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Running in the rain is a wonderful experience, but running in a pure downpour?  With thunder?  Lightning? Well let's just say it was just as good.  I had a great time running 16 miles today and I can't say that is something that I say often but today it was awesome. I went out to White Rock Lake with Karen and a good friend Adam.  Adam has been training for the past few weeks for a 5K and he has really been pushing himself.  He is doing hill training, interval training, fartleks, track training.....you name it he is doing it and it h...

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201Ironman: Prepare YourselfThis is a video I found on http://www.201ironman.blogspot.com/ and helps answer any questions that you may have regarding why one would put themselves through the training, the mental fatigue, the physical fatigue, the nutrition watching and everything else that goes with becoming an Ironman.