The Simple Breakfast Recipe Post Of Your Dreams

The simple breakfast recipe idea came to me while I was working out this morning.  Well, that is not 100%  accurate.  About a week ago I saw a picture on Instagram that featured charred corn in a salsa for a taco.  Since that day I have been thinking about what I wanted to do with the two ears of corn I had.  I kept going back to a black bean and corn salsa to include in a wrap.  I tossed this around idea for a bit, but then realized that had been done and I was not in the right frame of mind for a taco/wrap.  I wanted something simple and I have an ever growing love of breakfast.  As I was grunting and sweating the simple breakfast recipe of corn cakes came to mind.

I could shave the corn and add it to a batter that included cornmeal.  Then the mind started to wander.  Do you want to add black beans?  What about herbs?  Maybe some hot sauce?  I fought back these thoughts as I wanted THE simple breakfast recipe and nothing could be simpler or tastier than a corn cake.

Of course, after making the corn cakes and then subsequently devouring them I received and email from Active with 10 of their simple breakfast recipe ideas.  I clicked on the next arrow as fast as I could to see if the corn cake was one, but somehow The Google didn’t tie my thinking to the authors of the article in time to get the simple breakfast recipe of my mind to them.  And they say The Google knows everything……I digress.

Lucky for you after posting the picture of the corn cakes to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (I was proud of having come up with the simple breakfast recipe……obviously) the engagement from the followers of those platforms was in the form of a request for the recipe.  Not being one to deny the people what they want I put together the recipe for you.  If you can come up with a breakfast recipe that is simpler than this I want to see it (and no toast does not count.)

I hope you enjoy this breakfast (or for lunch or for dinner) as much as I did.  If you decide to make the meal please click on the link above for Facebook and post your creation there.

simple breakfast recipe - corn cakes - healthy

The Simple Breakfast Recipe For All.


What Ingredient Have You Incorporated In A Simple Breakfast Recipe?

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  1. Hollie says:

    Since this is the breakfast of my dreams I must try it. It does look good.

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