Top 12 Of 2012 Blog Posts

The Top 12 of 2012 stories on this blog totaled 20,268 page views while 10 of the 12 were focused on cooking.  That would sort of make sense since the title of the blog is Cook, Train, Eat Race but it is a sort of triathlon blog as well.  Maybe 2013 will bring more page views to the train and eat portion of the site.

Here are the Top 12 stories:

Sh*t I’m Never Eating Again – This post was based on an article I had read in Food Republic about items that were in our food.  There are items in this post that refer to a beaver’s behind, butane, vanillin and other items that should not be consumed.

Aero Helmet Review – Louis Garneau – Should not come as a surprise that this is about the aero helmet I race in.  This post was written in 2011 and the helmet has since been to Austin, Puerto Rico, The Woodlands, Maine and Arizona.  It has bumps and dents but it also helped save my head from getting a dent in it during the accident at Arizona.

hungryforchange_movie_poster_foodmattersHungry For Change Movie Review – The Hungry For Change movie is from the same people who provided us with Food Matters.  The movie goes into a discussion about sugar and what is considered food, plus how the FDA makes a determination on their studies.  It is an eye-opener and one I would recommend be watched.

The Taste of Sweat – This post was in regards to my sweat not tasting like anything.  It wasn’t salty or sour but exactly tasteless.  I did some research and it showed that the taste of your sweat was determined by your diet.

Umpqua Oats Product Review – This was a product review that I had done on a product I purchased on my own.  The beauty of these products is that you won’t find them in the movie Hungry For Change or the post Sh*T I’m Never Eating Again because all of the ingredients are unpronounceable and natural.  Worth reading and certainly worth purchasing if you want an on the go meal.

Is Sugar A Drug? – This was a post based on a 60 Minutes special that discussed how people can be addicted to sugar, which is being put inside almost every item that is processed by ‘food’ companies.

Lowering Junk/Fast Food Consumption – You can probably guess from the title what this post was about.  Since I wrote this post New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg put in a beverage consumption limit in an ambitious way to treat obesity.  Not extremely popular but it did pass and hopefully spurred conversation.

Food, Inc. and Food Matters Review – Clearly there are people researching what is in their food and wanting to learn more since this post was published in February of 2011.  I hope that this post gets another showing on the Top 13 of 2013 listing since that means that people are still searching for ways to improve their diet.

Make This, Don’t Make That – Carrot Cake Lara Bars – I wrote this post during a series of posts about replacing store-bought pre-packaged items with items that you can make in your house.  These bars are easy to make and transport well.

Same Ingredients, 3 Meals – This post was also part of a series.  I had decided to purchase a group of ingredients and make three meals from them.  This post was a ‘Mexican’ based post with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ironman Arizona 2012 Race Report – My last triathlon race report of 2012 was the most popular.  This post will take you through what was an 11:53 Ironman that was accompanied by a bike accident.






THE Best Oatmeal Recipe – This may have unfairly bumped out another post since I did a re-post of it just a few days ago.  That being said this is perfect for those snowy days (like Christmas 2012 in Dallas) or on a day that was hard on the body and you just don’t feel like ‘cooking’.  That being said I will be making a baked oatmeal pie this week and hopefully will do a webisode of it.

Thank you all for taking the time to visit my blog in 2012.  Hopefully I keep you entertained and informed enough to keep you coming back for more in 2013.  I know I plan on doing more webisodes for easy cooking meals as well as interviews to help fuel your passion in endurance sports.  Speaking of interviews, I am going to be interviewing Jennifer Roe of From Fat To Finish Line on Thursday at 6pm EST so be sure to tune into the CTER YouTube channel to watch.


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