Friday, 04 September 2015 14:02

Recipe: DIY Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee entered my life a bit over a month ago and since then I have become somewhat addicted to coffee being made this way, especially after an intense and tough training session. I have found that cold brew coffee has given me energy faster than I have experienced before. Typically I will combine cold brew coffee with a San Pellegrino-Nuun Hydration combination and my body feel revived within moments.

Of course, Starbuck's is what started this cold brew addiction and as anybody knows when Starbuck's is involved that means that you have to take out a loan to continue to consume their beverages. With that in mind I decided to do some research and see how I could make cold brew at home. What I found out is that it is easy BUT it takes a long time to brew coffee with this method so advance planning is needed.

The key to making cold brew is good coffee beans because that will make a difference but also knowing the proper water to coffee ratio. I have made cold brew four times in the past two weeks and the best combination is 32 ounces of water to 5 HEAPING tablespoons of coffee grinds. With that ratio and 12 hours you too can enjoy cold brew at home.

Cold Brew Start

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