Friday, 14 September 2012 16:20

You Cannot Make This Stuff Up

You cannot make up some of the stuff we see in the news, or what makes for news these days.  There is a Presidential race going on that will decide the future of America but today while perusing my favorite websites I came across article after article that were front and center and above any discussion of the Presidential election coming in November.  It was so amazing to me that I figured I might just post the stuff you cannot make up on this blog every Friday and allow my readers to add their own findings to the list in the comments section below.  Good idea?  I think so and with that I will post 5 of the funniest/scariest/mind-boggling articles I found online just this morning: Winner of Most Absurd: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich deemed to be racist.  I'm not kidding.  Read the article here about a Portland Principal that seems to think the PB&J is politically incorrect. Winner of Most Disgusting: So you are out to dinner on a first date and she asks if you have a condom.  You think you are ready to go home but what she is really asking is if you have tried the edible condom.  Not kidding.....A restaurant in London is serving such a meal.  Read about the edible condom here. Winner of the I'm Not Surprised Award: KFC served chicken that was past its 'expiration' date?  Oh the shock and horror or yup, I believe it.  This is not in the story but yesterday I was watching a commercial and KFC had fine print on their commercial.  Fine print?  For what you may ask. It was to point out that the word fresh is used for thighs, legs, breasts and wings (so that fresh chicken nugget.....not so much.) Oh and if you live in Hawaii and Alaska it is not going to be fresh.  Here is what happened in Conroe, Texas (Jeff please be careful when you eat at the KFC's down there.) A Banana Split For Breakfast? This isn't shocking per se but it sure got me thinking as to what to have when I wake up on Sunday.  Sound delicious.  Click here for the recipe. New Favorite Site: Lastly, my new favorite site:  Waffleizer because I love everything waffles.  The first two on the menu at our house will be the polenta waffle with sun-dried tomatoes and black beans.  The second will be the s'mores waffle. [caption id="attachment_6494" align="aligncenter" width="300"]S'moreffles_waffles_dessert Source: Waffleizer[/caption]   Got any links you want to share with other readers?  Post them in the comments.
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