This Is Not A #Rage Free Zone

Rage was welling up inside of me yesterday and then like Mount Vesuvius (I am not sure if this is a 'working' volcano but the metaphor works) I erupted.  On Wednesday night I got into an Instagram conversation about the whole theory of carb-loading.  It was late and I went to bed thinking that Thursday was going to be a great day.  I woke up and sure enough it started out well and then quickly began to fill with rage.  Rage to the point that I am going to have to boycott Competitor Magazine and their Rock and Roll series of races.  Let's get into the three Rage Filled Rants on this gloomy and rainy Friday here in Dallas.

Rage #1: BBWAA and the HOF

I am a big baseball fan that to the point I refer to myself as a baseball nerd.  The game is long and can be quite boring at times but I am enthralled with all the numbers that baseball brings to my life.  Calculating OPS, BA, WAR, WHIP, ERA and all the other stats fills me with joy.  Ever since I was a young pup running around baseball diamonds in New York I was enamored with baseball and its numbers. Baseball's numbers were an easy way to compare today's players to yesteryear's players.  The numbers that Babe Ruth put up in his career are still compared to the numbers being put up by Miguel Cabrera.  That is EXCEPT for what is being called the steroids era.  If you can clearly define that era I would be happy to talk to you, but that is beyond this rage conversation. One of the voters for the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) and has a vote for the Hall of Fame decided to hand his vote over to the website and allow them to vote for the players and he would submit the ballot.  I am not sure what the BBWAA has a problem with but they have stripped this writer (Dan Le Batard) of his voting ability for life.  They believe that he did not take this voting seriously and I counter that with he took it so seriously that he chose not to participate because it is a total joke.  In order to be considered a BBWAA voter (and there are nearly 600 of them, yet only 3o teams or an average of 20 writers per team......and therein lies the first problem) you must have written about baseball for 10 years but do not have to currently be doing that writing.  You can have been shipped to the Food and Wine section and yet you still have a vote even though you do not cover the sport. Guess who does not have a vote.  Vin Scully. Bob Costas. Karl Revich.  That is right.  Three of the most notable faces and names in baseball today do not have a vote.  You figure that out.  BBWAA has gone about this the wrong way and when Dan Le Batard decided to stand up and say that the process is flawed they decided to take away his voice.  Makes sense...... RAGE!

Rage #2: Carb-Loading

The concept of carb-loading has driven me up a wall.  I hear and see people talking about eating pounds and pounds of pasta the night before a race with the idea that they are preparing themselves for the race the next day and nothing could be further from the truth.  Do not get me wrong, as I was a part of the movement when I first got into these endurance sports but the more I raced and trained the more I read and learned.  That led to quickly changing from the carb-loading concept to the carb, protein and fat pyramid.  This is not an actual pyramid but a way in which I monitor my calories and macro-nutrient intake the days leading up to a race. A few years ago I read Maria's blog post about how John (her husband) fueled and I took that same process and it worked. I did it again and it worked again. No GI issues.  No bloating.  No uncomfortness at mile 20 of the run.  What was this magical formula?  Eat a larger carb based meal TWO nights before the race.  Eat a larger carber based breakfast the morning before the race and then taper your meals that day with a focus on healthy fats and lean proteins then eat like a pig AFTER the race with a 3-4:1 Carb:Protein ratio to ensure proper recovery. The rage that is being built is from reading about people running 5ks and piling food on their plate as if they are going to prison the next day.  Even at a 15:00/mi pace you will be done with a 5k in about 45 minutes.  No reason to carb-load at all but if you feel the necessity to eat more then do after the race.  Surely you can wait 30-45 minutes before eating a stack of pancakes 2 feet high.  Why put in all those hours, days, weeks, months of training to find yourself in the porto at each 10 mile segment?  Doesn't make sense for long races and makes even less sense for 5ks......... Speaking of 5ks

Rage #3: A 5k is a 5k.  It is not a mini-marathon

[caption id="attachment_9324" align="alignright" width="300"]rage - anger - mini marathon A 5k is a 5k. It is nothing else but a 5k. Stop making names up.[/caption] Yesterday while trolling though the interwebs I came across a site for a Mini-Marathon.  Thinking WTF is that I clicked and the blood boiled.  The mini-marathon is a 5k.  It is not a 13.1 which is commonly referred to as a half-marathon.  No, this mini-marathon being promoted by the Rock and Roll brand is a 5k.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why are they promoting this race as anything but a 5k?  I refer this to the wussification of America where people need to have the feel to have run a marathon without actually running a marathon.  I am sure somebody will point out that it is a way to get people active.  Maybe, but is there proof that says those that run a 5k eventually run a marathon?  Is there proof that says that somebody running a 5k being marketed as a mini-marathon eventually runs a marathon?  Or is this some marketing survey that says: Would you run a mini-marathon if the distance were 5,000 meters or commonly referred to as a 5k? I posted this to Facebook on a friend's page and another friend posted a link to another mini-marathon.  This version is a 1.31 or 2.62 mile run and comes with age awards, finishers t-shirts and medals.  REALLY?  Do we need to be rewarded for running 1.31 miles?  Shouldn't a high-five and way to go be enough?  Why do we feel the need to reward this?  Running has clear distances.  5k, 10, 15k. 13.1.  26.2. 50k. 50mile. 100 mile.  Why can we not stick to these?  I am at a loss. On my 9.31 mile run today, also known as a 15k, I thought about how this would translate at the triathlon level.  Would we register for a 14.06 mile race that included 240 meter swim, 11.2 mile bike and 2.62 mi run and call it a Mini-Ironman?  I do not get it and it drives me nuts that we feel the need to even have these things.  Run 1.31 or 2.62 on your way to a bigger and more difficult goal like a half or full marathon. As a matter of fact do not ever refer to anything less than 13.1 or 26.2 as anything but what it is.  You ran 12.4 miles today.....then you ran a 20k and not something close to a half-marathon.

What Is On Your Rage Friday List?

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I grew up in New York and lived there for 34 years until I got divorced and moved 1600 miles to my new home in Texas.  I love New York and miss it but that does not mean that Texas hasn’t been great to me because it has.  It was here that I discovered endurance sports and specifically the sport of triathlon.  Triathlon has given me new life through all the challenges it presents.  I no longer look at life the same way and I can say that is in part due to my endeavor into this sport.

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