Tru Glass Top Waffle Maker Product Review

[caption id="attachment_8685" align="alignright" width="280"]tru glass top waffle maker - product review - waffles The Tru Glass Top Waffle Maker[/caption] The Tru Glass Top Waffle Maker was a true steal of a deal for me.  As some of you may know Karen and I sold our house and downsized into a town house (which by the way was the best decision ever made - other than marrying her) and with any move comes trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Home Depot if we have enough time. As luck would have it we were in Bed, Bath and Beyond looking for new containers for our Magic Bullet and I can't help myself but I gravitated toward the waffle markers.  I have a Hamilton Beach waffle maker that has a broken clasp.  It works like a charm but it is getting up there in years and maybe there is a better waffle maker out there for me.  I started looking at prices and of course the Cuisinart jumps out at me but that price is way up there and it doesn't make sense financially to buy this waffle maker unless it is going to make the batter, cook and clean for me with the touch of a button. I moved past that and noticed a yellow tag on another model.  What exactly does this yellow tag mean and it says 20% off.  That is a good start.  I have a $5 off coupon as well so I am already saving $13 on this $40 waffle maker.  I look on the shelves and it is nowhere to be found so I ask a sales associate about it. He leaves and comes back and tells me that since it is the last one and there are no boxes it is 50% off.  WHAT?  So from $40 to $20 to $16 to $11?  I don't care if this waffle maker is horrible it is coming home with me.  With tax the final cost was less than $15.  WIN! I got the true glass top waffle maker home and immediately went to work.  Figuring I know all there is to know about waffle makers I plug it in.  It heats up the light goes off alerting me to its readiness and I pour in my batter.  A few minutes later the light indicates that the waffles are ready and I open it up and they are ready in the center but a little raw on the edges.  Not bad for a first attempt.  No complaints but I am still loving the Hamilton Beach. Some time goes by before I decide to operate the Tru Glass Top Waffle maker again and this time I am going with blueberries.  I go through the process and pour in the batter and something looks wrong but I close the top anyway.  The light goes off but I leave them in there for a little longer because of the moisture caused by the blueberries I have to cook them a bit longer.  Well after a few minutes I open up the lid and there is batter stuck to the top and the bottom.  Forgot to oil the waffle iron despite its claims of a non-stick surface.  I am not having a good time with this waffle maker but I am not deterred and will try again. The next time I use it I remember to oil the waffle maker because I am going with waffle hash browns.  The oil is a must.  After the Tru Glass Top Waffle Maker is ready I rub coconut oil on it and place the shredded vegetables in it.  A few minutes later and the perfect hash browns come out. VICTORY!  I then go on to make banana nut waffles as well as corn tortilla waffles and both come out great.  I am starting to be convinced that the Tru Glass Top Waffle Maker is the newest gadget in my kitchen and that the Hamilton Beach may soon get retired.

Tru Glass Top Waffle Maker Pros/Cons:


  • Makes two 6" waffles rather quickly so turning out a bunch for the family is fairly easy to do.
  • Heat control knob in center of the waffle maker allows you to control the temperature of the waffle iron.
  • Light indicators are easy to see from across the kitchen
  • Clean up is quick and easy.
  • Doesn't take up a lot of space in the cabinet.
  • The glass top gets HOT and if you forget that you have just used it you can burn your hand (speaking from experience.)
  • Despite the claims of non-stick there is still a need for oil.
  • No clasp to keep the lid closed so if you are making a fruit waffle you need to put pressure on the top with something heavy.
Overall: As I mentioned earlier the Tru Glass Top Waffle Maker may soon be a permanent replacement for the Hamilton Beach I love.  This is a terrific waffle maker that makes crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside waffles with little to no fuss.  If somebody were to ask me if they would recommend this waffle maker at the original price of $40 I would say yes.

Waffles Made Using The Tru Glass Top Waffle Maker


What Kind Of Waffle Maker Do You Have?

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