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It has been nearly three weeks since I was nominated for this post and I am finally getting around to it.  Life has been a whirlwind in the past two weeks and I just kept pushing it off and pushing it off.  Finally I made the decision to sit down and get this done and schedule it for the future (so I am writing this on Friday the 19th.) [caption id="attachment_3679" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Is there a better age grouper picture out there?"]See_Becca_try_to_tri_rebecca_korb_triathlet[/caption] This is not like the other blogger chain letters that go around asking questions about 100 fascinating items about yourself (I have about 10,000....do you want to know any of them?) or ask any questions you want and get honest answers (feel free to ask away I've got nothing to hide) but instead this is a way to post links to posts that you have written that have different meanings.  It was a pretty good idea so I decided I would participate.  Before I attach my links I want to say thank you to Rebecca of See Becca Try To Tri.  I found Rebecca or she found me (can't remember how we met) on Twitter one day and have followed her journey and as it turned out we raced Oceanside 70.3 this past April.  The downside was that I did not know who she was back then and thus never had the opportunity to meet somebody who inspires me through her words. The folks over at Tripbase have been running a blogging experiment as of late. The goal is to unite bloggers from all around cyberspace to share and develop a vault of lost, but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again. The rules are as follows:
  1.  Blogger is nominated to take part
  2.  Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category
  3.  Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.
  4.  These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers
  5.  And so it goes on!
So here are mine… Most Beautiful- Have You Seen The Sun Rise? and It's A Lonely Road There are a few others that I liked just as much, but these remind me of those early morning workouts that when I'm done I see the most beautiful scene ever.  The sun waking up and letting me know that the start to a new day with new opportunities is about to start. Most Popular- Cupcake Marathon   This was by far the most popular and it was a lot of fun for me to host the event.  The Virtual Marathon will be back in the Spring as I am going to make it an annual event as opposed to hosting it twice a year.  This will allow me to find more sponsors and create a larger event. Most Controversial- Strength Training for Endurance Athletes This was not very controversial on my blog, but prompted by Jeff Irvin to post to Slowtwitch.com and the interwebs blew up on it.  I was getting tons of email notifications that it was being commented on over on their message boards.  The post was actually pulled down because they thought that I was upset by the fact that some made comments that were not complimentary to say the least.  For me they had every right to express their opinion and in reality the comments made me laugh more than upset.  I wish they would have left it up because there were lots of good points being made for both strength training and to not strength train. Most Helpful- Nutritional Breakdown for Endurance Athletes I think this is the most helpful because it battles the stigma that carbohydrates and fats are bad.  As endurance athletes we need both and in the proper proportion to get the most out of ourselves.  All too often we hear/read about no-carb/low-carb or no-fat/low-fat diets that are just not smart.  We need all of these macronutrients to help us perform at our best and this post broke it down for us. Success Surprised MeRaise Taxes?  YES This one surprised me because I did not realize how passionate my followers were about obesity.  I think because we train as hard as we do and watch everything we eat we tend to not speak up about obesity so as not to offend anybody.  What I found out is that we are all sick and tired of hearing 'You look too skinny?' when in reality we are not too skinny or small its that the rest of America has ballooned.  We had different ideas and takes on raising taxes and how the money would be used but in the end I was surprised by the passion that you all showed. Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved – Yoga And Triathlon A Great Friendship We all know how important it is to warm-up before our training session.  We also know how important it is to stretch afterwards but I think that we get lost in all the SBR that we forget that there are other ways to get that stretch in.  We talk about not having time to do it but one class a week for an hour to get fully stretched is great, but the place that you go in your mind during yoga is what the true benefit is.  You distance yourself from the outside world and gain inner peace while also helping your endurance career by getting the most out of your stretching and breathing. Most Proud OfThe Hall of Fame I am most proud of this post not because of what I wrote but because of who it features.  These are everyday people doing the extraordinary and I am proud to have gotten to know them all through Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and some in real life.  I remember when I first started blogging I would refer to them as blog friends and now I just call them friends.  I have grown to get to know them all in a more personal manner than I ever could have imagined.  It is with that thought that I say I am most proud of this post because I am most proud of my friends for accomplishing what was once deemed impossible.  Congrats to all of you and I cannot wait to induct Matt, Katie, Aimee and Kevin.   Now I am supposed to nominate 5 bloggers to post their 7 links and I am having a hard time doing this because I truly enjoy reading so many blogs so let's go forward and find those that I have starred blogs for in my Google Reader and nominate them: The Great MissZ - terrific person on her blog, even better person in real life.  Enjoyed my time getting to know her in Boulder and was one of the first people I ever started following. Shut Up and Tri - formerly known as Φ (that's her behind a tree) Beth is real.  Her blogs are real and she is not afraid to post her thoughts and not a day goes by that I don't laugh because of her. Tri Diesel - BDD has written some of the most inspiring posts I have written that make me want to run through a wall someday.  Just incredible supporter of the average age grouper and it is truly appreciated. The Road - Patrick has given me tons of motivation to be a better step-father through his writings of spending time with his son that it shows me it is all about balance.  I refer to his blog when I think that my training is getting the better of me and I need to be brought back into balance. Caratunk Girl - Mandy is never without a smile.  I have a saying that a smile makes the worries go away.  If you are down about something then smile and if you can't muster up a smile go to Mandy's blog see her smile and you will smile right back.  
Jason Bahamundi

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I grew up in New York and lived there for 34 years until I got divorced and moved 1600 miles to my new home in Texas.  I love New York and miss it but that does not mean that Texas hasn’t been great to me because it has.  It was here that I discovered endurance sports and specifically the sport of triathlon.  Triathlon has given me new life through all the challenges it presents.  I no longer look at life the same way and I can say that is in part due to my endeavor into this sport.

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