Ending the Year With A (Virtual) 70.3

Ending the Year With A (Virtual) 70.3

Lucas over at The Super Fatlete is putting on a virtual 70.3 race that started on 12/20 and ends on Christmas Eve.  What a great way to keep the competitive juices flowing and training through the holidays.

Today he announced a catch to this virtual race of his.  The catch was that if you ate cookies, brownies, cake or pie you were penalized.  Another great way to avoid the sweets although the penalty is 1:00 for 3 cookies.  Depending on where I am at in terms of time on at 11:30pm on 12/24 I might take that one minute penalty.

So the concept is to get in 1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of biking and 13.1 miles of running in this timeframe.  He has a spreadsheet all set up for you to input your times, distances and dates as well as those sweets.  Does all the calculating for you.  Easy Peasy.

So on Monday I had a swim session that got me the 1.2 miles followed by a 90 minute trainer work out.  Guess who skipped that and is now thinking I can't get to the 56 miles on the bike.  I have a 90 minute trainer workout today but that will likely net me around 20 miles on the trainer as I am slow on the trainer.

Yesterday I ran 6.2 miles but let me be clear on the miles.  My training called for a 10-15 minute warm-up followed by 12x400m with :90 RI at 6:06 to 6:10/mile pace and then a 10 minute cool-down.  Here in Texas it was an un-winter like 80+ degrees.  I went to the track at lunch and as we all know the track is hotter.  I put up 1.5 miles in the warm-up and then time for the 400s.

The first one was done at sub-6 pace and so was the second one.  I couldn't tell what the Garmin was telling me so I just kept at it.  After that I was in debt and my pace slowed down starting with #4 as #3 was done at 6:03.  #4 through #12 was around 6:28 pace.  It was at set #8 that I almost lost my lunch and thought only two more you can do it.  It wasn't until I was done with #8 that I realized I had to to for 4 more and not 2 more.  Each set after that was followed by hands on knees, breathing heavy and virtually puking all over the ruby reds.  I pushed through it and finished.  I began my cool-down and walked one lap.  I got around to walking the 2nd lap and when I was done I realized I could just add 0.2 miles more and make it an even 10K.

I have more running to do tomorrow so I know I will get to the 13.1 miles on the run and just need to push the trainer today to get that 56 miles in.

There is some stiff competition in this race that I know of so I need to really push it.

Good luck to my fellow competitors and keep up the good work through the holdiays.
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