22 Days Nutrition Vegetarian Bars Review

vegetarian energy bars reviews

Can you spot the 22 in the image?

A while back I contacted 22 Days Nutrition about doing a review of their Vegetarian bars.  When I got the email back that said they would be happy to send me a sample pack I was thrilled.  Finding energy or protein bars can be difficult when you are trying to eat non processed foods and in addition to that have them be vegetarian was a bonus.

When the box came in I was delighted to see 6 flavors and none remotely close to the other.  It was truly a variety pack.  There were 6 flavors in the box and my wife set her targets on the Daily Mocha Mantra which means I got to taste test the other 5 bars.  Yes, that is the breakdown in our house (5 to 1.)  OK, really I just hoarded them and would not tell her where the box was.

Other than the Daily Mocha Mantra I had the pleasure of reviewing Nut Butter Buddha Crunch, Cherry Chocolate Bliss, Enlightened  Pumpkin Seed (I don’t think Karen saw this one because she loves pumpkin), Goji Mate Firecracker, Fruit Nut Karma.

As my eyes glossed over with delight and my belly roared from hunger I could not figure out which one to try first and the option of eating them all at the same time defeated the purpose of the review.  With that mindset I took my time eating these because I wanted to enjoy each flavor and be able to identify the true characteristics of each one without the other hampering my ability to be an unbiased judge (how is that for verbal vomit?  Wow, I almost sound like an English professor.)

Before I really got into tasting the bars I went to the site to review one last time why they were called 22 Days Nutrition just in case I was to follow something and just to make sure I was not breaking any sort of order.  That is when I found this:


Why why 22 days Days?

Nature’s Power 

We believe that foods made with the finest natural ingredients satisfy not only the body but also the spirit. That’s why we created 22 Days nutritional products, a smart alternative to many of the well-known nutrition products on the market. Our vegan and vegetarian products are specially formulated using raw and organic superfoods, including the exceptional benefits of hemp and rice protein. When you eat well, you live well and the benefits go beyond the individual and can actually positively affect our environment.

Inspiring a New Way 

As part of an overall healthy diet, 22 Days nutrition products are lightly sweetened with organic ingredients and do not contain high fructose corn syrup, gluten or soy. Additionally, these delicious bars and smoothies are free of trans fats, cholesterol and low in sodium. Whether the goal is to improve overall health and fitness levels, or train for a triathlon, 22 Days nutrition products inspire through taste, attitude, and a global conscience, replacing hunger with a healthy habit.

Creating Lasting Change

It was recently discovered that the human mind takes almost exactly 21 days to adjust to a major life change. We applied this principal to helping people live a healthier, more energetic and productive life. At 22days, we are committed to providing the nutrition and the tools to help make a positive and healthy difference everyday.


I smiled the entire time I read it because it coincided with a book I am reading.  It discusses how forming new habits takes 3 weeks and once past that you are in


How about the 22 in this logo?

the clear (kind of) and to have this package land on my doorstep at the same time was great.  I was ready to dig in and see what these bars had for me.

My first taste test was going to be Nut Butter Buddha Crunch.  Nothing says peace and harmony like buddha but throw in a crunchy nut butter and I am there. This was my favorite of the 5 bars that I had.  There was a great texture to it as it held up in the Texas heat.  The flavors were all present and the overall taste was spot on.

I cannot say that I disliked any one bar because they were all very good.  They had the texture of being a bar that was held together with dates but in looking at the ingredients half of them have dates and the other half do not.  It was probably the tapioca that helped these bars keep their shape and not break or melt.

I also took a page out of the Cherry Chocolate Bliss bar and made an overnight oats breakfast that used Chocolate HoneyMilk and Cherries and it was awesome. Now it did not taste like the 22 Days Nutrition Bar but it was good.

I know a lot of my readers want to know about nutrition facts when it comes to food so I am going to supply them for you here.  You will see that each bar is in the mid-200’s in terms of calories and also provides all the other necessary macronutrients that we as endurance athletes need.


Nut Butter Buddha Crunch Nutrition Information


Cherry Chocolate Bill Information


Enlightened Pumpkin Seed Nutritional Information


Fruit Nut Karma Nutritional Information


Goji Mate Firecracker


Daily Mocha Mantra Nutritional Information

One thing I did not do was test these bars out on the bike.  Since they have ~250 calories one could easily chop it into 4 pieces and put it into a bento box and get their nutrition from them.  I believe that the bars would hold up in the heat as well and not be a complete mess when you reached down for one.

My overall recommendation is that these bars are very good.  They have a great taste to them, they have great consistency and they are good for you too.  How can you go wrong?

Now for the fun stuff.  The nice people at 22 Days Nutrition have offered up a free sample to one of my readers.  I am going to make entry into this giveaway very easy.  Tell me you are a follower and what race I am entered into in October.  I will leave the giveaway up for one week which means that it will end at 12pm CST on the 22nd of July.

Thank you for entering and a bigger thank you to 22 Days of Nutrition for allowing me to review their product.


6 Terrific Flavors Being Given Away

Disclaimer:  I asked to review this product and was sent the sample pack free of charge and was not asked nor told to give a positive review in exchange for the bars.  I was not compensated (other than the free sample pack) and do not work for the company.



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  1. Margaret English says:

    I can’t wait to try these bars! Thanks for the review, and you know I’m ALWAYS hungry and willing to help taste test ANYthing :)!!! The race you are signed up for in October is Toyota US Open. I believe you and I officially met for the first time at this race last year? It was my first Oly distance. Well, still my only Oly distance. Guess I need to work on that! If you guys get a room again this year, Joel, the kids and I will do the same :)? Now where’s my free protein bar!??!? Love ya and come find me at Disco, I’m doing Sprint and will be hanging out at My Fit Foods booth!

  2. Jill says:

    Those sound good. I like how low in sodium they are – finding bars with low sodium is hard, I guess sodium is needed for long endurance days but these would be good for like maybe my hike up Mt. Whitney :). I am a follower, of course, and you are entered in a triathlon in October!!! I am so smart! :)

  3. caroline says:

    I am a folloer
    the race in October is Toyota US Open 10.02.11

  4. I FOLLOW NINJA!! YOu are scheduled for the US OPEN toyota championships! Your sched is packed!

  5. Roy S. says:

    I’m following you in Google Reader and on Twitter – and I’m a little jealous that you’re racing the US Open Champs in October.

    • Jason says:

      Roy – registration just opened so come and join me or three weeks later I will be racing 70.3 Longhorn that you can still register for as well.

  6. Toyota US Open. Follower over here. Duh.

    Really would love to try these bars. Am always looking for new bars. Not the kind you drink in, but the kind you eat pre, during and post workout.

  7. Lorelei Ketcherside says:

    I follow you and you’re in the Toyota US Open and would really love to try these bars if they’re vegan. Otherwise my DH would love to try them.

  8. karen says:

    Following! Toyota US Open … I might be a little jealous :)

    • Jason says:

      My question is are you jealous of the race or are you jealous of the fact that Andy Potts will be there? My wife is infatuated with him and we have seen him at 70.3 California and CapTexTri so this will be my third time racing on the same course as him and Karen couldn’t be any happier.

      • karen says:

        OK, it might jealousy over the Andy Potts sighting… ;)

        • Jason says:

          HA HA….Karen (my wife) even high-fived him at 70.3 California. She has my picture in her cube at work and a WALL to Andy….you can see where her commitment lies….LOL!!

  9. runlikeagrrl says:

    They all sound great, especially the nut butter, mocha and cherry ones! I follow you on twitter and FB. You’re doing the US Open Championships and Austin 70.3 in October. Thanks to both you and 22 Days for offering the giveaway!

  10. Jane Addams says:

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    give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of
    providing a quality resource for free. It’s the old what goes around comes
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