Don't Mind Me. I'm Just Over Here Thinking Random Things.

Random thoughts make its second showing here in the second week of September and some of these are just thoughts that make me say:  what were you thinking?  So we are a few days past the mid-way mark of the month and as you know I am trying to ride 650 miles during #CycleSeptember.  Things are looking very good for me at this point and I have shot at surpassing 650 miles by Sunday of this week.  That would give me a week to taper and recover before heading into an October that will be filled with bigger goals and was one of the random thoughts I had while pedaling for nearly 200 miles this past week. Remember that these are some of the random thoughts that pop into my head as I am out there swimming, biking and running.  In case you missed last week's random thoughts post you can click here.

Random Thoughts From The First Two Weeks Of September

  1. [caption id="attachment_8947" align="alignright" width="225"]randome thoughts - superfood Superfood is nothing more than just food. The need to describe it as super is redundant.
    Source: Trainer Tony Martinez[/caption] Can we stop using the phrase superfoods.  If it is a natural food it is a superfood because it will contain healthy fats, or complex carbs or lean proteins.  It will also have micronutrients, vitamins and minerals thus making it a superfood or what I like to call food.  Now if you are downing Oreos (even if they are vegan) on a regular basis then when you have that cup of blueberries you may feel like Superman but otherwise these items are just food and should be referred to as such.
  2. While we are going to stop using the phrase super to describe our food let's continue that pattern and stop using hyperbole to describe EVERYTHING.  I see and hear phrases such as:  That was the best run ever.  That was the greatest steak ever.  That was by far and away the absolute greatest race in the history of races and that includes that dude that ran the first 'marathon' in Greece.  Really?  Is everything you do just the best ever?  C'mon now.  It was probably just good but because you want to post it to Facebook that 3 miles run just became the most epic 3 mile run ever.  Right.
  3. Instagram.  I love this piece of social media but sometimes it is even too much for me.  The shout out for shout out nonsense has to stop.  Please do not tell me to visit the page of the greatest chef in all the land and when I get there that chef is telling me to visit the greatest ballerina in all the land and it is you.  That stuff just has to stop.  Nobody cares about the number of followers or likes that you have.  Just create great content for your page and leave it at that.  People will find it if they are truly interested.
  4. Drivers please respect cyclists on the road.  There is no reason for you to do 100 mph to pass me just so you can get off the next exit which happens to be 5 feet away.  Just slow down and get behind me and before you blow your stack you will be pulling off the exit anyway.
  5. PR companies.  Please, please, please read a few posts of my blog and my About Me before sending me an email asking if I want to review your women's running shoe or your deliver to your house steaks.  Seriously it doesn't take long to read a paragraph or two to understand what I am about and how I live my life.  Sh*t just Google my name and practically my life's story pops up and you can, in a moment, know if I am writing to your target audience or not.
  6. Protein.  I have had it up to my neck with this word.  Protein pancakes. Protein muffins. Protein water. Protein eggs. Protein air.  People......outside of water and air I cannot think of a single thing that doesn't have protein in it.  As a matter of fact, most Americans get more protein than they need and do you know what happens to that extra protein?  No, it does not grow your biceps into a quadceps.  It turns to fat, just like too much carbohydrate.  Stop with the protein non-sense already.  Please.
  7. Breaking news.  This comes on the heels of the Bo Pellini rant about the Nebraska fans FROM TWO YEARS AGO that surfaced today.  Somebody recorded the head coach of Nebraska having a discussion in which he is rather calm but cursing up a storm from lots of frustration.  He thought he was having a private moment but it turns out somebody was recording it.  Based on the fact that Nebraska what whitewashed by UCLA this past weekend this person released the tape to Deadspin and now there is a good chance this will get Pellini fired.  Is anything sacred anymore?  Can we no longer have a discussion with family/friends, colleagues, neighbors without wondering if it is being recorded for a gotcha moment?
  8. [caption id="attachment_8946" align="alignright" width="265"]random thoughts - keep calm By Raging I Find A Way To Remain Calm.....Most Of The Time.
    Source: KeepCalm-O-Matic[/caption] These Keep Calm signs.  Keeping calm is what causes people to eventually erupt.  Sometimes you have to vent. Sometimes you have to be an asshole.  Sometimes keeping calm is the wrong thing to do.
  9. After watching 60 Minutes on Sunday I thought about how odd it is to have federal laws that make marijuana illegal but Colorado state law that allows its use in a recreational setting to be legal and the Federal Government turning a blind eye to it yet that law causing these local businesses to have a difficult time running a legitimate business in Colorado.  Something has to give here right?  It is either legal or illegal but it cannot be both.
  10. Also after watching that 60 Minutes episode I tuned into Al Jazeera TV and watched about 30 minutes of it in bits and pieces.  The parts that I saw were coverage of the new Miss America who is Indian and how within seconds there were Tweets from the public stating how ridiculous it was for an Indian woman to be crowned Miss America.  I immediately thought that these tweets were jokes but sure enough they were real.
  11. The episode on E:60 yesterday with AJ Green, the high school football coach and the boy who was sexually assaulted was easily the best episode ESPN's E:60 has ever produced.   You can see them all by clicking this link.
  12. It is time to get another tattoo.  I cannot wait until after Ironman Chattanooga.

So What Random Thoughts Did You Have While Training?

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