Sunday, 13 June 2010 18:42

Swim Training……I LOVE IT!!!!

If you have been a reader of my blog you will no doubt have read that when I first started training with Coach C I hated the swim.  And no, HATE is not even the best word to describe how I felt about swimming, but that word hasn't been created yet.  I always thought to myself do 300 and get out.  Never once did I worry about technique or breathing.  Just worried about how fast I could get out of the water and onto the bike or run.  I couldn't stand doing swim training.

Now, I am at the point where it has become a favorite of mine.  I love the training b/c it is so challenging and rewarding at the same time.  Knowing that I could barely swim 300 yards to pushing myself to not only swim 400 yards in a session, but to do it twice and that is the rewarding part.  Yes go and back and forth can be mundane but when I'm done and I sit back and think about what I just did my feelings about swimming explode.  I love it, I loved doing it and I now know I can swim further then I ever thought I could before.

Today I had a 2000 yard training session.  I was to do an inverted pyramid where I would start at 400 and go to 300 then 200 then 100 and back up again starting at 100.  The point was to focus on technique and not worry about speed.  Get the technique right and the speed will follow......can anybody say 'build it and they will come.'

Anyway I started by doing 2x100 warm-up.  At this point in my training I know that those first 100 or 200 yards are going to be the worst.  Getting my body warmed up in the water takes the longest in comparison to warming up while running or biking.

After the warm-up the first 400 went very smoothly.  I finished about 8:30 and took my first 1:00 rest.  I started the 300 and my mind just outboxed my body.  What I am saying is that my mind told me I couldn't do the 300 at this point and so I stopped after 100.  I took about a 2 minute break and psyched myself into the idea that this was nothing.  This 300 was just another sprint tri swim.  And after that I had a simple 4xcontinuous 50 for 200 and then an easy 100.  I also made it a point to sort of punish myself and not give myself that second 100 since I used my mulligan while doing the 300.

Did the 300, then 200, then 100, then 200 then 300.....and in the midst of the 300 I got a cramp in the back of my leg.  I think my body was dehydrated from the wedding shower the night before.  I had a few beers and really the killer was the 2.5 pieces of cake that obliterated my diet.  Fortunately I did not consume many other calories in the form of chips but I did have 2 cookies as well (forgot about those in my email to coach -- selective memory.)

But I never stopped in the 300 as I had used my phone a friend earlier.  I just flexed my foot and kept on swimming.  After that 300 I hit the 400 and about 300 yards into it another cramp hit but again I did not stop and focused on my technique and going even slower.

When I started the session I was about 23 strokes per 25 yards and when I finished I was at 26 strokes per 25 yards.  I was focusing on form and technique and didn't care how long it took me.

I finished up the session with 2x50 and then a 10 minute rest in the spa.  My muscles thanked me for that 10 minutes as I was able to stretch in the spa as well and just relax.

I have now completed my longest swim ever and I can say that the confidence I have in the pool is climbing to an all time high.  I am ready for the next OWS and think that I can do the 600 yards in Lake Grapevine without any problems.  If I have to turn over and float for a bit or do the butterfly to rest up and conserve some energy then that is what I do so long as I keep moving forward and work on sighting.

Tomorrow's workout will be the same as today's and tomorrow's will be better for sure.  For one thing I won't be having all the cake and cookies and beer, but I do have 1/2 of what seems to be a 7lb egg white omelete in the fridge.  I'm not sure getting egg whites with spinach, mushrooms and broccoli is any good when the omelette is tremendous and most likely cooked in butter.  My one buckwheat pancake was very good though and I am full.

Now to enjoy the rest of a fun Sunday with my wife doing jack-nothing.

LOVE IT !!!!!
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Saturday, 12 June 2010 19:52

Back to Training

After enjoying a day off from training and getting off early from work it was back at it this morning.  I didn't sleep all that well and actually set my alarm for 5:04pm instead of 5:04AM so when I woke up at 7:15am I was not happy.  I gathered myself up though and said that I will start around 8am to train and get the anxiousness out of my system.  No reason to be stressed on a ride or run as it defeats the purpose of doing the training.  Training is to be fun and not stressful.

So after having my breakfast and coffee and playing with the dogs I got myself ready and was out the door by 8am.  I was ready to ride hard today and fast.  I had 3 gels in my gear b/c it was to be a 1 hour and 40 minute ride followed by 30 minutes of running.  I wanted to make sure I was properly hydrated and that I had enough calories in my system during the training b/c it was going to get hotter and hotter throughout the ride.

My first mistake was not reading Coach C's instructions again and just went out there.  I thought I was to do 30 seconds of sprints and not 30 seconds of spin-ups.  The difference you might ask is all out in sprinting and spin-ups are gradual increases in pace.  MAJOR MAJOR difference.  So after my 30 seconds of riding in Z2 I went to the newest part of our community.

To my surprise there are no cars over there except for workers and the roads are as straight as an arrow (by the way I want to see Peter Pan....looks like an English version of Gladiator but I digress.)  So once I found these roads I found where I would do my sprint work.  The beauty of this road was not only was it carless but it was also at a slight elevation change for a long haul.  So more difficult in one direction but easier in the other.

The ride became a game for me.  On the uphill sprint I wanted to get to 19.0 MPH and maintain that speed and on the downhill I wanted to get to 29 MPH and maintain that speed.  This was a way for me to trick my brain into thinking that I was not tired, and it worked tremendously.  I was capable of sustaining the uphill speed of 19.0 MPH even with a fairly stiff headwind.

After doing the sprints I rode around for another 30 minutes in Z2 but unfortunately I put my head down at the wrong time and actually hit a parked truck.  The fortunate part was that I was able to swirve my bike out of the way and only hit the truck my my arm.  Nothing jarred and nothing hurt except for my ego.  I got back on the bike and started riding again.  Went towards the apartments that Karen and I used to live in before buying the house and into a new development.  The community was rather nice but I'm glad that Karen and I bought this house and not in that development b/c we did look over there.

I also went down the area where Karen wiped out about a week ago.  She took a hard fall in our neighborhood and gave her Bianchi a good scratch but also gave herself some nice bruising.  She is starting to heal thankfully but I know she hurt herself pretty good.  Last night in talking to Juan (who finished 4th in his age group at the Metroplex Sprint this morning) he told us that he saw a guy wipe out in the same spot as Karen just the other day.  I went down that street on my ride this morning and unfortunately there was a car behind me so I had to do what Karen and the other rider did and my wheel started to slide out from under me as well.  I think there is oil there and your tire just slides out from under you.  I came away unscathed but I know for sure that I won't be going down that road anymore.

Overall I covered 24.21 miles in that 1 hour and 40 minutes and had a max speed of 30.4 MPH.  Average moving speed was 14.3.

After the ride I was to do a 30 minute run with 5 minutes in each of Z1 and Z2.  Coach told me 125-135 and then 135-145 but I probably spent the majority of the time in Z2.  I ended up running 2.19 miles in that 30 minutes for an average pace of 13:28.  What I found out during this run though that is a huge help is that by counting my cadence and ensuring that I was at 21+ for 15 seconds that my HR dropped and dropped dramatically.  Instead of shuffling b/c I think that is how I cam going to slow myself down the proper way to do it is to make sure that your cadence is high so you are essentially taking quicker steps but this makes you focus on that and not your speed.  Learn something new everyday in training.

After my training and much needed shower it was time to go to RBM.  Why you might ask?  Well I kept thinkign that during these longer and longer rides I am going to need hydration.  I wanted to get a hydration system for my bike and also wanted to make sure that nothing happened to the bike on the slight crash into the parked truck.

While I was there I also wanted to make sure that I was situated properly on the bike and that my aero bars were correct.  During Grapevine I kept feeling like I had to reach to change gears and that I would focus on that and not the ride.

I also wanted to do something nice for Karen and that was to get the new tape that we got her put on.  We bought her the Celeste tape from Bianchi.  Celeste is a color that is equivalent to turqouise but you can essentially only buy it online from Bianchi.  I found it online on eBay.  Cost much less as well.

So while Karen's bike was getting the new tape I was getting re-fitted.  I also had them put new water bottle cages ont the back of the bike and they are awesome.  They are black with red accent stripes and match the bike perfectly.

I got fitted again and they also adjusted my cateye so I was looking up and not straight down at the computer while on a ride and potentially crashing into something again.

Here are Karen's new bars with the new tape.  It looks awesome and matches the bike perfectly.

So now that all the training for the day is over I am getting ready for a barbeque this evening.  Karen and I are hosting a wedding shower at our house for Jill and Cary.  We are expecting about 30 people and while we did 90% of everything yesterday now is a matter of doing the small things to make this a success for our friends.

Before going to bed tonight I will read Coach's instructions and make sure that I'm doing them perfectly.

Time to relax and enjoy the day and make sure that I keep the balance of life/work/training in order.  Training was done this morning and now onto life.

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Thursday, 10 June 2010 14:22

Physical Fatigue and Mental Fatigue

I am just about finished with my 5th week of training.  I have less then 300 days until Ironman 70.3 California and I started wondering today about physical and mental fatigue.  300 days is a long ways away and training 6 days a week can lead to fatigue both for the body and the mind.

The one thing that I trust the most about my training is that Coach C knows what she is doing.  I have nothing but the most complete trust and faith in her methods.  They have to work, just look at her accomplishments.  They are amazing and something that I would love to tout in the future.

So while on some days it is harder to wake up then others I know that once I get started I am going to finish strong and that will help build my mental toughness.  They call these endurance sports and really it is tough to endure physically but more then anything else you have to become mentally tough.  You have to know in your mind that you can do something b/c you did it during training.

I have a long swim coming up on Sunday.  I am doing several long, easy sets.  I am starting out at 400 and doing a pyramid down to 100 and then back up with 1:00 RI.  In the past I would have looked at that and said is Coach kidding me?  Now I look at it and wonder what is the warm-up, what is the cool down.  Is it only 2000 yards?  I am getting more and more tough in my mind when it comes to the pool.

Today I did ILT (Isolated Leg Training) to become stronger in each leg while peddaling on the bike.  I ran 4 miles in Z1, not just to help build my treshold for running but to also develop the mental toughness of having to run that slow,  It is not easy to run in Z1 or Z2 but you fight through it so that you can say that you did it.  When you get out on the course and hit a hill and it is difficult and you feel like you are slowing down you can tell yourself it's not a big deal as it is nothing more then Z1 that you are in and you can then push yourself once you crest.

I know along this trail of getting prepared for California I will hit bumps in the road but it is the athlete you can smooth out those peaks and valleys that will be better on race day.  I started this training by saying that nobody would train harder then I do, and while I still believe that I have added that nobody will train harder or smarter then I do.  When I don't want to wake up at 4:00am to go to the gym to swim 1900 yards I repeat that mantra.  I know there are people out there doing it, but they don't work out at my gym and getting to be the best in this area at what I do is my goal.  By notching 2nd overall at Grapevine I proved to myself that all the hours of sleep 'lost' and time at the gym and in the pool has paid off and will continue to pay off.

Also, because of beign able to work from home I have been able to find quite a few helpful techniques which will help me be more efficient and a smarter triathlete.  For example I found a video that shows the proper technique for hand placement when entering the water and I can't wait to try it out.  It coincides with the scull work I have been doing and beign able to add one and one together is going to help me get better and faster without really doing anything more then adjusting your hand placement.  Amazing, and that is what keeps me coming back to the pool or to the gym to lift when I don't think I have anything left.

Coach told me that she has entered a 70.3 trying to win it.  I am amazed by this because she decided to do it essentially at the drop of a hat.  I know I have planned California in April and would love to do Buffalo Spring in June and then another at the end of the year, but I want to be in such shape that I can say I am doing this event in one month without blinking.

Getting stronger physically will allow me to make those kinds of decisions and getting stronger mentally will make it happen.  I have already started to see that type of change.  There is a Tri Rock series on the 12th of September, but I'm already registered for the Old College Tri on Sept 5 and then the Jailbreak on Sept 19th.  But in all honesty why not do a sprint tri on the 12th with OWS to get used to the feel prior to Toyota on October 10th.  Of course I have the Martindale Triathlon on the 30th of October, but that is not an important race and will be nothing but fun.

As Coach says.....these races are like a drug.  Only difference is that this high leads me to a better more efficient lifestyle and hopefully the goal of living 'forever' as opposed to the other drugs that suck the life out of you.
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Wednesday, 09 June 2010 13:59

Keep on Swimming – June 9th, 2010

Today my training session called for 1900 yards in the pool.  I remember when I was 'training' for the first Tri Grapevine and I would do 300 and haul out of the pool area.  No way that water was going to keep me in there.  I was out after 300 and time to get on the bike and run.  Now I look forward to swimming and I was really looking forward to today.

The training for today was a 300y W/U followed by 8x50 (25 drill, 25 swim.)  After that I was to do 5x100 with declining times.  The first easy and then faster and faster.  Rest for 1 to 2 minutes then do 3x100 at the same pace as the last 100 from the previous set.  A 200 steady kick and a 200 W/D.

The 300 W/U was excellent.  Just told my head that it was 6x50 and take your time, no rush and not a race.  I did the 300 and did not feel tired one bit.

For the 8x50 drills I did catch-up, pull bouy, finger-drag, fist, kick, LT, front scull and paddles.  Always doing the 2nd 25 felt so much faster.

Then came time for the 5x100s.  I did the first 100 in 2:07 and the 2nd at the same time.  The third was a big improvement to 2:02.60 followed by 2:01.89 and then 2:02.39.

I took my 2 minute rest and started the set of 3x100.  The first 100 was done in a whopping 1:57 but the next two were at 2:06 each.  I was not happy with the last 100 and actually slapped the water when I was done.  This is the competitor in me.  I felt like I was pushing myself to get faster throughout the 100 and my HR told me I was b/c when I stopped my watch it said my HR was 160.  I was just not going faster and this leads to Coach's mantra that no matter how fast you think you are going you are not going to be fast if your technique is not good.  And there in lies the secret.  My technique had to flawed somewhere in those last 2 sets of 100 where it must have been near perfect in the first 100.  I can't recall having issues with them other then pushing to hard and thus must have been rushing the stroke and not gliding on the recovery enough.

The hardest part was the final 200.  I used my flippers for the 200y kick and I got a cramp in my toes.  I obviously don't know how to use them properly, so when I went to do my cool down I had cramps in my toes and it made it difficult.  At around 125 yards the cramping went away and I finished the final 75 as strong as I started the 300.

Great training session and most important is that I learned a few things:
1- Swimming is all about technique and not strength or brawn.
2- I can swim 300 yards cold and complete 1900 total
3- I am no longer afraid of the swim or long distances and actually want to swim long distances.
Personal Notes:
1- It looks as if our Upfront is nearing an end.  After about a week of super late hours of work and training followed by early wake up calls for training there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Getting back to a somewhat regular routine will be huge.  I get my rest in during lunch with a 30 minute nap usually though so I do feel refreshed throughout the day.

2- Hopefully today I can take my step-son to dinner since Wednesday is Man's Day for us.  I take him to school and dinner and it is a great bonding experience for us.  Teachs him that Mom doesn't always have to be in the other room, while teaching me patience in dealign with a 4 year old.  He is better at his lesson then I am right now.

3- Less then 300 days to IM 70.3 CA.

4- Today is my sister's birthday and exactly one week from today is her son's birthday.  Happy Birthday to both of you and the cards will go in the mail today.  HOPEFULLY!!!!!  I'll try not to forget.  I already sent a text to my sister.

5- Time to really plan the party we are having this weekend for my friend Jill and her fiance Cary.  We are having their wedding shower at our house.  The backyard is all setup and ready to go so it it now the time to determine food and everything that goes with a party.

6 - Read #3 again.......Less then 300 days.  Yee-Haa!!!!!  I should tell my mother to plan a trip out there as well with us so I can have my family with me when I cross that finish line with my hands up high.
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For anybody reading this and has no idea what I do for a living I'm about to tell you.  I work for a company called ITN Networks based out of New York City.  I am a VP in the Planning Dept and directly in charge of the news division.  What this means is that if a client wants to run commercials during a local newscast it has to go through my team to make the decision of whether or not it is profitable for our company.

Every year we go through what is known as the upfront.  The upfront is a period of time in the Spring/Summer where about 80% of the next broadcast year's inventory is sold.  After that is done with any inventory sold thereafter is sold in what is called the scatter marketplace.

This year the upfront looks to be like upfronts of the past where you work tremendously late hours and hectic days for about two weeks and then it is all done.  The past few years have been normal workdays but the upfront lasted almost until the start of the 4th quarter.  The hectic lifestylf is not a lof of fun, but you know it will be shortlived.

So last night was the start of our upfront.  And in typical fashion you do a lot of hurry up and wait.  So I worked until 9:30pm last night (fortunately I live in Dallas, while my co-workers got done at 10:30 EST) and headed right to the gym.  I know I could have stayed home, and done the strength/core on Friday morning, but I wanted to get a release of endorphins.  I wanted to stay on track and I just really needed to get away from my laptop.

The 3 mile run to warm-up was easy and my breathing was fairly consistent.  I don't think I went over 150 on my HR.  This is just to get loose.

After that it was time to hit the weights.  I got right to it and decided b/c of time to incorporate core in between sets and to do core for :30.  This meant I was going to be working hard since I was not going to stop.

I was sweating up a storm and working tremendously hard on my form and my breathing.  I also started to incorporate super sets.  I incorporated lateral dumbell raises, push-ups and alternating tricep extensions into one superset.  I was breathing heavy after that set.

Following :30 after that I did backward lunges with bicep curls.  My arms were never more fatigued even though I was using lighter weight and I was essentially panting at this point and needed a litte extra time before I got to the squat rack.

I got home around 11pm and I was wide awake as my body had just gone through a tough workout and the endorphins were racing.  Finally got to sleep around 11:30p, but fortunately this morning's workout was not going to start until 6:30pm.

Thursday, June 3rd's workout was going to be short in duration.  A 30 minute bike ride followed by a 15 minute run.

The bike ride as described by Coach C as HARD.  This means that I am pushing my limits and staying at an elevated HR and essentially mimicking race speed.

I went as hard as I could for 30 minutes with one thing going through my head which was don't get any dead spots.  By that I meant that I always wanted to feel as if my pedal strokes had something behind them and not just spinning my legs.  I averaged about 95 RPM and finished at a speed of 19.0 MPH and covered 9.36 miles.  I was so pumped b/c it felt great and while my legs were a little tired by the end I think I can keep up that pace for a lot longer.  Not to mention that at 19.0 MPH that is 2.5 MPH faster then the tri at Grapevine last year.

Once off the bike it was time for an easy 15 minute run.  I would up covering 1.56 miles in that 15 minutes so I was going faster then 10min/mile and my HR was at 150 which is really good.  I know I could go faster and longer then that since I was not really pushing myself.

I have to say that after one month of training it is all paying off.  I can feel my body getting stronger and leaner.  I can see the endurance and the speed both building at the same time.  The best decision I have ever made when it comes to my fitness was to decide on doing a 70.3/140.6 and hiring Coach C.  Great results after the first 4 weeks and I'm looking forward to the next 4.

Rest day tomorrow and then race day on June 5th.
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I took yesterday off to spend time around the house and enjoy a day off from work.  I needed the time as we are entering our busiest time of the year.  The past few years this time has taken months to complete but when I first started in the business it was a couple of weeks.  This year the powers that be are projecting it to be a couple of week type scenario.  I work on the planning side of television advertising.  My main focus is to make sure that we are buying commercial air time at a cost that is less then what we sold it at and at the same time letting our sales staff know what they can sell it at and letting our buying staff know what they can pay for it.  It is a balancing act and all about efficiency, similar to triathlon training.

Yesterday was Memorial Day and I want to say Thank You to all the soldiers in today's military and to those who served before them and gave the ultimate sacrifice which is their life.  I am away from my family for maybe 2 hours at any given time training so I know it would be hard to be away for an extended period of time.  Thank You.

Now while I did not blog that does not mean that I did not train.  I had a training session in the AM for a pyramid swim then a strength/core workout in the PM.  This morning I had a 60 minute interval ride followed by a 30 minute run.

Yesterday's pyramid swim was to be 200 W/U, 50, 100, 150, 200, 200, 150, 100, 50, 100 W/D.  The pyramid portion was to be at a 2:00min/100meter pace and I was fairly close.  Here are my paces:

50 - 58seconds
100 - 2m00s
150 - 3m05s
200 - 4m18s
200 - 4m28s
150 - 3m23s
100 - 2m12s
50 - 1m05s

Fairly close to the desired pace and better as the distances got shorter.  Overally I swam 1300 yards and did not feel fatigued at all.  My right shoulder was a tad sore when I woke up, and most likely from swimming in the open water and getting used to different muscles being used.

The strength/core was great.  I warm up with a 30 minute or 3 mile run (whichever comes first.)  I was able to keep my HR down and complete the 3 mile run in under 30 minutes which is great b/c that means that my fitness is improving and my body felt great throughout the run.

The strength was awesome.  I combined a lot of core work b/t the strength sets and also changed it up a bit by doing my push-up sets right after the tricep extension sets to get a sort of total burn in the bicep area.  It worked.  I was panting and huffing and puffing throughout the push-up sets and my 2nd set of tricep extensions I could barely do 8 on each arm.

This morning was a bike/run brick.  The bike was to be 20 minutes of 90+ cadence with a HR in Z3 and then 10x1 minute intervals with HR in Z4 and RPMs at 90+ followed by a cool down of 20 minutes with 90+ cadence and HR in Z2-Z3.  It was a great workout and my legs felt tired after each interval but the recovery was great and ready to push through again.  I got through 17.56 miles at an average pace of 17.6 MPH and an avg HR of 146.  I'm very psyched for the bike portion of the tri this weekend.

After the ride, it was a 30 minute run.  I had my HR monitor set to Z3 and Z4 so that I could run without looking or hearing my HRM.  It was a faster run then normal with a pace of 9:14 but my avg HR was only 149.  I could feel my body not getting fatigued so running at the faster pace was great although the HR was slightly higher then it should have been, but all in all a great workout.

Coach C has swithced us to and it is great b/c it contains so much information and Coach can just log in and see how we are doing with our training.  You have to download the Garmin files to upload them to but it is not necessary to email her all your data now.  It is all right there for her to look at.  You can even put in your weight, how many hours of sleep, stress, etc so that Coach gets a great feel for how you are doing.

Here is a sample of my training from today:      Jason Bahamundi 6-1-10

Had a great Memorial Day weekend and not back to the bump and grind.

One last shout out to my wife Karen for registering for her first full marathon in December.  You are going to be awesome.  I will sign up later today for it.
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Friday, 28 May 2010 16:15

Breathing While Swimming

As any reader of this blog knows, swimming has been my biggest weakness but I'm getting better and better.  I try to read as much about swimming as possible so that the weakest link becomes just as strong as my cycling and running.

Here is a list of articles on practicing breathing, breating efficiently and effortlessly, etc while swimming and all of them will help you to improve your swimming.

These articles can be found on
Breathing While Swimming
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I WILL.....

This is a great article about the will of a NYC Firefighter who was crushed by a bus but had the will to survive and carry on and compete in Ironman Lake Placid.

An inspiration to all of us

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Coach C won her Xterra Trail Running event this past weekend in Waco, Texas.  She not only won the femail division but placed second overall.  Amazing Job Coach!!!!  An inspiration to all your athletes.

Here is the article about the race:     Xterra Trail Running - May 22nd, 2010 Article

Here is the video from the race:     Xterra Trail Running - May 22nd, 2010 Video
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Monday, 24 May 2010 13:58

Creating Distraction to Clear My Mind

Yesterday was a long day of training as Sunday has become but it was still great to workout.  The day started out with going to Katy Trail (Katy Trail) and doing an easy 8 mile run.  Karen and I picked up Barabara around 7am and headed down there.  It is a gorgeous path that is a 3.5 mile out and back for a total of 7 miles that is flat going out and uphill on the way back, but a terrific spot to run and plenty of people out there getting in shape.

So I have to keep my HR b/t 135 and 145 during these easy runs.  I have my Garmin set to alert me when I go above 152 which would be too high, but I get paranoid and try to keep it down to 145 so I end up looking at my watch so often that I forget about running and worry that my HR is going up.  As an example during the run I got lost in my own head and forgot about the HRM.  It never beeped to alert me that my HR was too high but I glanced at it and I was going at a 9:38 pace with a HR at 138.  I was cruising and not working hard at the same time.  Once that happened though it kept lookign at my watch thinking that I was going to fast and sure enough the HR started to spike.

After emailing Coach C about this she gave me advice that basically said that I need to listen to my body as that is what the HRZ training is all about.  It's about learning your body and what your body can do without all the gizmo's and gadgets.

After the run I went and picked up my buddy Juan (who is also a triathlete) and we went to watch the Rangers-Cubs.  The seats were perfect and the game was very good.  HRs hit by both teams and pitching settled down but in the end the Rangers could not mount enough offense to overcome the 4 run 1st inning and they lost.

Came home and sat down for an hour before heading to the gym for my Sunday evening swim session.  The session started out great, but then came the fist stroke.  The drill I despised the most.  I always feel like I'm drowning and never doing it right.  Seems just like swimming when I first started out but now I enjoy it and can go long distances without tiring as much as I used to.  Anyway get through the fist stroke and I mean it that way to move on.  My goggles have been bothering me lately as they feel as if they are crushing my face so I tried to adjust them.  Get ready for the 200 and water gets in them.  Stop after 25 to adjust and snap goes the strap.  Now I'm flustered, but as I figured out later I was just making excuses to not do the 200 straight through.  It seems as though I have gotten efficient at the 50 and 100 that I don't want to push myself to the 200.  I finished by doing 125 straight and then 75 straight to complete the 200 total.

After the swim is over I email Coach C about the strap disaster and the fist stroke.  She tells me to learn to love the fist stroke and to always have extras of everything.  Sneakers for running, goggles, socks and have it all in separate bags and leave one in your car so you are always ready to train.  Great ideas and why I hired a coach in the first place.

So this morning I was going to embrace my distrcation and my inner fist stroke.  My warm-up consisted of 4x50s with :20 RI and then onto the drills.  The fist stroke is usually after the kick and this time I started to struggle again until around 15 yards and then it all sunk in.  I embraced my inner Fist Stroke and started to glide and really focused on form.  I wasn't going fast but I wasn't sinking and I felt good.  50 yards of Fist Stroke completed without totally hating it.  Breakthrough.

After 4 sets of 100 it was time to face the 200.  I broke up the 200 in my own mind into 2 sets of 100.  So now it was not a big deal as I just did 4 sets of it.  I started out slow and focused on gliding in the water and not pushing so hard as there were 200 yards of this to do.  After the first 100 intead of couting 125, 150, etc I started back at 25 and I got through that 100 easy.  After the 200 was over I fist-pumped and said to myself you just did it and you aren't breathing hard and you could have handled 300 if not more.  Totally fired up and love seeing the progress on the swim.

Strength/Core workout this evening.  Thinking that 50% of the weight is going to be used for shoulders and back since I have swam 3300 yards in less then 12 hours and I can feel the tiredness there, which is good b/c it is not fatigue.
I have been recommending Coach C to anybody interested in working with a coach b/c I think she has made me a better athlete in just two weeks and certinaly more organized.  I have also carried it over into my personal life in terms of being more efficient at work, as a husband, as a step-father and friend.  Life is easier when you are able to be efficient at what you do an focus your energy in the right spots.

A friend of ours has emailed her and gotten the forms that usually starts the process of hiring Coach C.  Another friend of mine emailed me yesterday after I gave Coach C a shout out on my FB page about how well the training is going.  Maybe he will hire her as well.

I get satisfaction out of the idea that others are willing to train to get themselves healthy and to try to accomplish different feats.  I think it is important that we all try to live a healthy lifestyle that incorporates working out.

On Katy Trail on Sunday I saw some people that were overweight but they gave me great motivation.  Here they were trying to better their lives.  Instead of cowering in the corner, then are going out and attacking life.  Telling life that they are going to live their lives and not hide from it.  I think it's great and anything I can do to help them life a healthy lifestyle I am going to do.  And that is why I blog. 

I don't always have great training days but I work at them.  I work at getting better and if it is the worst workout at least I'm doing something and keeping moving and I want all those to know that it isn't always easy but the results are always worth it.  If not physically, then mentally.

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