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The above link is to a ride that I did with Robert on Wednesday July 21st. It was a great ride b/c it was the first time that Robert and I were actually able to get out on the open road without having to stop and start and stop and start repeatedly. In finding this route we have opened up the ability for us to test our speed on a course that is somewhat hilly but has a perfect black top surface. There was not a single pot hole or dip or rock on this course and it made the riding tall that more enjoyable.

We averaged 18.3 MPH moving and it may have been faster but we ran into a situation with Robert's chain coming off and that slowed us down. The way the Garmin works is that it picks up my speed at a certain point and slows down at a certain point but it is not immediate. So as you get to a stop light you are slowing down but you are still going faster then the cut-off point and that translates into your speed.

I think that at 18.3 MPH we were doing a great job and that should translate to 19.0 - 19.5 MPH in a race where you don't have stop lights and can just keep peddling.

My HR got into the 5a zone but for the most part was in the mid to high 4 zone. Tomorrow I have a long training session that includes a 1h30m ride and a 1h run. I have a mapmyride detail from a friend that I am going to print up later today and ride that course. He has it setup for 50 miles, but I will cut it down and follow my route as much as I can remember. If not, I will ride this route again and see if I can be faster then the last time out.

The best part of the training for tomorrow is that I get to run without concerning myself with being in a low HR. This will simulate race conditions as much as possible and Coach says that I should be focused on refueling as if I were in a race. I am going to use my tri suit since that has pockets for gels. I am going to head to Run On today at some point to buy a small water bottle to hold and run with so that I have some water on the run for myself.


Speaking of Coach. She was in the Dallas area yesterday and Karen and I went to go see her. She is up in Flower Mound near my friend Jeff's house so I knew where we were going.

She had asked that I be prepared to swim so that she can evaluate my stroke and give me one-on-one pointers and they sure helped.

I have a tendency to over-rotate my hips, and when I mean over-rotate I mean that my hip is out of the water. This is not good as it then causes my legs to scissor and thus act like brakes on the swim. I have to practice slight hip rotations on the breathing and barely getting my mouth out of the water instead of my entire head to breathe. This will take work but is fixable.

The other item I have to work on is catch and pull. I cup my hands and that is not the proper technique, but instead keep my hands relaxed so that they create a web effect. Then when I pull my hand through the water she wants me to exaggerate the movement and bring my hand to my torso and down, then when I am pulling my elbow high out of the water I need to 'flick' the water out basically.

It was like getting a golf lesson where you try to do 100 things at the same time but in the end I was getting better and I could feel my speed pick up. One thing to remember is that I don't have to feel like I'm going 100 mph to actually be going 100 mph. Swimming is about form, and form creates speed.

One piece of advice that she gave me that I know I needed was that I swim with locked arms and legs. My locked left arm is going to cause me to have rotator cuff issues in the long run so I really need to focus on getting that catch and pull done correctly.

With my legs that is fixable and relatively easy as I just need to be more relaxed in the pool. With these little tips and secrets I will be able to more relaxed and swim faster.

Having her one on one coaching for an hour yesterday was worth it's weight in gold. Thanks Coach C.
Job Hunting -

This is going as well as can be expected. I am a doer and an expecter of immediate results so when I don't hear from jobs that I have applied for it can get me down. I know that it won't be easy and I know that it won't be immediate but my personality as a person who goes out and grabs success causes me to become a person who is not comfortable not working. Working is what I do and what I enjoy.

I can't wait to publish my blog tomorrow after my long session. I am looking forward to it and really am on pins and needles about how well it is going to go.

Until tomorrow, always remember that living life to the fullest is the best way to achieve ones goals in life.
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Wednesday, 21 July 2010 22:20

Awesome Day Today

Had a very productive day today.  I haven't posted in some time so there is a lot to catch up on.

As you know I was laid off on Friday but I am not letting that stop me from moving forward in life.

On Friday I made some calls and emails to begin working my network and contacts list so that come Monday I was not just starting the process.  No time like the present I say.

So over the weekend I created a to-do list and did some taper training and really got mentally prepared for the race on Sunday.....Disco Triathlon.

The race would be my first entry into open water swim starts, and man it was nuts.  I couldn't begin to imagine the chaos that ensues when that gun goes off.  There are arms and legs and heads and splashes and waves everywhere.  I got caught up in the hype and tried to stay with everybody which was a huge mistake.  By the time I reached that first buoy I was toast.  I had to float between the buoys as my HR was sky high.  I made the turn at the second buoy on the way home and I was still getting past.....this time no doubt by the 40+ men and probably some 39 and under women.

I got out of the water and looked at my watch and it was at 14 minutes.  That is a long time to be in the water for a 500 meter swim.  I saw one guy in front of me with his age of 36 on his leg and he was walking and I said that will not be me and just ran to the transition area.  I was in and out as fast as I could go and started peddling like mad.

I had driven the course the day before and it did not seem bad, but once on the course that proved to be false.  It was a tougher ride then I imagined especially because the road was uneven.  I made a promise to myself to pass as many people as possible and never give up no matter how bad I was hurting.  I was going to keep on pushing.  Every time I saw an age older then mine I said now way I'm letting that old man beat me, if he was in my age group I said I caught him after a horrible swim and I am going to bury him, if he was younger I would say I am going to prove to you young man that older is better and then of course any female was just not going to beat me.....although I did get chicked once.

I was passed 3 times on the bike by older guys but never by anyone in my age group and had to have passed about 20 racers.

On the run course I was in a zone.  I was passing people left and right and handling the course with relative ease despite the unevenness and the heat.

When I sniffed the finish line I turned it on.  I saw my buddy Juan cheering me on and that just pushed me harder.  Then I heard them call my name and they butchered it.  I became known as Jason Bonaduchi.  Oh well, the race was great and I wound up setting PRs in the bike and the run and since this is my first open water race in the swim as well.

I was 3rd to last out of the water at a time of 14 minutes.  My bike was at 19.0 MPH over the course of 17.6 miles and the run was a 5K done at an average pace of 7:49 per mile.  Training is paying off.

Come Monday I ran some errands and wound up meeting up with one of my best friends Jill to do a job search.  She was laid off on July 1st.  It was great to have a partner here to work with me on finding a job.  We were able to help look and critique jobs and make suggesstions.  We decided that every Monday was going to be job searching day.

On Monday I had a training session of  an easy spin that I did on the trainer in the house and then strength so a great day for recovery.

Worked on some items on my to-do list and tried to relax as much as possible

Tuesday was back at working hard.  Had a tough swim workout which included the longest continuous swim I have ever had to do.  800 yards without stopping.

After that I had 8x100 descending.

My time for the 800 was 15:54 which is great for me as that is just ever so slightly below 2:00/100y and I did not feel fatigued, although at times I did feel bored.

For the 8x100 I did times of

I was happy with the way the workout went and wound up swimming a total of 2600 yards.  I have the endurance and ability to swim that distance but I need to develop that killer instinct and wiseness of not getting caught up in the pack at the opening bell.

After that I had a 1 hour run with negative splits.  Meaning that my out was to be one time and my in was to be faster.  I went out and turned around at 30 minutes.  I got back to my starting point in 25 minutes and did not feel fatigued at all despite the high temps.

Prior to working out I went on a quasi-interview with a head hunter.  She was obviously interviewing me to help me find a job, but at the same time interviewing me for a job with her company.  She had lauded praise on me and I finally said to her instead of finding me a job for somebody else why not hire me for your company.

I would not have been successful at her job after talking with her as I don't have a true background in accounting or finance and that is who she places.  I sent her a list of agencies that I would be interested in working for and hopefully she finds something for me.  At the same time I am working my network to try and find a job.  They say when all hope is lost is when good things happen.  I haven't lost hope at all but maybe if I fake like I have I will land a job.  I would love to earn a dual income starting September 1st to help me build my nest egg even more but this point I am not panicking and the right job will come along at the right time.
Today I got my training partner back.  We decided to do the training at 8:30a as I had a lunch with another buddy and his dad scheduled for 11:30a.

Our session today was a 1h30m ride with hill climbs followed by a 30m recovery run.  We went up to Flower Mound and started riding the race course for The Caveman Tri since that had plenty of hills.  During the ride we figured out that we did not have to climb for a certain time but to ride hard.  We wound up finding a route all the way to Grapevine and did the Grapevine Tri route for the most part and came back.  It was a great ride and this route is perfect as it has hills but is all blacktop and very smooth.  At one point on the dam we were around 22.5 - 23.0 MPH easy with no fatigue.

After the ride the 30 minute run was not bad for about 25 minutes but then the fatigue kicked in for me.  It was the middle of the day and the heat was intense.  My HR climbed steadily during the run b/c of the heat as it was really a conversational pace that normally would not have had the effect it was having.

Went and had a relaxing pedicure with my buddy and his dad.  As usual I fell asleep during the pedicure and after that went to have Mexican.  I needed the carbs because after the training I weighed myself and was down to 139.  I lost a lot of water weight and even though I had a bottle of HoneyMilk and a Promax protein bar it just wasn't enough.  I have spent this afternoon rehydrating as I have a pyramid swim tomorrow.  The distances aren't bad but the timing is going to be tough as I have almost no time between the sets.  This is going to really push my concentration on form, but I'm excited for it.

Until my next post remember that it is you who can make a difference in your own life as well as the life of others and don't leave it to somebody else to do.
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Saturday, 17 July 2010 13:36

Definition of an Ironman

What is the definition of an Ironman?
When I first started training I thought of an Ironman as somebody who could do something that others would not dream of doing.  Something that puts the body through such rigors as to force one to contemplate the thought of 'why am I really doing this?'  This is a valid question for which there are so many answers and for each person their answer is the right answer.
For me being able to complete and compete in an Ironman event means that I have persevered, I have trained, I have toughed it out when others quit, I have transformed myself into an everything and more is possible person.  I have not sat on the sidelines and watched, but got my hands dirty.  I have fallen off my bike and got up to keep on riding.  I have sprained an ankle but did not stop running.  I have lost more weight in water then I weigh right now.  I have slept like a rock only to wake up 6 hours later to do it again.  I have seen the sun come up while on my bike, and the sun go down while on a run.  I have seen the sandy shores of Cozumel in 90% humidity while running 6 miles and also seen the water tower of Castle Hills in the pouring rain.  I have lived an experience and to tell a tale of that experience and to help guide others who wish to follow in my path.
Why am I thinking of this today?  Well, yesterday I lost my job of 13 years.  I worked for ITN for a very long time and gave them everything I had, the same way that I give to my training.  I am always going full steam ahead and never looking back in regret and with this turn of events I will continue to do the same thing.  I spent a great deal of time roaming the halls of that office and enjoying each and every person I met and had the pleasure to work with.  I walk away from that job knowing that I built a very strong foundation upon which they can continue to grow the company and the department.  I started there as a buyer from an outside company which was unheard of at ITN.  I managed to work my way up to Senior Buyer, then Planner, then Sr Planner and eventually to become Vice President of Planning.  All along the way I took the time to 'meet' the people who worked for me and those that I worked for.  When you are in an office it is not just about the work, but about the relationships as well.  How you treat people is a big indication of who you are as a person and I have always shaken hands with people while looking them in the eye because that is what I expect as well.  Respect is earned and the first step in earning that respect is to treat others with respect as well.
So, now I look at myself and I say that I am an Ironman.  I am dealing with a bad situation,  but one that is not insermountable.  One that I will not only overcome but surpass with great flair.  As they say when life gives you lemons you squeeze themuntil they give you every last ounce of juice and make the best tasting lemonade around.  Then you take the zest and add it to your steak or chicken to add extra flavor and with what is left you put in your garbage disposal to sharpen the blades.  Nothing goes to waste and you get everything you can out of those lemons the same way you get everything out of life.  Not time to waste.
Cliche`s are cliche` for a reason.  Lemonade out of lemons.  Box of chocolates, etc, etc.  Well they are true and I plan on living every one of those statements to its fullest.  No time to cry or worry about what could have been, and only time to make plans and go forward.  Life is not over, it is only just begun.  Not everbody gets a second chance at life before the age of 40, and having this opportunity to re-invent myself is one I plan on taking and running with.
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Wednesday, 14 July 2010 20:53

Looking forward to recovery day

I have been training for about 2 1/2 months now and I have never been so happy to have a recovery day as I am about tomorrow.

This past week has been stressful with the dogs and work and throw in tough training and the recovery day is timed perfectly.

I remember when I looked at this week's training and I thought that it was a lot of work just prior to a race.  I know that these races are nothing more then additional training for me but I was still somewhat surprised by what I was scheduled.

Well, I looked again today b/c I knew that tomorrow was another swim day.  The week is not as difficult as I originally thought it would be.  Tomorrow's swim is a total of 500 yards.  I remember when that used to be a lot but now I look at that and think.....how late can I get to the gym and still be able to get back in time for work.

Back to the dogs.  We got an email today from a shelter that asked that I bring the male dog back in.  I am excited because it means that he will have a chance to find another home and hopefully be happy.  He is not a bad dog but he has major separation anxiety and that causes issues for Karen and I because we are always coming and going.  Not being able to come and go as we please adds a stress to our life that is not necessary right considering all the stress we already have.  I'm sorry to have him leave us but I know that our life will be enhanced by one less stress.
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Tuesday, 13 July 2010 20:26

Feeling a tad tired

This morning I was tired.  The alarm went off at 4am and I turned it off and woke up around 4:30a.  I got a text message from Robert that he was not joining me and in that instant I almost went back to bed but I knew today was a session that would push me.  Today's training included hill climbs and interval running.

I had my newest breakfast creation which is two slices of toast that have 1 tbsp of fat free cream cheese and 1/2 tbsp of sugar free dark cherry preserve.  So yummy!!!!!  Throw in 1/2 cup of coffee and 1/2 protein bar and I was ready......I think.....too early to think......

I got on the bike around 5:20am and started peddaling.  There is something quiet and innocent about my neighborhood at that time of the day.  I actually passed two runners that early as well and that made me smile.  I did about a 30 minute warm-up then went to one section that is my hill training section.  I was to do 5x90second hill climbs with 90 second recovery.  I did the first hill in 45 seconds and thought to myself.....the last time I did this it took me longer then that.  I decided to do 10x45 with 45s recovery.

By the time the 10th one rolled around I was a puddle of sweat and my legs were sore to say the least.  It was a tough haul especially after this past weekend and then doing strength yesterday where I increased my weight resistance on my leg excercises.  My thinking is that the bike is the biggest discipline of the tri and thus I need my quads and hammy's to be strong to pedal faster and have an overall faster race.

Then after those rough hills I still had another 20 minutes to go.  To my surprise though I managed to get in more then 20 miles on the ride and I was figuring with the hill repeats I would be less then that.  I wound up averaging 14.5 MPH and that is with hill repeats around 10 mph.

Once I was done with those it was onto running.  I had a 20 minute run scheduled with 5x1 hard followed by 1min recovery.  I broke it down into a 5 minute warm-up then the 10 minute interval training then a 5 minute cool down.

The run was great and felt much better then the bike did.  I was around a 6min/mile pace during the 1 minute hard portion.  Of course 60 seconds seems like forever when you are running at that pace and not used to it.  I can only assume that we are building my aerobic threshold here thus allowing me to go faster at a lower HR in the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workout and was glad I did not climb back in bed although laying next to my wife would have been great too.

After the workout I had an Athlete's HoneyMilk smoothie that had Vanilla flavored HoneyMilk with banana, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.  So good and helped muscle recovery with the tons of protein in the HoneyMilk plus the other 1/2 of my protein bar as well.
Our Dog Dilemma -

The dogs have become too much for us to handle and unfortunately we are going to have to let them go.  We have found a home for Ginga already with our friend Mari out in San Diego.  I don't want to lose her but we just can't keep this up.  It saddens me.

Blue we are trying to get placed at a shelter and that is proving to be difficult.  Shelters are full and making it very difficult for us to get him placed.

It is a sad time for us but one that I know in the end is the right decision.....regardless of how tough it is.
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Monday, 12 July 2010 20:54

Long Ride This Morning

Last night I had a feeling that I would get rained out of the long ride I was scheduled for today.  When I woke up there was some sprinkling and my excitement sunk a bit, but figured I would make the best of it.  I not only packed all my riding gear, I also packed all my gear for a long run that is scheduled for tomorrow.  I figured I would get in training one way or the other.

As I started to head out after a breakfast of coffee, protein bar (Black Forest Cake - Promax) and a peanut butter, banana and strawberry sandwich I noticed no rain.  Before we go there let me just say that as I was trying to get into the office and handling all these items I dropped my sandwich and was not a happy camper.

Anyway.....on the ride to Andy Brown Park there was not a drop of rain, but also no sun.  The temp was around 75 degrees and I was happy to get started.  I knew that I had a 2.5 hour ride ahead of me and there was not time like the present to start.

The roads were dry and there was not a lot of traffic riding on MacArthur and Sandy Lake Road.  I made it all the way to Grapevine and through the area where the Grapevine Tri was held last month.  On the way back I took another road and wound up riding all the way to Carrollton on a wide open road that was relatively flat the entire time.

When all was said and done I managed to ride 43.5 miles at an average pace of 17.5 MPH which I was thrilled with.  I would love for that to get up to 20 MPH but that will come with more training.  I was a little tired but not as tired as I expected myself to be.

A 15 minute run afterwards and the morning training session was complete.  Great accomplishment and the furthest I ever rode at that type of pace without stopping.

That night was a wedding for one of my best friends and we wound up getting home around 1:15am.  That alarm went off on Sunday around 5am and it was time for a long run.

I didn't manage to get to White Rock until 7:15am as I was tired.  Once there I could feel the heat start to pick up and I knew that it would be a tough run.  As I started out my pacing was good as was my HR.  I was about a 9:30 pace and felt strong considering the lack of sleep and the long ride the day prior.

Around mile 7 it felt like I was on the sun and my legs started to feel fatigued.  I was determined to keep pushing and not only reach that 1hr45m time but to be at around 11 miles.  It didn't get any easier but I kept breaking it down into smaller pieces....'make it to the garbage can'....'make it to the bridge' and I wound up with 10.5 miles at an average pace of 10min.  It was such a sense of accomplishment to have gone so long on the run after such a long time on the bike.

This morning I was back in the pool for a descending 100s session.

I felt like I did a very good job on the swim but I know I lost form while trying to pick up my pace during the later portion of the swim.

My times were:


These were done with 20' rest intervals so I was a little gassed at this point.  I had a 2 minute rest and then finsihed up with 2x100 at times of 1:44 and 1:50.

With swim times like these I am very much looking forward to doing the Disco this upcoming weekend.

I have a strength session tonight and while I am tired and have to run to pick up my dog from the vet I know that once I'm there I will be excited to do the excercises.

My Dog Blue

It is a sad time for me but I am trying to get my dog adopted.  He has become more work then the pleasure he provides.  Blue has separation anxiety and so if you are away for more then 1 hour he loses it and the odd thing about it is that I'm home all day as I work from home so it's not like he doesn't have somebody around.

Our girl Ginga is doing well and we will have to watch her closely once Blue leaves us but she should be fine.

This afternoon I will be picking him up from the vet and it will be nice to see him but it also worries me b/c we have a life to live and having to be around constantly with him is unrealistic for us.

I wish things would have turned out better but we are left with no choice at this point.  He will be missed but it is the right thing to do for our family and that will always come first.
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Friday, 09 July 2010 17:25

Keeping Inspired

Last night I got an email from Coach that she had been asked to help a 67 year old blind woman complete a triathlon, and in all places.....New York City.  I get so inspired by Coach when I hear about her accomplishments in terms of racing, but this email truly did inspire me.

It made me think about how I could help somebody.  I know everybody says they are so busy they can't fit another thing in, and in some instances I agree but in other circumstances I think there is alway something that can be added.  I guess I'm just afraid to look back at my life and think I wish I would have.  I never want to think that and to this point I haven't.  I have raised money for LLS and MS and it feels great, but the idea of helping somebody complete a triathlon is inspiring.  Helping somebody do something that you love just makes too much sense.

This morning while getting my hair cut I was talking to the sylist about how much I truly do love working out and training for the race in April.  I could hear myself talking about the race and training with such passion.  I know that training is going to be long and grueling but if I keep focused and finding inspiration in the little things the time will fly and simultaneously be nothing but pure enjoyment.

Another friend of mine asked me about knee braces and training and during the conversation it was pointed out that I should think about becoming a trainer.  When I hear statements like that it moves me to really consider pursuing that line of work.  And in reality while it would be a job, it would  be something that I enjoy and more importantly something that I would be really good at.  I would like to get Oceanside under my belt before considering going that route.  Having the ability to say 70.3 Finisher would seem to carry more clout.  The thought of helping novices with their training motivates me on those days when waking up seems so hard.

Triathlon has truly altered my life.  My view of life was always positive but accomplishing the training has made my outlook even more positive and easier to say 'I can do.....'  The words 'I can't' are being dropped from my vocabulary.  Success leads to more success and as of right now I would deem my training successful.
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Thursday, 08 July 2010 17:23

I'm Back.....

.....from Vacation.  Karen and I went to Cozumel for the 4th of July Weekend and then some.  We spent 5 days down there and had a blast.  We even managed to get some training in which helped keep the 10 lbs I gained to only 10 lbs and not more.

For 4 straight days I put in 6 mile run that changed from Z1-Z2 running to 10x1min Hard runs to gradually picking up the pace over the course of an hour.  All the runs were a lot of fun and while it was so humid that i could actually ring out my shirt they were a blast.  It isn't often that Karen and I get to spend time running with each other and to be able to do it while on the Yucatan Peninsula overlooking the bluest of waters was something I'll never forget.  It was a special time.

I also managed to go swimming twice in the open water down there.  The area just off of our hotel was roped for snorklers and I used the buoy's as a guide to where to swim and when to turn.  The water on the first day was smooth with not a lot of waves.  I got in 4 laps that first day.  Two days later I was back in the water and this time during the beginnings of what was a Tropical Depression.  As I just found out today it is being called Tropical Depression #2.  I swam for 40 mintues and did about 7 laps which was beyond awesome.

This morning I was on the trainer at 5:30am and had to ride for 1hr30m with 5x6 minute intervals in the aero position with RPMs of 80-90 followed by 2 minute recovery.  It was great being back on the bike since it has been so long since I was last on the bike.  I'm really looking forward to this weekend's ride that is to be 2h30m.  I'm going to be doing it through the streets of Coppell which are fairly wide and the city of gorgeous.

Disco Triathlon is in one weekend so I'll really get to test myself in the open water during a race.  Excited.
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Thursday, 01 July 2010 12:34

Back to Climbing the Mountain

What does that mean you might ask yourself.

Well what it means is that my morning swim yesterday was horrendous.  It was not that I didn't do the swim, it is that it was much harder then it should have been.  I felt like I was struggling throughout the entire swim.  I could never get my mojo going.

I will say that it was a stressful day of work on Monday and Tuesday so heading into the swim on Wednesday my mind was focused on the big conference call for that afternoon.  In addition to that I woke up later then I normally would for a swim so I was out of my comfort zone right from the beginning.  Not making excuses b/c these things may happen on race day and I need to learn to cope with and overcome those stresses.

So I tried to put it behind me and not blog about it.  I did not even want to think about the swim and just get through the workday as best I could

I emailed Coach C and she told me that I would have those types of training days and to put the morning behind me and get ready for the evening training ride.  That is exactly what I did.  I set up the trainer in the bedroom and rode my bike while watching the Mets on TV.  It was a great training ride as I did interval training.

I was responsible for doing a 1 hour ride with 5x6min in Z3 followed by 2min recovery.  I did a 10 minute warm-up and then it was time for intervals.  I did 5 intervals with my HR in Z3 with a max of 4.6 an then a cool down of 10 minutes.  It was a great ride and I really pushed myself to ride for the entire 6 minutes with no dead spots and just pushing myself.  One downside to the trainer is that you sweat and you sweat a lot.  As I was putting my bike away I had a pool of sweat in the hill block.  Probably could have filled a 160z glass with all the sweat.

I had decided that I was going to go to the gym and do the strength/core session as well I felt so good.  I made up my mind that I was going to do super-sets as well so that I could get through the session as quickly as possible but also to keep my HR rate.  Every set was 2 excercises.  I did leg curls and extensions, then lateral pull-downs and leg press.  From there jumped over to squats and bench press and kept that up until I was done.  Entire session took 40 minutes.  And the best part is that it was a perfect session.  I had done 15 reps of every excercise including the bench press which had been my downfall for the past two workouts where I would only get 12 reps in the 2nd set.

Went to bed even though my blood was pumping and my excitement for having a great ride and a great lifting session was high.

Woke up this morning before my alarm, which was set for 4:02a, and ready to rock and roll the swim.  Left the house by 4:30am and in the water by 4:45am.  Got through the 500 warm-up by doing 3 sets of 100 and in between 2x100 of drills.  Time to do the main set and there were no doubts in my mind.

Set 1 - 300y with paddles and buoy
Set 2 - 300y with buoy
Set 3 - 300y free
Set 4 - 300y with fins
Cool-Down - 500y

All in all my swim was 2200 yards and when all was done I was fired up that I made up for the poor showing at yesterday morning's swim session.

I got home early enough to spend about 15 minutes with Jackson before he left for daycare today and what will be two weeks away from us while he spends time with his Dad.  It's never an easy day, but it was made easier by knowing that Karen and I are heading out on vacation, it's the last day of work for a while and my training has picked right back up.

Looking forward to setting up for packing and to getting out on the road tonight for my 2 hour ride.
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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 15:06

Pushing the Mind to Push the Body

My last three training sessions have been tough.  I had to push my body through some tough workouts, but with that I had to push my mind through them.  I had to convince myself that I could do them and really break it down.

Telling myself I only had to go 1 minute or 2 minutes and once I hit that mark tell myself it was just another 30 seconds or whatever it took to get my body to keep performing at the highest level it could and to really push it past that.

Last night I had a 60 minute run on a rolling course where my HR was to be 50% in Z2 and do not touch zones 3-5.  I wound up running in the rain and it was important for me to run yesterday b/c you never know what you are going to be facing on race day.  Running in the rain at first was liberating as the temps were in the mid-70s as opposed to the mid-90s, but as the time passed the rain came down harder and made my clothes feel like they weighed 100 lbs or so.  This was the first test of my mental capabilities.  Could I do this run for 60 minutes and get through the rain?  It was a successful run as I spent the majority of my time in Z2 where my avg HR was 2.3.  My max HR was 147 with an avg of 138.  I covered 5.57 miles in that time at a pace of 10:22.

This morning my training involved me on the trainer for 1hr 15m and simulating hills.  To do this you have to change gears.  I figured on the trainer I would be good and that this would be easier then it actually turned out to be.  After riding for 1hr 15m I was gassed and I looked like I had just come in from that run in the rain.  I was dripping with sweat but what a great ride it turned out to be.  I really pushed my limits and raised the bar for myself.  I was intent on not going below 90 on my cadence even when the gears were setup to be difficult.  So you know how hard I pushed myself my avg HR was 153 with a maximum of 170.  Throughout the ride I told myself ride for 2 minutes then change gears and sometimes I would go easier and sometimes I would go harder.  I broke down the time into 5 minute capsules meaning that I just had to get through 15 5 minute capsules.  Once I got through one I would count that off and it made the riding easier, but I really pushed myself and my mind to stay at a high cadence and to get my HR as high as I could stand it.

After the run I went to the gym to do strides on the treadmill.  It is still raining here and when I was done with the bike it was still dark out so I skipped the outdoor work for the treadmill.  I had a 10 minute warm up then did sets of 20 second strides where I was to have a cadence of 30+.  Throughout the up and down hill running I was right at 30-31 strikes per those 20 seconds.  I was getting a pretty fast turnover at a high speed.

After the workout I downed an Athlete's HoneyMilk, a banana and a pluot.  Through the ride I took one gel and drank about 1.25 bottles of accelerade electrolyte drink.  Working on my nutrition and finding what works when is important and something not to take lightly.  I don't want to be riding 56 miles or running 13.1 miles and not know what works for my stomach and allow me to push my body to another level.

Tomorrow is back in the pool for a very different type of swim training and one that I'm very much looking forward to.
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