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Great Morning Run - May 6th, 2010

TO this point you don't know much about me other then the fact that I am training for a 70.3 Ironman on April 2, 2011 in Oceanside, California and am married with a step-son and two dogs. So here is a little background on me. I am a very active person as there is rarely a day that goes by that I'm not doing something in terms of excercise. My typical week consists of two days of swimming, two days of running, two days of biking alongside 3-4 days of weight training and plyometrics. Yes that adds up to more then 7 days in a week which means I am working out twice a day, and sometimes if I feel the need I will get in a lunch bike or run for a 3x/day workout. It might seem insane but this is what I do. I also work close to 10 hours per day. I start at 730am here in Texas which is 830a in NY where the company I work for is based. I usually end the day around 5pm CMT so it comes close to a 10 hour work day usually and after that I will cook dinner for my family which I love to do. Cooking is a passion of mine and I have found the greatest food co-op. I order from Eden Restaurant and pick up my groceries on Saturday or Sunday and the fruits and vegetables are the freshest. Yes, I do get my 7 servins of fruits and vegetables per day along with my 8 glasses of water. It is amazing how great you feel when you are feeding your body the proper fuel. I am also running for a local government seat here where I live in Castle Hills. The early voting is over and election day is around the corner. The other candidates that I am running with are going to be meeting on Saturday evening to hopefully celebrate victories on getting our local residents elected to seats. This has been a great learning experience for me and while it may not jump start my career in politics I have learned a lot about how we are governed here as well as about myself. I play softball two days a week with friends that I met when I first moved to Dallas back in March of 2008. The games are co-ed and a really great way to get to see friends when schedules are so hectic. -------------------------------------------- Since my last post I have seen progress on the outdoor kitchen that we are having built. I will post pics as the project moves along and I have more to show. Right now it is just a hole in the ground with forms for pouring concrete. Karen and I took the dogs for a long walk, where Ginga looked as if she were going to die or pass out. The weather was very warm and it took a lot out of her, so much so that she jus stopped at one point and layed down in a puddle of water. Blue did the same thing so that bath that I just paid for is now a memory. After the walk we celebrated Cinco de Mayo at the restaurant down the block from us called Mezza Luna where we ran into a friend of ours. Juan just did the MS Bike Ride with us and we were discussing that and Juan is going to be doing the Oceanside race as well. He just did one in Galveston in 5 hours and 55 minutes. We decided that a goal of 5 hours and 30 minutes was what we wanted to do. I started to do the math and the bike alone at 16mph (which is slow but around where I am pacing right now) would take 4 hours, then the run of 13.1 miles would take 2 hours and 30 mintues (my fastest pace for 1/2 marathon is 1hr52min) so already I'm at 6.5 hours and that doesn't take into account the fact that I have to swim 1.2 miles. Swimming is my worst discipline. Either way I'm excted about Oceanside and can't wait to get the training program and start down the road to Ironman. This morning was a great morning for a run, but crazy as it seems I woke up at 2am for no reason. Luckily I was able to fall back asleep. Woke up at 4:11 and had my morning toast with peanut butter and coffee and hit the road for the run. Put in 7 miles with the CHRC (Castle Hills Running Club.) After about 5 miles, Robert (a training partner) decided that we should push the mile and we did. I lowered my average pace from 8:47 over 5 miles to 8:35 over 6 miles. I have not downloaded my Garmin but to lower your pace after that many miles by that much time means we were moving. A breakfast of a ProMax protein bar (Cookies N Cream - my favorite) and a smoothie that has banana, strawberry, blackberry, orange, milk, greek yogurt and flax seed is all I need to get the energy to carry me through the morning. Of course around 9:30am CMT I will have my mid-morning snack. I eat around 5-6 times per day and around 200-500 calories in each 'meal' which helps speed up my mebolism and provide the body the nutrients that it needs to carry me through these days. After work today will head to the pool for a swim and to practice some new techniques which will help me get faster in the water. Until later remember that you get out of it what you put into it. And I'm talking about life. Motto for the week of May 3rd is 'Nobody will train harder then me' See ya
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May 5th, 2010

Today's training didn't start out very well. Last night I decided to change bags to take to the gym and today was to be a swim day. I get about half-way to the gym and realize I did not pack my goggles. Big mistake as I can't swim now since I have my contacts. I was looking forward to trying out the techniques that Claudia showed me at our meeting on Monday and put them to the test. It was not to be, and I will have to try again on Friday unless I can get up there later today. I try to swim twice a week.

So instead of swimming I did weight training with plyometrics inserted between each set. Started out with alertnating bicep curls then plyo then back to curls and back and forth for three sets of bi's, then onto tri's and the same setup.

By the time I finished three sets of biceps and triceps I was coated in sweat. Doing the weight training very rarely has me sweating this much, but the plyometrics kicks my butt. I love doing it b/c I know it makes my legs stronger and that could be seen riding the hills this past weekend when I did the MS Bike Ride from Frisco to Fort Worth. What a great time that was and for a great cause.

The best part of working out and training is the ability to eat afterwards and not feel bad about it. This morning after walking my dogs I had an egg with spinach, mushrooms, peppers and swiss on a whole wheat tortilla. It was the perfect breakfast and got me ready for my work day.

Yesterday, when I started this blog I mentioned my wife but I failed to say how awesome of a woman she is. She has given me everything I need to be successful in all my endeavoers and trust me I have plenty. Sitting still is not one of my traits. Without the support of my wife and step-son not to mention my two dogs Ginga and Blue none of this would be happening. So with all that introduction I want to say to my family.....Thank You for your support. It means the world to me.
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Tuesday, 04 May 2010 16:28

Ironman Training will soon begin

I am starting a blog so that I can capture what happens during what is essentially a year long training as I prepare my body and mind for a 70.3 Ironman event in Oceanside, CA on April 2, 2011. Eventually this training will lead to a 140.6 Ironman event but that is a little too far away to worry about right now.

This year I made a decision to make 2010 the year of the Sprint Tri with the idea that I would use them as part of my training for the Ironman next year. After I completed my first sprint on April 25, 2010 I realized that I could do this. I finished 8 minutes faster then my first tri at Grapevine in May of 2009.

The dream was going to become a reality. I never ran growing up but it became a part of my life in 2007 and has been going on ever since. With the idea that I want to keep challenging myself and keep pushing myself I set out a goal to do a sprint tri in 2009 and accomplished that feat. Now I'm looking to doing a 70.3 Ironman and know that I can do it.

Problem was where do you start. There is so much information to review and read and it seems that I would be doing that rather then training. With that being said, my wife Karen, found a pamphlet at a local running store and gave it to me. It was a triathlon coach. I put the literature down and did not think about it for a bit, then one day it was just staring me in the face so I decided to contact the author.

Yesterday, May 3rd, 2010 I met with Claudia and after speaking with her for an hour I was really excited. I was putting this dream into reality and so now I want to capture this experience for all of my family and friends and to hopefully encourage those out there thinking about doing that that you can do it.

So today instead of driving to my Tuesday run, I ran to the run. Sounds funny but that is what I did. Normally we put in 4.7 miles on Tue/Thur so with the extra running it turns out to be 6.7 miles. This is a great running group and they were very supportive of my marathon training in 2009 so I know they will be very supportive of the tri training in 2010.

Stay tuned for updates on how the training is going, where I'm going next, what events I'm participating in, and who knows what else may show up on here.

Jason - May 4th, 2010
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