Vegan Buffalo Wings And Dipping Sauce Recipe

Vegan Buffalo Wings And Dipping Sauce Recipe

Vegan buffalo wings were one of the first things I needed to figure out how to make when I decided to go plant-based.  For me the smell of the hot sauce accompanied by the creamy cooling effect of the bleu cheese dressing was going to be the one item I missed the most and so it was imperative that I be able to make vegan buffalo wings and make them fast.  The first time I made them I was in heaven.  They had the aroma and flavor but what surprised me the most of this vegan version was the texture.  I used tempeh along with the buffalo wing sauce I had learned to make years and years ago. Over time I have used tempeh in various versions but had completely forgotten about how much I loved vegan buffalo wings.  That was until I saw Sarah from Fresh Fit N Healthy posted a picture of her version to Instagram and that got me to the grocery store to pickup some tempeh and get prepared to make my version for lunch.

As I was getting ready to make the vegan buffalo wings I thought about the dipping sauce.  I am not eating cheese these days so how do I get to the bleu cheese dipping sauce?  I decide to use coconut yogurt and add a little bit of ranch (not dressing but the dry ingredients) to it and see how that went.  As it turned out it was good in terms of cooling down the heat but it was not that tangy bleu cheese that accompanies chicken wings.  I need to work on that recipe a bit but I will get there. Here is the recipe for the Vegan Buffalo Wings: [recipe]  

Do You Have A Favorite Vegan Buffalo Wings Recipe?

How About A Vegan Bleu Cheese Recipe?

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