They Have Started…..

As if on command, they have started.  What is they? They are the nightmares and bad dreams of triathlon.  Last year before 70.3 California the dream and nightmares I had read so much about did not happen to me.  Maybe because I did not know what to expect in that first race but they never occurred.  Prior to 70.3 Austin I had one bad dream but I could never remember it in full detail.

When I first started training for Ironman Texas I had a dream in which my cousin’s husband, who lives in New York still, was racing the event.  I don’t think he would give two cents to thinking about racing an Ironman but there he was in my dream.  We got on the highway to head South to The Woodlands when I looked in the back of the station wagon (who owns a station wagon?  He doesn’t and neither do I) and there was all his gear and I had none.  The worst part was that as I said we will just get off the next exit and turn around the road dead ended at the top of a huge climb.  It was at that point that I woke up and did not finish the dream.

Fast forward to this morning.  As many of you know I wake up super early to get food in me before I start training.  I usually have a carb loaded 150 calorie smoothie with a cup of coffee and then fall back asleep.  Well this morning is when the first bad dream/nightmare hit and while it is not a happy thing to have happen to you there is a good outcome to it.  I will unveil why I think this is a good outcome after I give you the full dream as it was very specific and real.

Dream Sequence:


Not The Way To Start The Day

I was walking El Diablo toward transition when I realized I had a flat.  I stopped what I was doing and was going to change out the back tire only to realize that I only had a tube and no tire, but I needed a tire because there was a huge gash in it.  Thinking ahead I walked to the area where all the vendors for the expo were and asked if they had any tires and tubes and they said yes but then I realized I did not have my wallet.  I asked them if they would take something in return for the tire until after the race when I could fetch my wallet and they said no.

I took El Diablo back to the hotel with me where I ventured up to the room only to realize that I did not have a key to the room.  Back to the front desk to ask for a key where they proceeded to ask for identification.  Seeing as my wallet was in the room I had no ID and no key.  I managed to talk my way through this glitch and get up to the room.  When I got there I realized I did not have a tire.  That was OK because now I had my wallet and could buy one back at the vendors.

Back downstairs and I look at my watch and see that transition is closing in a few minutes.  Armed with my wallet and my bike and my gear bag I run back to the vendors.  In asking for the tire I notice that I left the tube back in the room.  WTF?  I am not running back to the room for the tube and ask them to provide me with two tubes (one for now and one for the bike just in case.)

As I was handing over my card I woke up and jumped off the couch……practically hyper-ventilating and certainly with a nice glisten on my forehead I was thrilled to know that I would be riding my bike on the trainer for the next two hours.


My Interpretation of the Dream

I am ready for Puerto Rico.  How can I be so sure?  Re-read the dream and notice that not once did I question my fitness.  I never said that I would miss a cut-off time or a goal time.  I never once said I would bonk on the ride or pass out during the run.  The temperatures on race day (most likely in the 70s and creeping near the 80s when the run starts) were never a factor.  The entire nightmare focused on equipment preparation and not physical preparation.

Your response to my Trust post was excellent and put me in the right frame of mind yesterday that I can and will be fast in the water in one week.  I trust the training that I have put in.  I trust that what happens on race day will happen because it was supposed to happen and that the only thing I can control is my input.  The output on that day will be determined outside forces.  I am ready physically.  I am ready mentally to go fast and endure the pain that comes with going fast.  I am ready.

Now off to the local bike shop to get El Diablo checked out and cleaned up with some brand new bar tape and a wipe down.




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  1. I cannot believe PR is already here. You have put in your time. Continue to work on your mind. Your fitness is there, the mental part is going to get you to that 5:10.
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..Let Me Moon YouMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      It’s crazy isn’t it? I registered for this race at the airport in San Diego on the way home from 70.3 California. It’s been nearly a year that I have been registered for the event. Can’t wait to get out there and race.
      CTER recently posted..They Have Started…..My Profile

  2. Jon says:

    Ha! I just had a triathlon nightmare last night. Mine always take place in T1, and they are as frustrating as how you described yours.

    I just wrote mine up and will be posting next week.

    You got Puerto Rico man!!!

    P.S. I own a station wagon! haha
    Jon recently posted..Three Things Thursday: F-YEAH!My Profile

  3. adena says:

    Dreams are freaky!!! You are going to rock Puerto Rico!

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