Vegetable Evangelist? Is that what I am?

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Vegetable Evangelist.  Is this even a thing?  Maybe it is.  Maybe I am one of them.  Let’s take a step back to why I am contemplating this.

Last week I was sent this article that was written by Matt Fitzgerald and titled The Case Against Vegetables by Jeff and at first I was a bit startled by the content.  Lucky, for me Matt changes course toward the end and calls out the ‘diet cults’ that we have all seen, heard and read about.  Maybe even tried and have become an evangelist for these diets.

This past week I posted it on the CTER Facebook Page and it received a few comments and it started me thinking about my transformation to a plant-based diet and whether or not I was a vegetable evangelist.  In the nearly 4 years since I changed my diet I have written plenty of posts about why I think a plant-based diet has served me well but I cannot recall for a moment that I have ever told somebody to put down that T-Bone and eat a stalk of broccoli because it is better for you.

Yes, I would say that some of what I have discussed has been pro-plant but not to the point of standing on a pulpit and screaming from the top of my lungs:  Plants are and should be your only source of fuel and YES THEY HAVE PROTEIN.  Maybe that last part has been said a few hundred thousand times but never in a way that was meant to make the person on the other side of the conversation feel inadequate about their choice of foods.

If I have ever stood on the vegetable pulpit and given a sermon on the fact that everybody should eat a plant-based diet I apologize.  I have never meant to be a person who has been an advocate for plants and plants alone.  As the post by Matt Fitzgerald points out at the end you should not be afraid to eat like a normal person.

If you are a vegetable evangelist, Paleo pastor or a Dairy-Free Deacon the point is that we are not all the same and thus our choices allow us to be individuals.  We can all learn:

  • Acceptance. By accepting that other people will not eat like you allows you to open your world up to learning.  I have learned about gluten and what it means to me as well as to those that actually suffer from celiac disease.  In the years since I ditched meat and fish I have not felt ostracized by my friends for not partaking in the annual turkey leg eating contest.
  • Discuss. Do Not Preach. This goes back to the reference of ‘diet cults’ and they are appropriately named because people tend to preach about them rather than discussing them.  I would much rather speak with you and have you listen and then discuss rather than being given a lecture about why eating bacon cooked in coconut oil is the only way to get the proper protein and healthy fats.

If we understand that a person chooses a particular diet that fits their needs and desires then these cults get boiled down to their simplest form and that is to avoid eating like sh*t and focus on healthy foods.  It really is that simple.

I will now step down from my pulpit.

Are You A Vegetable Evangelist?

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  1. Schmoodge says:

    Can you imagine how it would go if you told me to step away from the steak or (god forbid) back off the bacon? You provide a solid point of view and are never preachy. Reason #28372828 that I heart you. And also you should know, my lunches are now strictly veggie. I’m moving slowly in that direction. Trying to keep it balanced.

    • Jason Bahamundi says:

      I am going to have to ask you to step away from the bacon, but DO NOT EVER give up coffee……haha! Or at least drawing you ordering a coffee…..

  2. Lindsay says:

    Oh, well that article settles it. No more veggies!!! All M&M’s!!!!! Woo hoo! I’ve never felt pressured by your choice of diet / your opinions of eating / your blog posts on eating. I do think you should promote Mets-fanhood more though.

    • Jason Bahamundi says:

      I read this email just as I was opening up a word doc to type up my review of the Derek Jeter book I just finished reading. That is hilarious.

      Maybe if the Mets ate more plants they would be better?

  3. Rick says:

    Vegetable Evangelist.. this is the first time I’m hearing this label being used. I like it though.

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