirin and I toss them down without thinking.  When I saw a #WaffleWarsChallenge on Instagram being hosted by FamFitFood I was in.  I competed everyday and one day made two waffle dishes to just try to become a finalist.  It was tough as there are some truly creative people out there.  I was drooling on a daily basis.  Friday was coconut day and unfortunately I was unable to participate because of a tragedy in our family.

I pushed my coconut idea of samoas until Saturday as a recovery breakfast from my ride.  It turned out to be the right way to get through that morning.  Each bite of these samoas waffles was filled with chocolate and coconut.  I used my homemade fig-date sauce on the top to make the grids and that was the little kick that was needed to take these over the top.  I was in heaven with each bite and so I am now here to share it with you.

samoas - waffles - recipe - breakfast

Samoas Will Never Be The Same. This Girl Scout Cookie Has Been Transformed Into A Waffle.

Samoa Girl Scout cookies have never tasted better and been healthier plus you can eat these for breakfast with no guilt.

Are You As In Love With Samoas As I Am?

What Is Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?  Can You Turn It Into A Waffle?

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  1. Kate says:

    My very favorite cookie!!

    Your recipes are going to force me to buy a waffle iron yet.
    Kate recently posted..Summertime and the livin’s easyMy Profile

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