Your Season Starts Today

Your season starts today is what has been going through my mind all morning.  It started when I went to the pool for a brisk 2200 yards and during the swim the number 4,5,6 and in that order hit me.  That is what I need to be at in order to have a chance for qualifying for Las Vegas when I race in Puerto Rico.  They kept rolling over in my mind.  With every stroke I thought 4,5,6.  With every breath I thought 4,5,6.  With every yard passing by I thought 4,5,6.

During the 400 yard set I was to be in Zone 2 which should have been around 2:01 but going over those numbers in my head I wound up swimming those 400 yards in 7:40 or 1:55.  Not a big difference in terms of time but it meant I was beginning the 4,5,6 chase.    I finished that set and went to my car with visions of 4,5,6 in my head.  When I get in my car ready to head to Bikram yoga I heard an interview with Tony Gonzalez on ESPN.

Tony Gonzalez was talking to Mike & Mike about retiring after this year and the words that he said echoed inside my car for what seemed like an eternity.  Mr Gonzalez said that he could physically play for another 2-3 years but going to practice and getting ready in February was what has caused him to think of retirement. He said that if he were to win a championship it all started in February.  The off-season is where he made his season and not September through January.

Going to yoga I thought about this and said today is the day that my season starts.  If I want that slot to Vegas I have to make sure that the workouts I do today are what is going to get me there.  4,5,6 starts today it doesn’t start in March at the cannon.  The yoga class was great and every time the instructor asked us to stretch further I interpreted that as taking another inch toward 4,5,6.  It was not an easy class but as every pose passed by I kept reflecting on 4,5,6.  With every breath of the hot air I thought 4,5,6.  As I got dressed and went for a recovery shake I thought this recovery is helping me get to 4,5,6.

Pushing past my comfort zone started when I asked Maria and John to work with me this season.  Pushing past my comfort zone started when I did my swim time trial and gave it all I had.  Pushing past my comfort zone started when I was doing my bike time trial this week and I could feel the bile building up in my throat on the second session.  Pushing past my comfort zone today so that I can race in Las Vegas in September is what I have to do.

This is not a question of maybe I will do this, but more of a statement of me doing it.  I wrote a note on my laptop two weeks after Ironman Arizona with the time 5:10.  Two weeks later I found myself researching what it took at 70.3 Puerto Rico to get to Vegas for the World Championships.  I found out that just at 5:00 in the M40-44 Age Group got you there and so the numbers 4,5,6 are now on my note with the 5:10 crossed out.  It is no longer good enough to give myself some room.  I have to chase my dreams and that starts today.

I am not waiting for Christmas to pass so that I have an excuse to eat everything in sight.  I am not waiting for January 1st so that I can make a resolution.  I am acting today and my resolution come January 1st will be:  KEEP GOING!  4,5,6 is what I need to achieve my dreams but my dreams start today with action.

What Your Goals For 2013?

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  • Scott

    One of my favorite sayings is “Champions are made when no one is watching”

    My goal for racing is to successfully finish IMSW, that is it, nothing else in the endurance world counts for me
    Scott recently posted..A Day of Silence for Sandy HookMy Profile

    • CTER

      That is a great saying and will be a terrific addition to the motivation I am taking in.

      • Scott

        For the first time in my endurance racing “career” my 2013 season success is based on one and one race only, nothing else matters, In the past 6 years, I never had that “self pressure of everything riding on one event”

        Good luck in Puerto Rico

        PS I enjoyed your round table show
        Scott recently posted..A Day of Silence for Sandy HookMy Profile

        • CTER

          I feel the same way in a sense. I want to have a great Puerto Rico and a great IMTX and have nothing scheduled after that which is nice. It is all banking 2013 on the first 5 months and then go from there.

          It feels liberating.

  • Carolina John

    I’m ready to start today too. Had my holiday party from the race production company that I compete in, and it really got me motivated to put on a good season next year. I don’t want to wait until Feb 1 to start ironman training now.
    Carolina John recently posted..Cantata Time! and CTMy Profile

    • CTER

      Boom! If you want it you have to go after it. It’s as simple as that.

  • Maria Simone

    I just spent the better part of my morning plotting out exactly what a 4:56 would look like for you, Jason. I emailed you the scenarios. It’s on like Donkey Kong, my friend. :)

    Now, I need to go bike and run – I’ve got some goals of my own to chase after. My first race of the season is in 3 weeks. ahahahahahahahahah!
    Maria Simone recently posted..Who are you calling old?My Profile

    • CTER

      Donkey Kong? I wonder if any of the young people that read this blog know what that is…..haha!

      I read the email just now and replied to you. Hope you had a blast out there on the road. 3 weeks!

  • Jill

    As always, I love the inspiration I gain from your post. No doubt you’ll work the hardest ever to get that 4.5 and 6. What a great year it’s going to be. Merry Christmas to you, my friend!
    Jill recently posted..Training, Racing, and KneesMy Profile

    • CTER

      Merry Christmas to you as well. I hope all is well out in CO and thank you for the comment. I appreciate it.

  • Patrick Mahoney

    I just asked a 7 year old what Donkey Kong was. He knew. Maria’s in the clear.
    Patrick Mahoney recently posted..It’s Like, Really Cold Right Now.My Profile

    • CTER

      HaHa! Awesome.

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