Travel Tips To Staying Healthy While Away From Home

Travel tips can be found all over the internet for where to stay, best airlines, best car rentals but one thing that does not readily exist are travel tips for the triathlete and those trying to stay healthy.  In a few weeks I will be boarding a plane to travel to Puerto Rico for the next 70.3 on my race calendar.

Including this trip to San Juan I will have traveled to the following locations over the past three years:

In that time I have figured out ways to continue eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  These travel tips are what I have been able to collect but are certainly not the end all be all when it comes to travel tips.  If you have any of your own please put them in the comments section so that we can all grow and learn.  There is going to be plenty of traveling for races and having a quick at your fingertips list of travel tips handy will help all.

Travel Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling For Races

  • Scout the grocery stores near your accommodations.
    • This may seem like overkill but think about this:  would you rather pay money to the hotel for honey or just pick some up yourself at the grocery store that you can then transport back to your house when the vacation is over?  There are items at the grocery stores that you can get to make your travel cheaper.  Knowing where the grocery store is makes more a less stressful trip when you are there and then trying to figure it out.
  • Pack items that can fit into your suitcases without going over the 50 lb mark.
    • Simple items like protein powders, cereals, rice cakes, bars can all be brought with you and again save you money in the long run.  Instead of hoping that these items exist at your final destination you will have them with you.
  • Read the menu of the hotel restaurant.
    • If you don’t like what is on the menu at the hotel restaurant don’t you want to know before you are starving and walk down there and find out there is nothing for you?  At that point you are so hungry that you will do just about anything and we all know what that means.  Poor choices.
  • Find restaurants near your destination before you leave.
    • Knowing that you are not going to eat anything from the hotel restaurant because of price or preference your next step is going to be finding someplace to eat.  You could spend hours with that conversation:  What do you want to eat?  I don’t know, what about you?  That could take hours but if you research the local restaurants before hand you will know where you want to eat and most likely what you want to eat.
  • Eat locally!
    • This goes without say when you are home so why change that when you visit someplace else?  If you are from Hawaii then there is a good chance that you consume pineapples and mangos and coconut.  Your travel takes you too New York where there are a different local food and that is apples.  Eat locally for the freshest and most flavorful ingredients.
  • Indulge a bit
    • You are on vacation so why hold back ALL THE TIME!  While you are in New York enjoying apples be sure to visit Arthur Avenue for delicious Italian food, or if in San Francisco go to Fisherman’s Wharf for seafood.  If you ignore these foods you will pay the price in frustration and over-indulging.  You are on vacation so enjoy yourself.

These simple travel tips will help you stay healthy while you are traveling for a race, training or vacation.  I have incorporated these travel tips into my lifestyle and they have benefited me tremendously and I hope they will help you too.

Have Any Travel Tips You Want To Share?

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  1. misszippy says:

    All good tips. When we travel for anything more than two or three nights, we always book a condo so that we have a full kitchen. That way we are preparing much of our meals on our own–eating out gets old after a while, at least to me. That said, we are headed to Austin at the end of the month and even though we will be in a condo, I know there are some awesome places to eat there that I don’t want to miss!
    misszippy recently posted..The 10-year ruleMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      Good point on getting the condo and cooking. I would guess that it comes out cheaper for you that way even if the room costs more than a hotel b/c the food budget goes down.

      Eat at Little Deli And Pizza for the best pizza in Texas when you are in Austin. Also, make sure to have breakfast foods at Magnolia.

      Have you spoken to LC Cotter about your trip there? She can guide you for sure.

  2. Jen says:

    Yes – great tips and all that I have employed, being that I travel all the time for business (and some races). I had to quickly learn that traveling didn’t mean have a party and forget your health goals. I strategically ‘plan’ around indulgences. If I know I’m going to loosen my belt at dinner then I’ll be particularly careful to eat as healthfully as I would if i were home. I make sure to make a plan to get in whatever I can when it comes to workouts and fitness. I often take the opportunity to explore new classes or trails when away.
    Jen recently posted..Cheesy rant: Stop the madnessMy Profile

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