Polenta Lasagna - A New Take On An Old Classic

Polenta Lasagna - A New Take On An Old Classic

Polenta lasagna was inspired by a post I saw on PBS Food and knew within moments that I had to make this. Polenta lasagna is quite a bit different than your typical lasagna in that there are no noodles or red gravy. The dish that I created was 100% vegan where as your typical lasagna has cheese and lots of it. Even a vegetarian lasagna may have cheese in it but the polenta lasagna I created was dairy, gluten and wheat free. The beauty in making this dish was its simplicity while delivering big flavor. The original recipe is called Semolina Gnocchi Stuffed With Asparagus but unfortunately I did not have any semolina laying around. The recipe does say that you can use cornmeal but when I thought of using that I couldn't get my mind away from it being just a bit gritty the way a good cornmeal muffin should be. I decided to use polenta since it is after all corn, just corn grits and I absolutely love the taste and texture of polenta. I happen to think that polenta is very versatile and that it would stand up to being in the broiler for a few minutes and still have that creamy texture on the inside. As a side note I think that this dish would even be good if you used risotto. Armed with polenta, asparagus, crimini mushrooms and almond milk it was time to get to making the polenta lasagna. My biggest concern now was limiting the amount that I made because I did not want to make too much and have it taste awful. Fortunately for me the recipe came out very tasty and still yielded 2 servings. I can see future polenta lasagnas in my kitchen but with various stuffings including eggplant and tomato or a mashed sweet potato and rosemary filling.....ok be right back as I have to write out that recipe so I don't forget it. I'm back.....did you miss me or did you skip all of this and go straight to the polenta lasagna recipe? OK, OK.....here it is. [recipe] [caption id="attachment_8366" align="aligncenter" width="553"]polenta lasagna - vegan - recipe - healthy Vegan Polenta Lasagna Stuffed With Asparagus And Mushrooms[/caption] This polenta lasagna takes a bit longer than my typical recipe but the end result is worth the wait. A creamy interior with the crunch of perfectly cooked asparagus and mushrooms all topped with a crusty exterior. I don't drink wine but I would think that a good white wine would go very well with this dish.

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