Navy Bean And Black Bean Burgers With Smashed Butternut Squash Recipe Of The Week

Navy Bean And Black Bean Burgers With Smashed Butternut Squash Recipe Of The Week

Navy beans are not something I cook with frequently and since I am an honest blogger that word should be never.  I picked up some dry navy beans a few months ago and used them when making a dish that included parsnips and mofongo thinking that I could make a black and white dish.  When I had them then I really enjoyed the taste and they seemed to quick much quicker than red kidney beans.  Recently while wandering the aisles of Sprout's Market I saw the bulk bin of navy beans and figured I would pick some up.  What I was going to do with them I had no clue but always having dry beans in your pantry is a good, make that great idea. After racing Ironman Texas I went on an all you can eat binge.  On Sunday after the race I consumed a mexican egg breakfast, a french toast breakfast and a chocolate-chocolate chip muffin.  I followed that up with a dessert of a vegetable omelet.  What can I say I just finished racing an Ironman!!!!!  That was going to be the last of the big meals as I have decided to join a 21 day sugar detox that started on Monday May 20th.  I will blog about this more next Monday, but knowing this was coming I had to figure out how to use what I had in my pantry before going grocery shopping again and also make sure there were no hidden added sugars.  As I was staring at the shelves I noticed the black beans.  I figured a black bean burger topped with a fried egg would be a great way to end Monday night.  As I poured out the beans into the measuring cup I came up short.  I still had the navy beans though and so I combined them with the black beans and came up with the navy and black bean burgers.  Before I give you the recipe here are some of the health benefits of navy beans:

Health Benefits Of Navy Beans

  • Navy beans are full of dietary fiber that helps prevent constipation, and keeps digestive disorders, like irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis, at bay.
  • Navy beans have been found to reduce the risk factor for heart attack, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease.
  • Navy beans are full of complex carbohydrates that provide the brain and muscles with a stable supply of energy.
  • Navy beans help balance blood sugar levels in the body, while providing steady, slow-burning energy.
  • Navy beans prove to be a good source of iron, while being low in calories and almost fat-free.

[recipe] Nutritional Information (with 100g Red Cabbage): 250 calories, 37g Carbs, 5g Fat, 15g Protein, 13g Fiber

Do You Use Navy Beans In Your Diet?

How Do You Incorporate Them In Your Meals?

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