Vegan Enchiladas Recipe - 100% From Scratch

Vegan Enchiladas Recipe - 100% From Scratch

As you know I run a feature called the Frugal Grocer and I need to create meals based on what I have in my refrigerator or pantry and nothing else.  I can be found searching the internet for various types of meals and usually go to Food Republic on a daily basis.  From their site Food Republic is founded on the idea that guys everywhere are putting food at the center of their lives like never before. This is the site for men who want to eat and drink well, and to live smart. I originally found a recipe for Rigatoni ai Carciofi because I have all the ingredients except for the packed artichoke hearts.  I do have a fresh artichoke heart in the fridge and may still make it but I had wanted to do something else with it.  That is when the recipe God's smiled upon me and showed me this Spinach and Mushroom Enchilada recipe. After looking at the recipe closely I knew I had all the ingredients except for how to make the Tomato Salsa with Chipotle and Habanero Chiles.  What I did have was tomato sauce, tomato paste, chipotle sauce (no peppers) and Habanero.  I also had avocados and tomatillos and one of my favorite items to make is a homemade salsa verde.  With all of this swirling around in my head I got to work on creating my own version of their recipe. Here is my recipe for each of the portions of the meal:

Spinach And Mushroom Enchiladas Plus Vegetable Enchiladas


Ingredients: 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, 1 Tbsp Canola Oil, 5 Tbsp Water


  • In food processor add whole wheat flour and pulse to reduce the amount of flour tossing.
  • Combine water and oil in a measuring cup to make it easier to pour.
  • Drizzle in a bit of water/oil combination at first and pulse, then turn on and slowly stream in water.
  • Dough will become a ball and that is when you stop.
  • Sprinkle a little flour on a working surface and cut dough into 3 sections.
  • Roll out each section and place on separate each tortilla with wax paper and set aside.

Spicy Tomato Sauce: Ingredients: 8oz can Tomato Sauce, 6oz can Tomato Paste, 3 Habanero Chiles, 4oz Roasted Red Peppers Directions:

  • In food processor combine all ingredients and turn on until completely combined.  Approximately 2 minutes.
  • Pour into separate bowl and set aside

Spicy Tomatillo Avocado Sauce:   Ingredients: 1 Medium Jalapeno, 1 Small Avocado, 3 Small Tomatillos Directions:

  • In food processor combine all ingredients and turn on until completely combined.  Approximately 2 minutes.
  • Pour into separate bowl and set aside

Enchilada Filling: Ingredients: Filling 1: 1 bunch of spinach leaves, 1 bunch of turnip green leaves, 8 crimini mushrooms (chopped) Filling 2: 1/2c Zucchini (chopped), 10 Asparagus stalks (chopped), 1/2 Medium Green Bell Pepper (chopped), 1/2 Medium Yellow Bell Pepper (chopped) Dry Seasonings for both:  Cumin, Coriander Seed, Garlic Powder, Paprika, Chile Powder Oil: 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil separated Directions:

  • In separate medium-sized pans heat up 1 Tbsp coconut oil until melted.
  • Add the mushrooms to one pan and cook until golden brown and then add greens until they wilt down
  • In second pan add in remaining vegetables and cook until just tender.

Final Step:

  • Preheat oven to 350*
  • In a baking pan cover bottom with spicy tomato sauce
  • On griddle place tortillas and cook until the firm up a bit.
  • Remove from griddle and place filling and roll up tortillas and place in baking pan.
  • Place pan in oven and cook for 10 minutes or until edges of tortillas begin to crisp up a bit.
  • Plate the enchiladas along with remaining sautéed vegetables.
  • Top enchiladas with spicy tomatillo/avocado sauce and enjoy.


Jason Bahamundi

About the Author:

I grew up in New York and lived there for 34 years until I got divorced and moved 1600 miles to my new home in Texas.  I love New York and miss it but that does not mean that Texas hasn’t been great to me because it has.  It was here that I discovered endurance sports and specifically the sport of triathlon.  Triathlon has given me new life through all the challenges it presents.  I no longer look at life the same way and I can say that is in part due to my endeavor into this sport.

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