Keurig Mini K10 Coffee Maker Product Review

[caption id="attachment_8088" align="alignright" width="300"]Keuring - product review - coffee maker Not Very Big In Stature[/caption] Full Disclosure: This is a review for the Keurig Mini K10 Coffee Maker that was sent to me for free. Staples provided me with these items for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of Keurig Coffee Makers and K-Cups online. I did not pay for this product and was not asked to provide a positive review in exchange for the product. Keurig has been a part of my kitchen for a very long time. As a matter of fact  I cannot remember a time when a Keurig wasn't a part of my life.  I have flirted with not drinking coffee at all and only tea.  I have also switched to drinking Pero but all the while the Keurig has been used as it is much easier to get hot water from the machine than turning to the microwave or boiling it on the stove. When Staples contacted me to review the Keurig Mini K10 I was all over the opportunity and it was for a couple of reasons:
  1. My Keurig maker was making funny noised and I thought it would be on its last leg and so I was ready to shop for one.
  2. It would go perfectly with the review of the I was doing for them.  Make it a breakfast review and since breakfast is my favorite meal of the day at any time of the day it just made sense.
[caption id="attachment_8091" align="alignright" width="300"]keurig - product review - coffee maker Much Smaller In Size But Still Makes A Hot Cup Of Coffee[/caption] The first thing I noticed about this particular Keurig (this is my third by the way) was the size.  It was tiny and reminded me of the Keurig coffee maker where I get my hair cut as well as the types of coffee makers we see at a hotel.  The next thing I noticed was the base, where you put your coffee mug, was made of a cheap plastic unlike the larger Keurig's I have owned.  Lastly, was how well does it make a cup of coffee and we will get into that now. With the larger Keurig I had to make a large and a small cup to create one mug of coffee.  Keep in mind that I don't make the largest cups and use a typically sized cup of coffee that you can see in the picture above.  Having to run the machine twice did a couple of things.  1) Made me wait and patience is not really a virtue when you want that cup of joe or tea first thing in the morning. 2) Made the water in the reservoir run out faster.  This was frustrating but the mini Keurig doesn't have a water reservoir so this would be faster right?  Wrong.  Just because there is no water already there this also means that it does take time to pour the water into the top of the machine and then wait for it to heat and then dispense.  All in all I thought it would be faster but it turned out to be about the same amount of time. 2-3 minutes to create a hot cup of coffee. Since it did not make a faster cup of coffee there has to be some redeeming quality to the mini Keurig but it didn't lie in the fact that it could hold a larger cup in the stand.  I tried to put the same sized cup used in the larger Keurig in this one and it didn't happen.  I had to lean the cup into the machine and hold it there while the coffee was produced.  Remember that it took 2-3 minutes to make the cup, so now I was standing there when I could have been making breakfast.  I am all about efficiency and this wasn't efficient.  But Jason, you could use a smaller cup.....true but now I don't have the cup of coffee I want but instead the cup of coffee that Keurig wants me to have. Before you think that all is negative about the mini Keurig allow to showcase the positives of the machine:
  1. You don't have standing water in your kitchen in the reservoir so you know that the water you use is fresh.  This may not be important to some but the older Keurig would have to be de-scaled and that is because it had standing water that could collect minerals and deposits.
  2. The size is ideal if you live in an apartment or if you have a small kitchen and counter space is at a premium.
  3. Making a cup of coffee is as simple as lift, pour, close.  You don't have to measure the water because you are pouring the water from your coffee cup into the machine directly and then you are done to do what you need to do for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Variety of coffee that is available for this machine is outrageous.  You can get any flavored coffee, tea, or hot chocolate that you want and when you are done you just throw out the Keurig K-Cup.  Why is this a benefit?  You don't have to grind beans, take out a coffee filter or spend time sweeping your floor because you dropped the grinds on the ground.
I understand that there are those out there that love grinding their own beans and running the Mr Coffee Maker and I have no issues with that at all.  I myself love the French Press but that is not always a workable solution.  With a wife and step-son as well as work and training obligations all seemingly hitting at the same time of the morning having the access to a Keurig (mini or larger version) is a great option. Would I recommend this product?  I would recommend this product to anybody who wanted the convenience of the quick one cup coffee maker.  For the person that is going to have company over for brunch of waffles and eggs and fruit and juice then this mini Keurig or even the larger Keurig are not ideal as you are only getting one cup at a time.

Do You Own A Keurig?  Which One?

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I grew up in New York and lived there for 34 years until I got divorced and moved 1600 miles to my new home in Texas.  I love New York and miss it but that does not mean that Texas hasn’t been great to me because it has.  It was here that I discovered endurance sports and specifically the sport of triathlon.  Triathlon has given me new life through all the challenges it presents.  I no longer look at life the same way and I can say that is in part due to my endeavor into this sport.

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