Thursday, 20 May 2010 14:11

Bike – Run Brick – May 20th 2010

Today's training involved Hill Cruise Intervals.  This is basically setting your gears so that you are peddaling at a low cadence and going up hills for 30 seconds then recovery for 30 seconds.  Do this for 10 reps then a solid 5 minute recovery then back at it for another 10 reps.  The total ride was to be 60 minutes and you were to be training at an anerobic level where your heart rate is elevated.

My HR was as high as 159 during these intervals but would drop considerably during the recovery phase but shoot right back up.  It was amazing and tough.  My legs were feeling it after this 60 minute ride.

And oh, did I mention this was to all be done in the aero position.  I finally realized that Coach C meant by doing bicep curls will help with leverage during the climb on the bike.  I was pulling on those bars so hard I thought they might rip off.

Below is the map of my ride along with distance, elevation gained, time and calories burned.

Well I wasn't done yet. After that I had to do a 30 minute run and try to keep my HR below 148. As soon as I took a few steps my HR shot right up to 150 and it was time to slow it way down.

I got it down in a jiffy but my Max HR wound up being 151. I was really trying to be no higher then 148. My avg though was 144 which is great. I ran my miles in 11:28, 10:54 and 10:41 so as the run got longer I got faster and was able to keep my HR down.

Below is a map similar to the one above but this is just the run. If you have a Garmin and use Garmin Connect you can track all of this data and it will help you analyze your training and hopefully improve your performance.

When I was training at a high BPM my Garmin was useless to me, but now training like this I see the benefit of having one and will not train without it.  Even when I go to the gym to use the treadmill I have my Garmin so that it tracks my HR.  Great device.  I am looking at getting another watch though for the races since the Garmin is not waterproof.  Getting a Timex Ironman (similar to the one I have now) but with a HR monitor on it.  Guess I should check out if it is waterproof or not, otherwise it will be pointless to me.

Now I get to rest. The rest of Thursday and all day Friday and so the next training is Saturday with a Bike-Run Brick with the bike the focus again. I believe Karen and I are heading to Grapevine as she has a bike-run brick to do as well.
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Friday, 14 May 2010 14:12

Rest Day……

What do I do?  Today is a rest day.  ALL DAY.....what am I supposed to do?  I'm used to being at the gym everyday and working out or doing something.  Our Friday softball league looks like it is not going to happen so that leaves me with NOTHING to do all day.  Most people would love this but I feel lost.  I slept until 7am which is abnormal so I don't know what to do.

I feel good after this week's first training session.  Nothing major hurts, just a little soreness in my left hamstring that if I had stretched properly would most likely not be there.  I have to make it a point to stretch more often.....there you go that is what I can do today.  Get more flexible.  Stretch a little and help relieve that soreness.  Sounds good to me.

Another idea that Karen and I spoke about last night is to take my bike in to get the bars wrapped again since they got killed on the MS ride.  I will also take Coach C's advice and have the aero bars fitted to my bike and I.  At the same time I'll have them install a cateye on the bike and might as well shop for a new tri bike and see how that goes in terms of cost.  I'm looking at $1500 to $2500 to spend knowing that I can get a Blue down in Austin for $2500 so let's see what RBM has to offer in that price range.

Outdoor kitchen is 95% done.  The mason work is all completed with just the electrical to go but we could BBQ tonight if we wanted to on the new kitchen.  We do have to look for barstools that would compliment the look of the kitchen along with the firepit, pool and dining table.  The backyard is coming along nicely and we will talk to the landscaper about having the grounds cleaned up a bit right in front of the kitchen so we don't have two mud pits.

Pictures will be on the next post as I have to email them from the blackberry.

Can't wait to have great parties over here after all the training.  Grilling up chicken and turkey sausage and the occasional red meat.  Veggies on the grill and pineapple and peaches for dessert on the grill.  Going to be an awesome summer at the Baha Oasis.
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Thursday, 13 May 2010 20:22

Here is the Goal......

Here is the header from the event page and one that I will keep as a motivation and an inspiration during these training miles and pushing my body to limits I never thought I could do.
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Thursday, 13 May 2010 15:39

Low HR…Low HR…Low HR…Low HR

This is essentially my new mantra for training.  As Coach C says.....slow and steady wins the race.  She emailed me to tell me that you can't win a 70.3 or 140.6 by having a HR of 170 the entire time.  Your body will not be able to sustain that pace so with that knowledge she has me working in Zone 3 which is 135-145 BPM.

Yesterday afternoon was a strength/core day and you start out by going 2 miles at a slow pace.  When I first started out my Garmin was going nuts b/c my HR was too low and it took me to about 0.15 miles before it picked up.  From there the rest of the 2 miles was easy but I was sweating.  I ran the 2 miles in 20:52 and had an avg HR of 140 with a max of 147.  In other words PERFECT!!!!!

After that came the strength.  I kept the HR monitor on and was anywhere from 121 to 155 during this portion of the workout.  I can say again that it kicks your butt and not b/c of the amount of weight but because of the resistance on the way down.  The exersion is fine it is the resistance that taxes the body.  I will say that getting funny looks when you are curling 15 lb dumbells and actually grunting is hilarious.  The behomeths that walk around there curling 90 lbs don't understand the HR training obviously and just wonder what is that guy doing.

This morning was a 60 min ride / 30 min run brick.  The ride was all to be at 135-145 and the run was to be 10 minutes at that HR then do 5x1minute at 155-165 and recover for 1 minute then followed by 10 minutes again at 135-145.

The bike ride was 1:02:56 over 16.65 miles with an average HR of 141 and max of 156.  It was perfect.

The run was 30:01 over 3.15 miles with an average HR of 153 with a max of 167.  I got the first 10 minutes and interval part perfect but the recovery and the last 10 minute run was hard to get my HR down.  About 2 minutes after the run was over and walking back to the house my HR was down to 121.

Coach C says that the more I train in this area the faster the HR will decrease.  It is amazing the science behind all of this stuff.  I'm also thrilled to finally be using my garmin in the way it was intended and I don't feel like I just spent money on nothing.

I have to get my bike to RBM b/c since the fall it is making an odd noise in one gear.  The MS ride did a number to my handlebars in terms of the tape so that needs to be repaired as well.  I am also going to have a cateye added to the bike so that during the training I know my cadence as that is going to be important down the line.

Personal is beyond hectic right now.  I am taking 5 minutes to myself to write this blog piece but it is already 11:40 in NY and I don't know where the morning went.  Seems like everywhere you turn there is another project that needs to be done.  This is our busy time of the year and it usually makes the day fly by but it seems like it is going faster now then ever before.

On the outdoor kitchen the progress has been great.  The mason and his boys are just about done.  He is here alone today to cut the hole for the grill so that means that the electrician needs to get here and then we are finished and able to enjoy our backyard oasis.  Need to order bar stools for the outdoor kitchen as a last and final touch.

Summer BBQ'ing will help the diet for sure and just allow us to have family and friends over to enjoy the pool as well.
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Wednesday, 12 May 2010 13:11

Today is the Day

The registration for Oceanside opens today at 11am.  I couldn't be more excited about this race.  And yes I'm calling it a race b/c I plan on finishing at a competitive time.  Not to be completely exhausted and hurting like after the San Antonio marathon.  I EXPECT to finish strong and to cross that finish line with my hands in the air.  Grab a banana a drink and Karen and my step-son.  I am beside myself right now and have goose bumps just thinking about signing up for this race. Not to mention that yesterday I booked my hotel at the Hilton for the Toyota Open Championships.  I just think the more stuff I can remove from going wrong the better and being able to wake up at 5am and walk out the front door to the event is better then waking up at 4am and having to drive to the event.  It honestly didn't matter what it cost for the room I was booking it.  I want to be able to remove any hindrances from a good race, especially one of that length that I would never have done before. Onto today's training.  Another 1500 meter day in the pool.  Another successful day in the pool.  I love having the drills as it breaks up the monotony of going back and forth and following the line and seeing the end and turning around.  So much better for the psyche. For the second swim in a row the pull buoy was my favorite drill and the fist stroke my most hated.  The fist stroke makes me feel as if I'm almost drowning.  I have to ask Coach C the point of this stroke and what I should be focusing on so that I don't feel like I'm drowning and just trying to get through the drill. The hard part of today's swim was the 1x200 after the warm-up.  I was tiring at that point being that I just swam 500 yards and was not trying to swim a straight 200.  About halfway through I started pulling my head up and the swim became even harder.  I had to focus on putting my head down and slowing down like Coach C told me to do in our email exchanges after the first swim.  It was not as easy as I expected.  After the 1x200 I had to do 2x100 and on the second 100 I felt better and slowed myself down and concentrated on the swim.  I tried to emplore the catch method so that I would glide through the water.  In the 4x50 I was able to actually swim that portion with my head down more so then in the first 200 and this was after 900 yards. During the 4x50 though on the 2nd 50 I did a pull bouy drill and that allowed me to focus on my breathing and stroke count.  The 3rd and 4th 50 were so much better.  The next set of 50 was the catch-up drill and I was doing that better then I did on day 1 so that is progress.  The 4x25 Hard was again one of the best parts as that is all out with :20 RI but it forces me to keep my head down and focus on the swim and not let anything else get in my way. One of the items of today's swim that I'm most proud of is that there were 4 women in the pool who swam competitively and I did not let that get in my head.  I focused on my technique and my drills and the plan from Coach C and not about racing or beating these 'competitors' in the pool.  A much better way to attack the training. My RHR this morning was 78.  I keep forgetting to take while in bed but take it pretty much 5 minutes after waking up while eating breakfast.  During the swim at one point it was up to 138.  After the swim training it was back down to 96.  Right now it is at 90.  Slwoing down and not racing......good stuff. ------------------------------------------------ Tonight we are going to Karen's parents to bring her Dad a birthday card since today is his b-day.  Lastt night on the way to softball I bought him a card that had to do with farts.  To any lady reading this, no we don't ever grow up when it comes to passing gas.  That is who we are and it makes us laugh.  We are not mature when it comes to this and that will never change. Last night our team won again this time by a score of 16-4.  We have only lost two games all season and we are looking good.  The team is playing as a unit and we are hitting the ball hard and at opportune times.  Gloves have started to play much better as well.  We could make some noise in the playoffs which is something we haven't done since spring of 2008.  Go Magically Delicious. When I got home from softball last night Karen greeted me at the door and told me she had just gotten off the phone with Coach C. They spoke for about an hour regarding a training program and an elevated HR and how Coach C can help Karen out training for a marathon.  I couldn't be happier about this.  Karen and I can't 'coach' each other.  We are just not wired for that.  This way Karen will have a training program of her own and can follow that and ask Coach C questions without my getting involved and I can just be the encourager and provider of love.  I'm good at that as my coach style is militaristic and what I say goes and that doesn't work in a marriage. Tonight is strength/core again and I'm fired up.  I have lost 3 lbs since Monday and I can see the definition in my shoulders starting to take place already (3000m of swimming will do that.)  I feel stronger then ever and losing the weight is helping me.  I have thought that at 145 lbs I am at my strongest and fastest but I have been hovering between 150 and 152 for almost 4 months and not able to shed those pounds.  Now they are coming off and not because I'm eating any less but because the training is burning so many calories.  I eat all day long to rehydrate and replenish and it is still burning off.  Once I get to that 145 I will have to think about my caloric intake and make some adjustments.  Maybe bigger meals then the ones I eat now during the day. Till later tonight after the strength/core portion or tomorrow morning after the bike-run brick.
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Tuesday, 11 May 2010 14:18

5/11/10 – Tempo Run

Before we get into today's AM training session let me inform you of what occured during last night's strength training/easy run.

So I set out around 4:30p on a 3 mile easy run. An easy run is used to get your muscles warmed up and really not to push yourself. Unfortunately I don't know how to do that so my EASY run was at a 9:03 pace. I think that is easy b/c I have run in the 8:30s and well it wasn't that difficult outside of the 90 degree temps and high humidity. Looked like I just walked out of the shower I was sweating so much.

In the car and go to the gym. My wife is there somewhere and I ended up walking right past her. Find her say hello and she continues on her 4 mile run and I move onto strength training.

This training is unlike anything I have ever done. There are 14 excercises that you do 2 sets of 12-15 reps at a weight that is 50%-65% of your 1 rep max. Sounds like light weight b/c you have handled more right? WRONG. You are now counting to 2 on the way out (exersion) and 4 on the way in (resistance.) I was bench pressing 115 pounds and by the 12th rep on the 2nd set my chest was burning. On fire I tell you.

By the time I finished that 14th exercise my goose was cooked, but in a good way. I felt stronger then before and actually felt like I gave myself a workout. I was nervous about the tempo run this morning after working legs but I have to believe that Coach C knows what is right for me and what I can do based on past performance.

Do I even have to mention that I slept like a baby? Asleep around 9:45p last night. This training thing might turn out better then I thought for that reason alone.


This morning up at 4:37am to get my run in. This is a tempo run where I am to keep my pace around 8:30-8:45.

I eat my breakfast which consisted of a whole wheat waffle, some honey, some chocolate chips and a tablespoon on peanut butter with coffee. Tastes so good and good for you too. After eating it is time to run to our meeting spot here in Castle Hills.

It is 1 mile to the starting line and I do that in about 9:02.....uh-oh!!!!! Once everybody is there and we take off we are doing sub 8-minute miles and I have to slow down. It was hot out there this morning even for 5:15am. Not the easiest weather to run in and especially at that pace.

Get through the run and finish at 8:40. It was within the time, but I would like to become more consistent throughout the mile and maintain that pace as opposed to sub-8 then 9:20 then back down again. All in all though each mile was right around 8:35 - 8:40 so I guess that is consistent.

Home to breakfast number two and walking the dogs. Walking the dogs is a great cool down after running that hard. It is an easy 15 minute walk that allows my legs to recuperate.

Breakfast number two is a protein loaded smoothie. I put in a cup of milk, a serving of Greek Yogurt, 1.5 tbs of Peanut Butter, a splash of honey plus rasberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and bananas. Throw in some flax seed and you feel full for hours, have consumed calories and protein and carbs and fiber so it is healthy for you as well. Tastes so good.

Rest up the rest of today except for softball this evening and then back in the pool for another 1500 meters. Reading the drills and I'm not intimidated anymore. That is progress already.

Best part of training......EATING......I ate so much yesterday and still have dropped 2 lbs in the day. Tells me I need to eat more. Not a problem.

Until we meet again.....

BTW I have changed my motto from NOBODY WILL TRAIN HARDER THEN ME to.....

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Monday, 10 May 2010 14:20

First Day of Training

Today was the first day of training as I received my schedule from Coach C last night. The schedule covers the next four weeks and is broken down to regiments for the AM and PM. Most of these portions will take an hour or less so I will get to spend time with my family while still maintaining an active lifestyle that will get me in shape for the Ironman.

So today's first session was a swim. Not just any swim, but 1500 meters. The furthest I have ever swam was 725 so more then doubling the distance was first shocking, but then I figured that if I have to swim 1.2 miles on race day might as well get going now.

So the alarm went off at 4:06am and I got out of bed around 4:20 to have breakfast. Pre workout breakfast consists of toast, orange, coffee and half a protein bar. Off to the gym around 4:50am.

Get there and there is one person in the pool. Did she sleep there?

Anyway, I have to do 1500 meters, but thankfully not all at the same time. It is broken down into warm-ups, drills, main set, sprints and warm down.

I get into it and I realize how much I like it. I like having the structure of a coach and a reason for doing things. Previous swim training was just power through it so that I know I won't drown during the race.

Here is my take on the training session:

I love the buoy pull. This made me work just my upper body but my legs floated as I had a float between my thighs. This makes your legs useless for kicking, but since my previous swimming was just like that the benefit of having them float was huge.

I struggled with the fist stroke. Make a fist and swim through the water. This was so hard b/c you have no speed since your hands are in a ball.

Coach C asked that I take :15 intervals but at one point it was closer to :45 but I'm not upset as that will improve with my stamina for swimming 1500 meters.

I really loved the 4x25 hard as that forced me to keep my head down in the water and be more streamlined so that you actually move faster.

This afternoon I will have a 3 mile easy run, and then this evening I will go to the gym for strength/core work.

My heart rate this morning prior to breakfast was 62 bpm, then after the swim it was 94 bpm and two hours after the swim it was 82 bpm. I plan on taking my heart rate every two hours.
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Monday, 10 May 2010 00:36

Happy Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day and I have three special women in my life that I need to recognize and the first is my lovely wife. I love you honey. The second is my mother and the third is my sister. I love you both as well.

Each in their own way has helped me shape who I am today and how I go about my life.

For example, my wife is competitive and she keeps me going. She is the bedrock for me and her attitude allows me to compete in all of these events as well as push myself. Since we are both competitive we can have a tenedency to compete with each other but I also think that because of who we are we know how important it is to each other to train and to get out and race.

This morning my wife's one wish for Mother's Day was to run with her friend. So at aroudn 6:30am she left the house for a 7-8 mile run. She got home and seemed so relaxed and she truly enjoyed her run. It is great to have a wife who knows what it takes to compete and to always look to challenge yourself.


I got my first four weeks of training today from my coach and I'm fired up and nervous all at the same time. My first workout tomorrow is 1500 meters of swimming. The most I have ever done is 725 so this is more then double that, but the best part is nothing is longer then my longest non-stop swim of 325 yards. I think that with me going out at 1500 on day one and again on day 3 that by the time that Grapevine hits on June 5th I will be able to swim those 300 easy.

In our email correspondence today she also pointed out that she wants me to do open water competitions and that there are two coming up. One is on June 12th-13th and the other is on June 20th down near Austin. Going to Austin to do the race and buy a new bike sounds kind of awesome. Going to explore these two dates some more. Karen and I love going to Austin and spending time down there. Great people, great atmosphere, tons of fun.

I will be back on this blog early tomorrow morning to let you all know how the first swim training session went.

Also, big day tomorrow in that I should be getting my transition bag delivered. Good times all around.

Going to lay on the couch with my wife and to bed early as tomorrow is a big day.


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Friday, 07 May 2010 13:47

2010 Race Schedule

Here is my 2010 Race schedule and I will post the results as they come in:

April 25: Caveman Tri Finished this in 1:18:53.2
Swim - 275 yards in 5:28
T1 - 1:17.0
Bike - 12.8 miles in 46:16.7
T2 - 54.0
Run - 3.1 miles in 24:57.5

I finished in 125 overall out of 547. 17th place out of 53 men in my age group.

June 5: Grapevine - Paddle, Peddle and Pound
July 24: Cooper Summer Spring (tentative)
August 8: Pioneer Sprint Tri
September 5: Old College Tri
October 10: Toyota Open
December 5: Las Vegas Rock N Roll (tentative)
December 13: White Rock Marathon (tentative)
January 16: Phoenix Rock N Roll (tentative)

I'm sure there will be other races thrown in here throughout the year but this is the schedule for 2010.
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Friday, 07 May 2010 13:27

Motivational Words

Today's training was going to be swimming. I need to get in the pool since I have only swam once since the Caveman Tri. Get to the pool and it seems that everybody was swimming this morning. It was nuts, but of course I got there around 5:40am when I wanted to be there at 5a. That's what I get for not moving in the morning.

Was the day shot? No way. Got my spin class pass and right on the bike in what seems to have been the sauna. Even with the fans on the room was so hot. During the warmups I could feel the sweat dripping. But then again I love sweating as it tells me that I'm working. During the class I figure I'll go for 40 - 45 minutes as that is around the time that the bike during the sprint tri would take me. After the spin class I would run to the treadmill and put in 3.7 miles as that is the distance for the run on the next sprint Tri on June 5th. I'll list my upcoming schedule after this post.

The spin class was great. The instructor keeps it interesting and has great music so your cadence goes with the beat fairly easily. Lots of sprints and lots of hovering so your quads and hamstrings are always engaged.

Once my 40 minutes is up I treat the last portion like the race and open up my cycling shoes and then dismount the bike and transition to my running shoes. I run to the treadmill and get it going at first at around 9:13 per mile. Going at a slower pace to starts mimicks actual race transitions with the bonk in your legs.

Your legs once you get off the bike feel like cynder blocks. It takes me about 1/4 to 1/2 mile to get my legs under me before I feel like I'm actually running. After about 1/4 mile today I ramp up the speed and keep increasing it every 3/4 to 1 mile until the last 0.2 miles and I go all out at a 6:30 pace. Training the fast twitch muscle fibers at close to lactate threshold.

Now this all sounds like I cruised through this, but I certainly did not. I had to coax myself into keeping up with the treadmill. My tank was empty. After running 7 miles yesterday, Karen and I decided to go for a bike ride down by White Rock Lake. The ride was 16 miles and while we took it easy we were still around 17 to 18 mph for the ride.

Not to mention I wiped out on the bike. My front tire got into a grove between the pavement and the grass and I couldn't turn the way the road wanted me to go and I completely bit it. Wiped out, went down and across the path. The cycling gods must have been on my side b/c nobody was coming in either direction and I managed to barely get any strawberries on my elbows or a*s. Fortunately for me I didn't break anything on my person or my bike.....although breaking the bike would not have been a bad thing as I am dying to find a reason other then want to buy a new tri-bike.

So during the run on the treadmill which is already deadly boring and now I'm facing fatigue I see on the wall of the gym the following:

Push Your Limits

Exceed All Expections

And then on the TV as an infomercial for who knows what with the slogan:

I Can Do It

I saw all these sayings and it just pushed me towards the end and while pushing myself I kept saying to myself as well:

Nobody Will Out Train Me. Nobody is up right now pushing themselves this way. Nobody.

I may not win awards in my age group or qualify for Kona come April 2, 2011 but it won't be from a lack of trying or effort.

Great Mail Delivery Last Night as well. When we got home from dinner sitting on the front porch were my new aero bars for my bike. They are just clip ons but they will help during the upcoming sprint events I have on my schedule. They will also allow me to train on my current road bike while using my new tri bike for racing only......that is when I get one.

Tonight a friend of mine will be filming me swim in the pool so I can forward to my trainer and have her critique my stroke and my effort and efficiency. I am excited about that b/c as you have found out I hate the swim portion of the triathlon.

Hope you have a great Friday and don't forget to wish a Happy Mother's Day to your mom and to all the women in your life that are mothers.
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