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Endurance Athlete Meetup

[caption id="attachment_3317" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Products from GU, Recharge and Marathon Bars"]GUEnergy_Recharge_MarathonBars_Meeting[/caption] When I was at the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder, Colorado back in June one item that I learned that really piqued my interest was to host a meetup of friends, family and other athletes from the area to test products out and try to put together a review for the companies.  Of course, in order to make this happen you have to check the schedule of those you want to invite, check your schedule for training, and make sure that your wife is ok with having strangers come over (but not necessarily in that order.) After getting approval from Karen I emailed a few of the companies that I have had direct contact with along with two PR firms (Jen and Julia of Fresh Ideas Group and Scott of Outside PR) to see if they had companies that were willing to send me products to hand out and have people comment on.  Every company was more than happy to send me items and from the moment I got my final response the UPS / FedEx guy and I became pals.  Almost daily another package showed up at my doorstep and it was amazing.  I never imagined this many boxes in my house where I wasn't moving (still haven't sold house by the way) or trying to pack away Christmas decorations. I am going to do my best to recap everything for you, but let me just say that it was a great time hanging out with like minded folks who took a real interest in all the products and items that were on the table for them to test and take home. The lineup of products included the following:
Throughout the day we sampled each of the protein bars, tortilla chips and My Fit Foods (I did not eat this but it smelled great) and washed it all down with Recharge, HoneyMilk and Herbalife smoothies.  The conversation was great and the company was better.
My review of a few of the products that I had never used before:
Salba Seed: This is a terrific product.  Straight from their website is the following: Salba is the richest whole food source of Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber found in nature. Gram for gram, Salba provides eight times more Omega 3s than salmon, four times more fiber than flax, six times more calcium than whole milk, 30 percent more antioxidants than blueberries, and muchmore. Salba is all-natural, has no trans-fats, very few carbohydrates, and is certified Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten-Free for those who suffer from celiac disease. Learn More
The tortilla chip were incredible and come in three varieties (Organic Yellow, White or Blue Corn.)  I thought I might get a different taste because of the salba but there is nary a hint of the seed in the taste although you can see it clearly.  I was enamored by them and so was the 7 year old son of my boss and I'm not sure his hand came out of the bowl but we were losing chips out of the bowl.
Here is the crazy thing about Salba and the products we received:  The salsas were better than the tortilla chips and each salsa was better than the last.  We were able to sample Mild, Medium and Hot.  I love my food spicy but wanted to see what they thought was mild.  I tested it out and it was bland for my taste buds but it was good. There were chunks of tomato in there and this time you could actually taste the salba seeds.  The medium seemed to reflect the same taste as the mild with no discernible difference.  Then I got to the hot and while it did not make my eyes water or nose run it was the best of the three.  I would say the hot is more of a medium salsa but the flavors all melded together nicely. I cannot wait to make a jar of overnight oats and put salba seeds instead of chia seeds to see if there is any difference in taste and texture.  After that we will be putting salba seeds on my daily nut butter and jelly sandwich to get that little bit of extra texture. My recommendation is that you click [HERE] and [HERE] to find out where you can buy Salba Seeds and products and add it to your diet. [caption id="attachment_3319" align="alignright" width="300" caption="RoadID, HydraPak, Ryders Eyewear"]RoadID_Hydrapak_Ryders_Eyewear[/caption] Recharge: This is an all natural and organic juice drink made by the R.W. Knudsen Family Company.  Let me just say that they are generous as I received 5 boxes of their product.  I was able to handout all of their flavors which include: grape, green apple, lemon, mixed berry, orange, organic lemon, tropical while sampling the grape and orange.  Karen has been drinking the tropical. My first action was to look at the nutrition facts because it is labeled as hydration for all out performance.  To me that means that it has all the calories and electrolytes I need to get me through a bike stage in a Half-Ironman or Ironman race.  This product falls short there as there are only 70 calories, 18g of Carbohydrates and 25mg of Sodium in the drink, but where it does excel is in the flavor department and all natural ingredients. I was immediately taken back to my childhood when I tasted the grape and orange.  The flavors were in fact that of a juice drink and the ingredients prove it: Ingredients: Filtered Water, White Grape and Apple Juice Concentrates, Herbal Tea (Water, Hibiscus Tea), Natural Flavors, Natural Orange Extract, Sea Salt. I would not use this product to replace the Prolong or EFS Liquid Shot but if you are a Gatorade G2 drinker then I would drink Recharge instead as it has the same calorie count and similar carbs but this is natural where G2 is not. My Fit Foods: I cannot make any claims to the taste of the food but I can tell you that my kitchen smelled as if I just cooked (laugh with me here!)  In all honesty the food was consumed by the bowl full and after every time somebody put a fork in their mouth they exclaimed how tasty it was.  I have been to My Fit Foods before I became a vegetarian and I can say that there food is excellent.  It is prepared that day in a designated kitchen and in a container that you just pick out of the refrigerated container and heat up when you get home. There are a couple of items sold at My Fit Foods that had the pleasure of sampling while at the CapTexTri Expo.  The products were the Perfect Fit Cookie and the Boundless Nutrition Energy Bars.  You can find more information on both [HERE] but I can say that the cookies never stood a chance and the bars are moist and tasty. [caption id="attachment_3323" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Karen of Team Marathon Bar and Shannon of Team Aquaphor showcasing products"]Team_Marathon_Bar_Aquaphor[/caption] I still have not had the chance to try the HydraPak gear as of yet, but will do a review of the product line as I use each item.  I don't think you need a review of HoneyMilk from me as my love of the product is evident in my tweets, posts on Facebook and pictures and words on this blog.  There was almost a riot over the Road ID jerseys and Ryders eyewear but I think everybody came away unscathed.  There were two varieties of the sunglasses and both looked really cool and Karen looks great in one of the pair that we delivered to us.  The GU Energy gels and electrolyte tabs do not need a review but the flavor of the chocolate raspberry was outstanding as a new flavor for me.  The ladies loved the Bondi Bands and if I had hair I probably would too.  As for Tri-Clips I had a hard time giving their items away but I already own the clips, the seat cover and have a transition mat so I painfully let them go and each person that received one of the items was very happy. [caption id="attachment_3320" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Each person walked out with a gift bag and much more"]Gift_Bags_Giveaway_Reviews[/caption] The Marathon bars that we had to share were very good and reminded me quite a bit of the PowerBar Harvest Bars I had been using.  If you use PowerBar then try to switch it up and use the Marathon bars and determine for yourself which you like better.  As for Herbalife, you all know my feelings about their products.

I would like to thank all the companies that mailed me products to test out along with sending thanks to all those that attended.  I had a great time, hope you did to and I look forward to hosting another event in the near future.

Have you hosted an event and what were your thoughts about the process?

If you owned a company would you want to showcase your products in ths type of setting?

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My sweet tooth has been raging since last Thursday.  How do I know it was Thursday?  It is because I was so beat after the Disco Triathlon and had no recovery with a full week of training that on Thursday I collapsed.  I took a nap mid-day and when I woke up there wasn't a food I did not want to consume.  I found my step-sons M&Ms and those poor little candies did not stand a chance.  I woke up in the middle of the night and went and took out the Nutella and spread it on thick onto a banana.  My body was craving carbs and worse yet it was looking for chocolate from a wrapper. I thought to myself that weekend that I need to control the cravings and the ingredients and still hit that sweet tooth spot.  Maybe even make a candy that had some protein in it as well and that is when the package of Reese's Peanut Butter cups were staring me in the face.  I am a big fan of this candy as I pretend that the peanut butter in them compensates for the chocolate.  It's a mind game you know. I started to think that there was a better way to make this product and have it be made with a lot less ingredients and a way to get the kids involved as well.  I broke down the candy into two parts:  1) Chocolate 2) Peanut Butter.  Seemed simple but I wanted my chocolate to shine and not just be chocolate and that is where the chocolate flavor of HoneyMilk came into this recipe. Here is the recipe to Baha's Chunky Almond Butter Cups: Ingredients: 150g + 150g Dark Chocolate Chunks, 4oz +4oz Chocolate HoneyMilk, 12Tbs Chunky Almond Butter Servings: 12 Directions:

  1. Line a muffin tin with cupcake foil and set aside
  2. Bring a pot of water to a boil and place a glass bowl on top.  Make sure the glass bowl does not touch the water.
  3. Put 150g of dark chocolate chunks into glass bowl and allow it to begin to melt.
  4. Once chocolate starts to melt add in 4oz Chocolate HoneyMilk and stir until chocolate is completely melted and has a nice shine to it.
  5. Remove from heat and begin to fill cupcake liners with ~3 Tbsp of the chocolate.
  6. After chocolate has lined bottom of cupcake liners place 1Tbsp of chunky almond butter in middle.
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 5 except you are now covering the chunky almond butter with the chocolate.
  8. Place muffin pan in freezer until chocolate hardens or approximately 45 minutes.
Enjoy this sweet treat for breakfast after a run or in the evening with a glass of your choice of milk.
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The Cupcake Marathon Spring 2011

[caption id="attachment_997" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="It's Like A Marathon But With A Cherry On Top"][/caption] Christel (Silly Girl Running) and I had a Facebook conversation after she posted a comment regarding running for cupcakes.  It was a comical conversation that has led to this announcement.  For about 1 month now Christel and I have been working on creating a virtual race that fits into the training season for Spring Marathons.  We wanted to create a race that would incorporate runners and walkers, marathoners and half-marathoners.  In other words an all-inclusive race focused on getting people moving in 2011. All of these conversations wound up with us creating the first Cupcake Marathon. The rules will be simple and laid out in a bit but know that whether you finish in 2 hours and 50 minutes or 6 hours that you have a chance to win prizes from some of our sponsors.  We are still working with some sponsors to finalize details and will keep adding as we move along which only means that there are more chances for you to win some fabulous prizes. Now you are asking yourself where do the cupcakes come in.  I am hear to tell you that if you enter the race you will be sent three recipes for cupcakes from a cookbook that I have purchased and actually made all three recipes so I know how good they taste.  We are still trying to find a cupcake sponsor to actually send you cupcakes if you win, but in the event that we don't find one and you don't win you will still be running for cupcakes. To date our sponsors include cases of HoneyMilk (US Only), 3 Bondi Bands, a Road ID, a GU Sampler Pack and a Hydrapack Gel Bot for those participating in the United States and Canada.  The European winners will be able to win coupons for cupcakes, 3 Sweaty Bands and Silly Girl Running fridge magnets. That is a lot of prizes to be handed out and we will continue to add more prizes as we work with various sponsors. The Cupcake Sponsors 2011


Since this post went live we have been able to land a cupcake sponsor.  What does that mean to you?  It means that if you win via you will actually have cupcakes shipped to your house (in the US only.)  Who was kind enough to become the cupcake sponsor.....Sugared Bakery is who. Who is Sugared Bakery you are asking.  Well it is a small bakery run by Elisabeth and she started her own company after reading a blog post about owning your dreams (sound familiar?)  She has been up and running for a couple of months now and is the official Cupcake Break sponsor of Fitbloggin 2011. Elisabeth was kind enough to donate the following:
  • 2 doz to the winner of the Marathon distance
  • 1 doz to the winner of the Half-Marathon distance
  • 1 doz Glitter Puff Cookies to the Marathon distance
  • 1 doz Glitter Puff Cookies to the Half-Marathon distance
Remember that will choose the winners so you don't have to worry about speed here. Want to know your choice of flavors: 1) Vanilla cupcake with vanilla/chocolate buttercream 2) Chocolate cupcake with chocolate/vanilla buttercream 3) Marble cupcake with chocolate/vanilla buttercream ***these 3 flavors can also be filled with an array of flavors (peanut butter, Nutella, dulce de leche, etc.)--if desired, the winner can tell me their filling of choice, and I'll make it happen. 4) Orange cupcake with orange cream filling & icing, with an orange fruit slice on top 5) Chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling, whipped chocolate buttercream 6) Chocolate cupcake with strawberry filling, peanut butter buttercream 7) Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese buttercream 8) Chocolate cupcake filled with caramel, with dulce de leche frosting, and crushed toffee & cocao nibs on top And for me the best part is you can order these VEGAN or standard.  Check out Sugared Bakery on Facebook and 'LIKE' them.
[caption id="attachment_1127" align="aligncenter" width="180" caption="Sugared Bakery"][/caption]
Can't wait to see if you are a winner in the Cupcake Marathon well no need to worry.  Sugared Bakery has kindly offered a $5 off coupon for their cupcakes using the code CTER5OFF.  Just go to their Facebook page order form place your order and then in the checkout process put in the CTER5OFF coupon code. So now you want to know the rules and here they are:

Event Dates: March 14th through March 26th (you do not have to complete the mileage on ONE run but over the course of the two weeks)

Event Distances: 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles) and Marathon (26.2 miles) will need to select a distance when you submit your registration Registration: Submit your name, distance, and location through the Contact Me form. Proof of participation: We will require pictures of your Garmin, Polar, Nike+, Treadmill, etc showing the miles and the time.  We will also require that you submit a spreadsheet calculating your times (you will be emailed the spreadsheet after you submit your entry form) Prize Determination: Will be based on  You cannot win more than one item.  Read post to determine what you are eligible for. Pictures: We will require you to submit a photo with your bib that you can print by clicking on the picture below.   This is meant to be a fun way to get you active and moving in time for the spring racing season.  Depending on the success of this event there will be another Cupcake Marathon in the Fall. Happy racing and if you have any questions please use the Contact Me form to submit your questions.  

It's Like A Marathon But With A Cherry On Top

  [caption id="attachment_1114" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Got all the ingredients ready to start baking"][/caption]       [caption id="attachment_1115" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Into the oven they go....(my head needs some icing)"][/caption]         [caption id="attachment_1116" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Set the temp and the time"][/caption]   [caption id="attachment_1117" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Can I have one please?"][/caption]           [caption id="attachment_1111" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Finished Product"][/caption]
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Nervous, Excited....Both? Neither?

If you are a follower then you know that I started a couch to marathon program here in the North Dallas area called Marathon Makeover North Dallas.  This is a 40 week program that helps ordinary people do the extraordinary - train for and complete a marathon.

Well it is kick-off eve which means that tomorrow I will be staring into the face of strangers who will be looking to me for answers.  Answers to questions I may have never thought of.  Answers to concerns about issues I never dreamt of or even knew existed.  How will I go about giving them an answer?

Am I nervous about this kick-off meeting?  Yes I am but not in the way you may think.  I am not nervous about public speaking.  It's in my nature.  It's something I'm good at.  I can stand in a room of people and talk that isn't the problem.  The problem is about the things I can't control.  Such as I printed up and made 75 copies of the registration that enough?  I had a dream that 300 people showed up.  I have the DVD player in the car and I know it works, but will it work tomorrow?  I have my signs ready to put outside of the Coppell Family YMCA but will I forget the stakes to put them into the ground?  These are the things that make me nervous.  I am a planner. I write down things and scratch them off when they are complete.  My list is written and scratched off but I'll go through it one more time.  Make me feel better.

I am excited about seeing these new faces.  I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.  I love seeing their facial expressions when telling a story whether its smiles or tears.  I truly enjoy knowing that I am going to help these people change their lives for the better.  Of course some that show up won't register for the program but they will have been affected by a room full of people looking to help themselves, for that I have no doubt.

2011 has been a great year already and we are only two weeks into it.  Tomorrow will mark the mid-way point of January and it will be the first ever kick-off meeting for Marathon Makeover North Dallas.  Registrants will be the first ever participants of the MMND program.  They will have done something that nobody else has ever done and that is become a member of Team Baha and MMND.  They will also embark on their journey to join an elite group.  A group that included names like Shalene, Kara, Meb, Beth (SUAR), EMZ, and so many other blogging buddies plus my wife BUTt it is limited to the fact that only 1% of the WORLD'S population has run a marathon.  That is elite company right there.

I am also excited about the fact that I have begun the process of building a network that will help these participants over the next 40 weeks and beyond.  I have partnered with North Dallas Nutrition, Dr Goodman of Spring Valley Sports and Spinal Care, Vicky Sheahan of C-Prime.  HoneyMilk is the official recovery drink of Marathon Makeover nationally along with Ada Wong as the National Spokesperson and Online Team Leader. 

There is a lot of momentum and a lot of excitement.  2011 is great and only getting better.

Thank you to our partners and thank you for reading/following my blog.  I will post tomorrow what the 2011 team looks like, and have pictures as well.


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Typically don't post on Saturday as I try to unplug myself and just enjoy the day, but when you have a wife and step-son with strep throat and in isolation, along with a tornado warning going on well you have the opportunity to write a blog.

This morning my training called for a 16 mile run with 10x:30 pickups at mile 12.  This was going to be a great run but on the way a few things happened.

1- my stomach was not feeling right the moment I woke up.  I haven't had breakfast yet what is going on?
2- after a trip to the bathroom it was my race day morning breakfast of coffee, 2 slices of whole wheat toast and a bowl of granola with almond milk......uh-oh I only had two sips of coffee and back to the bathroom.
3- Done with breakfast and time to push on and head out to White Rock Lake for this 16 mile jaunt and the stomach was not giving me any issues.....problems past?
4- Park the Green Machine/Locker Room (my Xterra) and usually I just take the remote off and not take my keys with me so I take off the remote right?  Wrong it was the key.  OK start again.  Go to put the remote in my pocket and its my house key.  Let's try again.  OK, got the remote off this time.
5- Put remote away near gas tank and Uh-Oh there goes the belly again and the worst port-o-john in all of White Rock is the only one close as I won't make it 1 mile to the next one.....OMG it has TP....YES!!!!!
6- Go to wash my hands with my water bottle and drop the is 6:30am and dark out....where did this thing go?
7- On the ground and searching and finally found it.  Hands washed and time to go.

Hey this running thing is going pretty well.  Stomach issues seem to be behind me and maybe I just needed to actually start running.  The hammy/glute is a tad sore but nothing I can't over come.

Mile 1 done and the pace is .....huh?  9:08....time to get moving.....The miles ticked off and I was feeling fairly strong but the leg was not getting any better and I was somewhat conscious of it and needed to try to forget it.

About 4 miles into the run and the sweat is pouring off of me.  Where did this humidity come from?  Seriously why is it so warm out here right now?  Man can I catch a break please?

Hey....what is that up there?  A race?  Oh no, how am I going to keep a steady EZ pace as I am being passed by other runners.  I am competitive and while I'm not racing getting passed is not acceptable.....stay focused......nope can't do it and my pace picks up while I'm on the course.  Luckily it was a 5k and I was through this in a few miles.

Now the stomach seems to be coming back.  The burps start and normally the burp is great because it feels like I'm getting rid of bad air and able to expand my lungs.  This time the burp has a little something with it.  I am not puking.  I am not puking.  I have never done this before and I'm not about to start so I just swallow it down and say to myself that is just protein as I did have fish/shrimp tacos last night.  Ahhhh.....maybe now I know where the bad stomach ju-ju is coming from.

More burps, more miles, more pain in the hip but I am staying on course and finishing this run.  I get to mile 12 and here come the pick-ups....awesome I am almost done.  I get to the 13.1 mark and look at the watch and it says 1:53....I'll take that on a sore hip and bad stomach.  My goal for the half-mary in two weeks is 1:44 so I think I can do it for sure.

I finish the run and see a runner that I met last week and we chat for a few minutes.  She is doing the half-mary as well and this will be her first.  She is nervous but she ran 13.5 miles last week so there is nothing to be worried about I tell her and it is in the bag, just taper and be ready to roll.

I swallow my HoneyMilk and banana.  One day I will just drink the HoneyMilk instead of chugging it and let the taste last a little longer but it is so good and I can't help myself.  I get some stretching in and the leg is feeling better. 

It is not truly breakfast time and a mini-veggie omelet with whole wheat dry toast and fruit at LePeep is the panacea for all that ails me.  I do this after all my long runs and good.

Head to the grocery store and pick up ice because it is time to head home and get in the ice bath.

Learned a trick from ChasingTheKenyans (who by the way is running a giveaway for HoneyMilk) that I should get into the bath and then drop the ice in.  What a great idea!!!!!!  I am out of the bath now and my legs while numb are not as numb as they were a few days ago.  I am feeling great and actually just did a few high knees to see how good they felt and I didn't fall down and I'm not shivering too bad.  Awesome and Thank You!!!!!

So now it is nap time while the wife and step-son do the same and well what else am I going to do now that it is pouring and tornado warnings.....I don't want to repeat the words Auntie Emm anyway.

Here is my gear after my run in the parking lot at White Rock Lake.  I have to change once I'm done b/c working up a good sweat is great, but sitting in it to drive home is not my cup of tea.  And just so you know that I truly do sweat....those are my foot prints after I took my Asics off and prior to putting my Zoots on.

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Just found out about a giveaway involving HoneyMilk.  Head over to ChasingTheKenyans for your opportunity to win the best recovery drink there is.

Wednesday October 20, 2010 Observations and Musings

  • The winner of the Massage Envy giveaway is from the great state of Texas ironically and is Melissa from the blog SeeMelTri.  She just ran the Chicago Marathon and go on over and read her race report.  I'm sure she can use this massage so congratulations to Melissa.  Email me so we can make arrangements.
  • My article on yoga has been picked up by and can be found here.
  • I did an 8 mile tempo run yesterday on a sore hamstring (story below) and wound up running at an 8:27/mile pace for the 8 miles and believe that I can go faster for longer and will.
  • I have a sore/strained/definitely not pulled left hamstring.  It started just after the US Open Tri Championships but I have been pushing through it but finally decided to try to really take care of it.  After 30 minutes of stretching I got in the ice bath, then followed that up with the Tens machine, Biofreeze and wrapped it.  Felt much better this morning but still decided to Biofreeze and wrap before my 1000y Time Trial this am.  Here is a picture of the dreaded ice bath, my toes in said bath and then my foot after 30 minutes....I couldn't take a picture of both feet because I could barely stand.

  • Had a time trial swim today of 1000y.  My coach has me doing these every 4 weeks to see for improvement.  The last one was done 4 weeks ago and my time then was 20:57 which turns out to be 2:05/100y or 2:17/100m.  At the US Open I did the 1500m in 37:33 or 2:17/100y or 2:30/m.  I read this blog post by Ryan Schneider this morning regarding failure versus fall-ure and decided I was a fall-ure, but in that first time trial I was a failure because I didn't push hard enough I thought.  Today's time trial was done in 20:24 (2:02/100y or 2:13/100m) and I was sorely disappointed.  I thought for sure I could knock at least 1 minute and 30 seconds off that time.  Again, I am tentative because I'm worried about finishing the distance as opposed to going all out and pushing myself.  I need to  get over this mental block of not being able to finish and this alone will improve my speed by leaps and bounds.
  • Marathon Makeover - North Dallas is getting closer and closer to launching its inaugural season.  I have a franchise meeting in Mississippi in a few weeks and then we will truly begin marketing the program of converting couch potatoes into marathoners and 1/2 marathoners but it much more then that.  As we all know it is about the journey.  To find out more about this program text "MMND" to 90210 (insert your Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, Dylan, Steve, Donna, David joke here.)  The video below has some testimonials about how the program has affected peoples lives.

  • We featured a guest blogger (Justin Bradshaw) yesterday and how his aquatic boot camp can help endurance athletes.  Pretty interesting stuff!
  • I tend to obsess over things and really throw myself into my passions as has been done with triathlon.  Well this triathlon bug has really got a hold of me and I thought to myself how can I help other beginners besides this blog.  The logical thought process (for me anyhow) was to try to promote coaches for those looking to tackle sprints, Olys, HIM and IM.  This sport is growing beyond belief to the point WTC announced a 5150 series and there is a new organization called Triathlon America for helping the triathlon business community.  It is growing and some might say on the cusp of explosion and there will be individuals out there seeking coaches and coaches seeking participants so I am looking to marry the two.  If you are coached please send me your coaches name and information so that I may contact them in order to get this foray off the ground.  Essentially it will be a Tri Coach Directory and just a way for me to give back to the sport that has given me so much.
The story you have all been waiting for (maybe not, but here it is anyway).....the unveiling of my tentative 2011 Race Schedule, with the remainder of 2010 first
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Thursday, 21 April 2011 15:52

The Athlete's Plate - April 21, 2011

 I am taking the week off from creating the Athlete's Plate this week and asked Chuck Feerick of Feerless Food to be a Guest Chef.  He graciously agreed to take on this task and I cannot thank him enough.  I 'met' Chuck through Twitter and also through our affiliation with HoneyMilk (yes, he does include HoneyMilk in one of his recipes.) Enjoy our Guest Chef and please show him some blogger love by commenting here and visiting his site.  I will be back next week and have a great nominee from BDD that I can't wait tostart scouring their site and getting inspired. Thank you Chuck for standing in for me.  

Oatmeal (Bike/Run) Brick   

  • ¾ cup oats
  • 2 egg whites
  • 2 scoops protein powder (30 grams protein, 200 calories)
  • 1 mashed banana
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 2/3 – ¾ cup water or milk of choice

  In an oven safe dish mix all ingredients till smooth.  Bake in over at 400 degrees for 35-45 minutes or until bar brick is set.  Remove and eat hot, or wrap in foil and put in freezer until the bar is much firmer and have for breakfast the following day!  Microwave version—Microwave on high for 3 minutes.  Remove from container, flip bar over, and microwave for another 1-2 minutes.  Wrap in foil and place in freezer. Calories 650 calories, 20g fat, 43.5g protein, 80g carb   Pro-Oatmeal protein bar   Sliced these into 9 bars, making each: 195 cal, 1.7g fat, 8g protein, 37g carb

  • 1.5 cup flour
  • 1.5 cup oats
  • 1 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch
  • 1 can Pumpkin
  • 1 6oz. yogurt
  • 2 scoops protein powder
  • Raisins or cranberries to taste

Mash all ingredients, bake in oven in well greased pan for 20-35 minutes at 400 degrees (depends on your oven)       Miracle Mile Maple cheddar butternut squash and grilled fish  

  • 1 half of split butternut squash
  • 1-2 oz sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1-2 tablespoon pure maple syrup
  • 1 4oz. piece of grilled fish

  Roast butternut squash half in oven for 20 minutes.  Remove and scoop out flesh from shell.  Add to bowl and mix with 1-2oz. sharp cheddar cheese and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup.  Refill the shell with the mixture and bake for an additional 10-12 minutes.  Service with a piece of grilled salmon (4 oz). Calories: 520, 16g fat, 23g protein, 71g carb   Gold Medal HoneyMilk Banana smoothie with flax    

  • 1 Light HoneyMilk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 2 tbsp ground flax seed
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • Ice

Add to blender and serve! 370 calories, 10.5g fat, 22g protein, 45g carb         Boston-Qualifier Biscuits and Eggs  Makes 4 biscuits: 1 cup flour 1/4-1/2 cup almond milk 1/4 cup pumpkin 1 tablespoon baking powder   For eggs:

  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/2 cup marinara sauce
  • Sliced Mushrooms
  • Sliced Onions

Mix marinara sauce, Mushrooms and onions and heat in skillet.  Add eggs and gently swirl white and allow eggs to cook over easy.  Serve over biscuits that have been split and toasted in the oven.  Butter the biscuits for better flavor.  Add avocado and cheese and desired!   Calories (with 1 tablespoon butter for bisctuits: 540, 20.5g fat, 22g protein, 60g carbs   Frozen Feet Yogurt 

  • 1 Cup 2% Greek yogurt
  • 1 Cup almond milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 Sliced banana
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  • Ice

Mix everything in a large bowl.  Put in freezer until it is almost frozen and enjoy with a spoon! Calories: 510, 15g fat, 41g protein, 52g carb   I will be making this with some chocolate hazelnut coconut banana wafers I recently made as an Ice Cream Sandwich.  Go to Facebook for pictures of this creation on Monday.   Totals: 2,785, 84 fat, 148 pro, 345g carbs 50% carb, 21% protein, 27% fat   And there’s always room for a treat... : )        Thank you Chuck for standing in for me.  It is truly appreciated and this is a great menu.  For more excellent creations from Chuck be sure to visit his site at Feerless Food.

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When I first started doing strength training which eventually led to endurance training I was of the mindset that I needed to have protein, protein, protein within 30 minutes of working out.  I was downing Muscle Milk as if they were running out of it.  I noticed that I wasn't losing any weight nor did I feel any different after taking it either.  Now that may have something to do with the fact that I was partnering it with Promax Bars.  Between the two you are looking at close to 600 calories and 40 grams of protein.  Since I only need 65-80 grams of protein I was already at half my needs and it didn't matter how hard the training was.  1 hour training led me to having the same amount of a 3 hour training session.

Since then I have switched to HoneyMilk OR Promax Bars but not both and I have lost weight and feel much stronger then I ever have before.  I am getting in 20 grams of protein and only about 280 calories depending on which I take but not going overboard.

So I believe that I was being marketed to and I was convinced to take in as much as possible.  Eating that protein was going to generate lean muscle as if that was all that I needed.  What I really needed was to educate myself on how much protein, when to take it, what else am I taking in and be conscious of all that goes into my body.  I eat very healthy in terms of getting 8 servings of fruits and vegetables but I was overloading on calories with the rationale that I just worked out so it's ok.  Being smart about what I take in is really what I needed to change.  My needs after a 1 hour workout are much different then my needs after at 3 hour workout.

Since I have corrected my thinking I started following recipes and making sure that my servings are not more then they need to be.  I have also taken those recipes and began posting them here so that you can see what to take in and have it be not only nutritious but also tasty.  The link to my recipe page is here.

In addition to HoneyMilk and Promax Bars I have begun to use AdvoCare which has great breakfast bars and meal replacement bars.  They are not only good for you but also taste good (which is probably the most important factor for me in whether or not I consume a product.)

Fooducate has a great article on its blog about the notion of protein being a marketing myth.  You can read the article here.  In the article it discusses how much protein one needs to take in on a regular basis or as an endurance athlete.  It then goes on to list food items that we all consume on an almost daily basis and how much protein you get from these products.  If you were to eat a 4 oz piece of chicken breast on two slices of bread you would get 28 to 30 grams of protein.  Wash that down with a glass of milk and you would be adding in another 8 grams.  Add that up and you are at 36 to 38 grams of protein.  Average 150 lb person needs 40 grams......that meal replacement bar would put you at 56 to 58 grams of we need that much?

The blog in Fooducate links to an article in the LA Times that discusses in further detail the needs for protein.  The article is an eyeopener in terms of the amount needed but what I got out of it was that yes protein supplements are ok to use, but you may be better off just looking at how much protein you would get from your regular diet.  The point is that while protein supplements are convenient you need to look at the list of ingredients on the bottle to make sure that you are getting the right protein supplement and not something that you don't want to put in your body.  Reading the label of a protein supplement is no different then looking at the ingredients list on a package of whole wheat bread.  Make sure it's what you want to put into your body otherwise grill up a piece of chicken.
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