Asparagus Risotto was voted as the recipe of the week on my Instagram feed and I couldn't have been happier to share this recipe with you.  As you know, maybe not if you live anywhere there has been snow fall lately, we are in spring and so it is time to dust off your favorite spring ingredients and make something that is in season and of course tasty.  For me, when spring comes I want asparagus and artichokes.  Seeing as artichokes were not available at the time of my grocery shopping I picked up a bunch of asparagus and decided what would be better with asparagus than lemon. As I was thinking about putting asparagus with lemon I was trying to figure out what else would pair nicely with it.  I could just make rice or quinoa but I wanted something a tad bit more chewy than those items.  At that point I was poking around my pantry and there was the risotto.  A perfect combination of to the teeth feel in risotto with the crispness of asparagus.  The birth of Asparagus Risotto with lemon zest was born.  Nothing could be better.....oh wait!  I forgot that adding mushrooms with lots and lots of garlic WOULD be better and so I set off into my kitchen to create this dish and I was not disappointed.  Even got a little bit of inspiration to plate it nicely before turning the glass over and shoveling, I mean eating slowly. One benefit to getting into the kitchen more often was being able to discover how much lemon zest can add to your dish.  This is a simple ingredient to use and yet the return on your investment is exponential.  With a simple vegetable peeler peel off the outer skin of the lemon (not too deep otherwise it gets to acidic) and then chop into small pieces.  This little addition brings your dish to new heights and if you are cooking for somebody else will make them think that you are worthy of being on the Food Network. [recipe] [caption id="attachment_8079" align="aligncenter" width="553"]asparagus risotto - recipe - healthy -vegan Asparagus Risotto With Lemon Zest[/caption]

Have You Made Asparagus Risotto?  How Do You Prepare It?

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Banana Cranberry muffins and its recipe came about because Karen and I had both purchased bananas and as bananas do they started to turn an ugly shade of brown.  Mind you that a banana is at its peak of perfection when there are dark spots on it these bananas had essentially turned black/brown and were either going to meet the garbage can or they were getting turned into pancakes/waffles/bread or in this case banana cranberry muffins.

There were 8 bananas that had turned and Karen asked me what I wanted to do with them.  I had previously made vegan banana bread that I used for French Toast so I wanted to go a different route.  I love cooking and to me cooking the same thing over and over again isn’t much fun.  I want to experiment and see how things turn out.  My philosophy if they turn out bad:  throw it out and order pizza.  The other reason I wanted to try something out was that I don’t consider myself a baker.  Baking requires patience and a lot of measuring and well I would rather cut, dice, chop, chiffonade and mince rather than mix, beat and pour.  Having the opportunity to recycle these bananas was the perfect excuse to test out some baking skills.

The next question was what am I going to make the bananas with.  I could have gone the route of nuts as everybody loves banana nut muffins/bread but I wanted something a little more sweet and so I opted for cranberries.  I typically have dried cranberries around the house because they are perfect for overnight oats or in salads (like this Brussels Sprouts Stuffed Acorn Squash whose recipe can be found here.)  Armed with brown bananas, dried cranberries and a muffin tin I was ready to go to work.

Here is the recipe for Banana Cranberry Muffins so that you can go to work too.

I have eaten them cool and out of the microwave (microwaved for 20 seconds) and the banana flavor comes through more when they are warm.  The cranberries add a terrific texture change to the muffins.

Thank you to Karly Kay of iCarlyWithAK for requesting the recipe on Instagram.  If you want a recipe from the pictures posted on Instagram just leave a comment there with a request and I’ll do my best to get the recipe posted as quickly as possible.

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Incredible Hulk......remember him?  At this point The Incredible Hulk has been reduced to a supporting role in the superhero movies but back when I was a kid The Incredible Hulk, which starred Lou Ferrigno, was a show not to be missed.  I mean who doesn't go into fits of rage when people make you mad and make you want to rip off your shirt, turn green and have your jeans reduced to capris and then after you kick ass have all your clothes return to normal and your regular skin complexion come back as well?  I'd sign up for that. Anyway, this Incredible Hulk Vegan Creamy Pasta Recipe will not have that type of effect on you from the outside, but on the inside your body will thank you immensely.  This has healthy fats in the form of avocado, avoids dairy by using vegan parmesan cheese and coconut milk and is gluten-free with the use of quinoa pasta.  Now if you want to take this Incredible Hulk pasta and add in whole milk, regular parmesan cheese and durum wheat pasta then go for it as the process would be the same.  I toyed with the idea of having this be an Incredible Hulk Carbonara but truth be told it was right after a hard 7 mile run and the faster I got the food in my pie hole the better off I and Karen would have been otherwise I may have said:  You Won't Like Me When I Am Ravenously Hungry! What made this dish perfect for a post run was that the carb:protein ratio was the ideal 4:1 with 19 grams of protein and 77 grams of carbohydrates.  Did I mention that it was vegan?  That's right there are 19 grams of protein in the Incredible Hulk Vegan Creamy Pasta recipe without the use of meat.  It is not hard to get to your requirement of daily protein from vegetables and all you have to do is eat a balanced diet. 

Do You Remember The Show The Incredible Hulk?

Have You Made Creamy Sauce Without Dairy?


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Rice Noodles have become a favorite of mine in the past few weeks.  It could be that rice noodles lead themselves to making Asian inspired dishes and to me those are very fast and easy to make.  Since I am 'surving' overload weeks I need to have foods that I can make really fast but still provide taste and meet my macronutrient needs.  My goals are to get ~65% of my calories from carbohydrates, ~15% from protein and ~20% from fat.  This means that if I eat 2,000 calories on a given day that I am eating 1300 calories (325g) of carbs, 300 calories (75g) from protein and the remainder from fats, but I ensure that they are healthy fats. 

 A few weeks ago I was perusing the Food Republic site (daily occurrence) and saw a picture of rice paper rolls and I knew I wanted to make some rolls, but while at the local Asian market I saw rice noodles and figured that I could make something with them.  Maybe a Pad Thai or maybe an Asian lasagna.  I had no clue what I was truly going to make but I knew I wanted the rice noodles in my shopping cart. A few days after picking up the rice noodles I had lunch with a great friend at a Thai restaurant and it hit me then that I could make Pad Thai with the rice noodles.  I figured that some rice noodles and vegetables would be an ideal quick and easy dinner but it had to have more than that.  I figured I could make some spicy nut sauce to add flavor and fat and so I put it into my meal plan. After I posted the picture of the dish to Instagram and Twitter I received a few requests for the recipe and decided to share it with you.  Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did. 

Do You Use Rice Noodles Or Rice Paper?

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Acorn Squash And Brussels Sprouts Salad

Acorn squash is slowly going to ‘fall’ out of season (thank you to the Spring that hasn’t really sprung yet) and that saddens me.  There is nothing like an acorn squash that is baked in the oven and then just lightly (OK, heavily) coated in cinnamon with a tablespoon (OK, three tablespoons…..OK, OK the entire jar of homemade nut butter).  While I have them around I am going to use my acorn squash to the best of my ability.

Yesterday was a complete recovery day as we enter what I suspect will be the hardest two weeks of Ironman Texas training to date.  I stopped counting the yards I have to swim this week when we entered 5 digits and I know there is a 6 hour ride on Saturday and a 2.5 hour run on Sunday.  So on Mondays which are active recovery days I have to dial down my activity which means dialing down my food consumption.  What that does not mean is that I dial down the flavor or the inspiration to get into the kitchen and create.

As I was meal planning on Sunday evening and rummaging through my produce I came upon two gorgeous acorn squash and knew immediately I was doing something with them.  I originally thought that I would slice and bake them but thought that was too simple and what would I want with it if cooked that way.  At that moment Karen asked me to help her meal prep her lunches based on what I was eating for lunch or dinner.  This is a huge deal for me as Karen does not typically eat my dinner during the week. That was until yesterday when she had this Vegan Cornmeal Pizza.  I was excited and wanted to make something light and refreshing for her to eat that would also help me get through the light activity day and to provide something nutritious that could also be taken to the office for Karen.

I chose to stuff the acorn squash but not with millet or quinoa or rice which can have a lot of carbs.  Instead I was focused on light and with lots of fiber to keep me feeling full for a long time.  I knew we had Brussels Sprouts and I had just picked up some dried fruit (yes carbs but when you are using small amounts they do not add up – you will see in the nutrition information in the recipe.)  The next decision was how to dress it and I love sriracha and figured I could use a bit of that and something acidic to cut it with and apple cider vinegar entered the picture.

Here is my recipe for an Over-Stuffed Acorn Squash And Brussels Sprouts Salad.  By the way I am going to start taking better pictures of the process so that you can see what is needed and how they are prepped as you move through the recipe.  Hope that helps you visualize the recipe and gets you into the kitchen more often.

Acorn Squash And Brussels Sprouts Salad

Ingredients: 1/2 Acorn Squash, 100g Brussels Sprouts, 1/2 green onion (including bulb), 10g Tbsp dried cranberries, 10g Sunflower seeds, 10g seedless raisins, 10g pumpkin seeds, 1 Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Tbsp Sriracha Servings: 1 Nutritional Information (without dressing): 274 calories, 44g Carbohydrates, 9g Fat, 8g Protein, 7g Fiber Directions:

  1. Pre-heat oven to 405*
  2. Cut acorn squash in half and de-seed.
  3. Place acorn squash in oven and bake for 25 minutes or until soft to the touch.
  4. While acorn squash is baking chop the Brussels Sprouts and green onion thinly.  Place in a bowl.
  5. Add cranberries, sunflower seeds, raisins and pumpkin seeds and set aside.
  6. When acorn squash is ready remove from onion and place on plate.
  7. Combine the vinegar and sriracha then dress the salad.
  8. Add Brussels Sprouts salad to the plate and serve.


What Fall Ingredient Will You Miss The Most?

Do You Enjoy Making Simple Salads?


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Tacos are a staple in my diet.  I would venture to guess that I eat tacos at least once a week and they are not always the same which is why I enjoy them so much.  The basic tortilla shell is the same but it is the filling that makes each taco different.  Of course, living in Texas there is an abundant amount of Tex-Mex restaurants where you can get some of the best tasting tacos you have ever had, but I prefer to make mine at home.  Why?  The answers are simple:

  1. I make my own tortilla shells and they do not include lard.
  2. I have chosen the ingredients myself and know what they are being cooked with.
  3. The combination of flavors is not what you typically see at a restaurant because you are only limited by your own imagination.

And there is always this: [youtube]I view tacos very similar to waffles.  I believe that waffles are a vehicle for carrying ingredients and tacos are a true vehicle for the ingredients that you choose.  When you think about it a taco shell is no different from a slice of bread so any sandwich you make, including PB&J, can be placed inside a taco shell or of course a waffle. I am going to post a meal that I had for lunch on Monday that was incredible tasting and rather simple to make.  One thing you may notice is that the entire dish is made up of two colors and that leads me to the #EnduranceFoodies theme for April.  Our chosen them is 2 color dishes.  All the food that is presented in the recipes can only be of two colors.  Do you want to participate in the next #EnduranceFoodies blog carnival?  It starts on April 15th so if you are inclined please contact me and let me know of your interest with the colors as well as a link to your blog.  These tacos are green and yellow and would have worked perfectly in the theme for April.

Tacos With Roasted Chickpeas And Hummus Recipe

Ingredients:  1/2c Organic Masa Harina (I use Bob's Red Mill), 100g Asparagus Spears (approximately 5 spears), 1/4c Dry Chickpeas, Lemon Juice, 1 Tbsp Nut Butter, 2 cloves garlic Servings: 1 Nutritional Information: 438 calories, 82g Carbohydrates, 6g Fat, 18g Protein, 17g Fiber Directions:

  1. The night before soak 1/4c of dry chickpeas in 2 cups of water.  (You can also use canned chickpeas if you want to save time.)
  2. Pre-heat oven to 350*
  3. In a bowl add masa harina and 1/2c warm water.  With your hands combine until a ball is formed then set aside for 30 minutes.
  4. Bring water with chickpeas to a boil and then reduce to a simmer and cook chickpeas until soft.  Approximately 20 minutes of soaked overnight.
  5. After chickpeas have cooked drain but do not discard the cooking water.
  6. Measure out 45g and place in a bowl and add your favorite spices.  (I used cumin, cinnamon, coriander and sage.)
  7. Place seasoned chickpeas on a baking sheet and roast in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until crunchy.
  8. While chickpeas are roasting take the remaining chickpeas and place in food processor with peanut butter, juice of the lemon and garlic.
  9. Turn on food processor to begin making hummus and add water in small increments to your desired consistency (I like my hummus a bit chunky.)
  10. Once hummus is made cut your tortilla ball in half and form two smaller tortilla balls.
  11. Place one ball between sheets of wax paper and press down with a flat surface (a small plate works). You may need to roll flat with rolling-pin.
  12. Peel back side of wax paper off first then flip into your other hand and peel off second sheet.
  13. Place tortilla into a hot pan and cook for 1-2 minutes per side.  Then repeat for the 2nd tortilla.
  14. Remove 2nd tortilla and add the chopped asparagus to heat through. About 3-5 minutes.
  15. Remove roasted chickpeas from oven.
  16. Assemble tacos by spreading hummus on each of the tacos then add in roasted chickpeas and asparagus.

I served my chickepea and asparagus tacos with champagne mango, but feel free to use another fruit if you choose.  Oranges would go well as the acid from the citrus will help cut the tanginess of the hummus.

How Do You Prepare Your Tacos?

If You Are Interested In Participating In April's #EnduranceFoodies Be Sure To Contact Me

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Bestowed Product Review

Disclosure: This is a review for the Bestowed product that was sent to me for free.  I did not pay for this product and was not asked to provide a positive review in exchange for the product. [caption id="attachment_7800" align="alignright" width="300"]Bestowed - Products - Healthy - Review Products Inside Bestowed Package[/caption] If you have read my blog long enough you know that I do not do product reviews very often and when I do them it is usually because I purchased the product on my own and wanted to share my experiences with you.  When the representatives for Bestowed contacted me I was hesitant at first.  I went to the site to dig around to see what this was all about and to find out what I could before accepting.  As is typical with product reviews, Bestowed offered a free product to do as a giveaway.  This is another thing I do not do on this blog......giveaways. After exchanging emails with Bestowed we came to the understanding that I would just pick somebody to receive the monthly package that Bestowed put together for April.  This is the easiest way for me to:
  1. Avoid the hassle that comes with picking numbers, promoting a post constantly and basically prostituting my blog out to the public.
  2. Turn away brands that insist on having a giveaway as part of the review and thus I know that they are not interested in my review but interested in advertising and unless you are paying me I am not going to promote you that way.
Now that we have all of that out of the way let's get into the review of the Bestowed 'product'. This is direct  from the site:

Discover healthy foods you'll love! Join Bestowed and get 5+ amazing nutrition and lifestyle products delivered to your door every month - each one hand picked by celebrity nutritionist and author Heather Bauer.

My first reaction was: what are amazing nutrition and lifestyle products?  Every product these days touts itself as being healthy for you in one way or the other, but I much rather prefer to make my own meals than purchasing something in a box or even going to a restaurant.  I checked out the over 8 pages of Featured Products and figured that even if I only get to enjoy one or two products it would be worth it to review.

When the box came I was interested to see what was included.  At first sight I thought:  Great just a whole bunch of packaged products that probably have yellow dye number 5 in them.  I went through each items ingredients list with a fine toothed comb just hoping to find something that would allow me to say that I would never order from this because of the promotion of products as healthy when they are nothing more than processed junk.

What I found out is that the package contained quite a number of products that I would not only actually use but also where the ingredients list matched the marketing on the front of the package.  I have tried a couple of the items and truly enjoyed them in my cooking.  There is another item that I will not consume because it contains wheat but that is just a personal preference as the other ingredients are more than ok.

Here is how Bestowed works (from their site):

Join and get 5+ healthy (and yummy!) products to try each month - each one hand picked by nutritionist and author Heather Bauer. How it works:
  • Select your membership type (monthly or annual)
  • Our boxes ship to arrive on the 15th of every month
  • Shipping is included in price!
Membership Options:
  • Monthly Membership - $19 billed monthly, cancel any time
  • Annual Membership - $209 billed annually, transfer any time
The pricing is fair as you would probably pay more for the products in the package, if sold on an individual basis.  Plus there is the factor of not liking it if you are trying it for the first time.  That is where the benefit of the Bestowed subscription is best, in my opinion.  You can test out products before you invest in them.  The downside is that it may come with products that you will not consume and would avoid at the store in the first place.  There is a balance there and I find that if you are looking to get healthier that this would be an excellent way to start that process.

Would I Subscribe To Bestowed?

My answer is no.  It is not the $19 price for a monthly package of goods but the notion that I would much prefer to make my own food.  I enjoy being in the kitchen and I have the luxury of cooking when I am hungry because I am a partner in a web design and digital marketing agency, which is a long way of saying I work from home.  The kitchen is my safe haven and I would not give it up for packaged products. That being said Bestowed has opened my eyes to hemp seeds and that is something that I will include regularly into my diet as evidenced by two of the photos below. I incorporated them into my overnight oats and apple pie chia pudding.  I also used the olives in a Brussels Sprouts salad and while good I don't know if I would go out of my way to look for this particular olive brand. Lastly, here is a coupon code for you to use: $5 off their first month with this code: 50FFBESTOWED01 [gallery ids="7804,7803,7793"]

Have You Subscribed To Bestowed?

Would You Subscribe To Bestowed?

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[caption id="attachment_7515" align="alignright" width="293"]travel tips - triathlon - ironman - healthy Source: Best Western Plus Perth[/caption] Travel tips can be found all over the internet for where to stay, best airlines, best car rentals but one thing that does not readily exist are travel tips for the triathlete and those trying to stay healthy.  In a few weeks I will be boarding a plane to travel to Puerto Rico for the next 70.3 on my race calendar. Including this trip to San Juan I will have traveled to the following locations over the past three years: In that time I have figured out ways to continue eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  These travel tips are what I have been able to collect but are certainly not the end all be all when it comes to travel tips.  If you have any of your own please put them in the comments section so that we can all grow and learn.  There is going to be plenty of traveling for races and having a quick at your fingertips list of travel tips handy will help all.

Travel Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling For Races

  • Scout the grocery stores near your accommodations.
    • This may seem like overkill but think about this:  would you rather pay money to the hotel for honey or just pick some up yourself at the grocery store that you can then transport back to your house when the vacation is over?  There are items at the grocery stores that you can get to make your travel cheaper.  Knowing where the grocery store is makes more a less stressful trip when you are there and then trying to figure it out.
  • Pack items that can fit into your suitcases without going over the 50 lb mark.
    • Simple items like protein powders, cereals, rice cakes, bars can all be brought with you and again save you money in the long run.  Instead of hoping that these items exist at your final destination you will have them with you.
  • Read the menu of the hotel restaurant.
    • If you don't like what is on the menu at the hotel restaurant don't you want to know before you are starving and walk down there and find out there is nothing for you?  At that point you are so hungry that you will do just about anything and we all know what that means.  Poor choices.
  • Find restaurants near your destination before you leave.
    • Knowing that you are not going to eat anything from the hotel restaurant because of price or preference your next step is going to be finding someplace to eat.  You could spend hours with that conversation:  What do you want to eat?  I don't know, what about you?  That could take hours but if you research the local restaurants before hand you will know where you want to eat and most likely what you want to eat.
  • Eat locally!
    • This goes without say when you are home so why change that when you visit someplace else?  If you are from Hawaii then there is a good chance that you consume pineapples and mangos and coconut.  Your travel takes you too New York where there are a different local food and that is apples.  Eat locally for the freshest and most flavorful ingredients.
  • Indulge a bit
    • You are on vacation so why hold back ALL THE TIME!  While you are in New York enjoying apples be sure to visit Arthur Avenue for delicious Italian food, or if in San Francisco go to Fisherman's Wharf for seafood.  If you ignore these foods you will pay the price in frustration and over-indulging.  You are on vacation so enjoy yourself.
These simple travel tips will help you stay healthy while you are traveling for a race, training or vacation.  I have incorporated these travel tips into my lifestyle and they have benefited me tremendously and I hope they will help you too.

Have Any Travel Tips You Want To Share?

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Nachos, Nachos, Nachos.....

Nachos are everybody's favorite eats when they are at Mexican restaurants.  Nachos are probably everybody's favorite eats even at home especially during sporting events like the recent Super Bowl or the upcoming March Madness and Opening Day of Baseball. You know those nachos that are dripping with cheese and jalapeños with those salty tortilla chips.  Wait, come back don't run out to buy nachos just yet.  Stay and finish reading and then head over to your kitchen to make homemade nachos because these will blow your mind.  The best part is that they are much lower in calories, fat and contain healthy carbs unlike those that you get at your local Mexican restaurant. When I chose to drop dairy from my diet one of the first things to go was the cheese dip that Karen use to make and with that nachos essentially became a thing of the past for me.  Not only was I not able to dip the chips into the cheese but there was always a huge dollop of sour cream on top of the chips.  Not being able to remember the last time I had nachos I finally had a huge craving for them and decided to meander my way to my kitchen to make a healthy version of nachos. Here is the recipe:

Nachos:  Sweet And Purple Potatoes (Vegan) Style

Ingredients: 50g Sweet Potato, 100g Purple Potato, 100g Avocado, 1 Jalapeño Pepper, 1/8c Red Onion, 1/4c Dry Black Beans, 50g Cherry Tomatoes, 30g Red Bell Pepper, 30g Green Bell Pepper, 2 Tbsp Coconut Yogurt, Cilantro, Hot Sauce Servings: 1 Nutritional Information: 433 calories, 68g Carbs, 16g Fat, 9g Protein, 21g Fiber Directions:

  1. Soak beans overnight in water.
  2. Bring pot of water to a boil, add beans and then reduce to simmer and allow to cook for 1-2 hours until soft.
  3. Towards end of cooking of beans pre-heat oven to 450*
  4. Thinly slice sweet and purple potatoes.
  5. Arrange on baking dish and spray with olive or coconut oil cooking spray.  Cook 10 minutes and then flip.
  6. After flipping the potatoes begin assembling guacamole by dicing peppers, red onions and tomatoes and placing in bowl.
  7. De-Seed the avocado and scoop out flesh and place into separate bowl.  Mash avocado with fork and then add in veggies and beans then carefully combine.
  8. Add in hot sauce and chopped cilantro to the guacamole and set aside.  Place pit into center of guacamole to keep fresh while getting potatoes out of oven.
  9. To assemble the plate place guacamole in center and create a divot to place the coconut yogurt.
  10. Spread the sweet potato and purple potato nacho chips around the dip.
  11. Top with more chopped cilantro and serve.

These nachos are a great way to snack responsibly on a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  They would also make for a great item to bring to a family/friend gathering for Cinco De Mayo.  Really these nachos can be eaten at anytime you want and are so easy to make you will find yourself making them over and over again. Switch up the nacho 'chips' by make kale chips or zucchini chips.  Eggplant chips would probably go very well too.  How about jicama for your nacho chips?  Need that meat texture?  Make tempeh chorizo to add to the top (lightbulb moment right there!)  The possibilities are endless.  Experiment and let me know what you think of these vegan nachos. 

What Is Your Favorite Nachos Topping?


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Polenta Tower Recipe

A Polenta Tower is not exactly the Ahi Tuna Tower but it certainly inspired it.  Back when eating fish was part of my diet I enjoyed eating the Ahi Tower with Karen on a regular basis.  There was something about the avocado, sushi rice, tuna and tomatoes.  All these ingredients worked well together and when I drove by the sushi restaurant in my neighborhood I got a bit inspired.  The polenta tower recipe requires a bit more work than the Ahi Tower but it has the same creaminess and spice that is a calling card of the one made with sushi. If you have never had polenta let me fill you in on a little secret.  It is creamy and delicious and nothing like cornmeal.  Cornmeal can be grainy but polenta when made correctly is creamy and smooth.  The polenta tower recipe is not only creamy and smooth it is vegan friendly because I do not add cheese to my polenta.  If you want to add cheese I would recommend Parmigiano-Reggiano because the salty quality to the cheese will lend itself perfectly to the sriracha and garlic in this recipe. How long will it take to make the polenta tower?  That is the beauty of this creation.  The polenta tower recipe is completed in about 25 minutes.  That's right from start to finish you will have this recipe done and consumed within 25 minutes.  There is no secret to this and it is all simple ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store.  I had this for lunch yesterday as part of my new diet regimen but can easily be had for dinner.  If you want to have this for brunch (which I would recommend) then add a fried egg to the polenta tower recipe and you will be in brunch heaven.

Polenta Tower Recipe

Ingredients: 1/2c Polenta (I use Bob's Red Mill), 1c Unsweetened Coconut Milk, 1/2c water, 1 Tbsp Olive Oil (split), 1 oz sun-dried tomatoes, 100g Kale, 50g Spinach, 50g Arugula, 2/3c Frozen Peas, Sriracha, Garlic Servings: 1 Nutritional Information: 563 calories, 79g Carbs, 29g Fat, 15g Protein Directions:

  1. In a pot bring the coconut milk and the water to a soft boil.  Once boiling add in the polenta and begin to stir.
  2. As the polenta is cooking heat a pan with 1/2 Tbsp and add garlic.
  3. After the aroma of the garlic has permeated the kitchen add the kale, spinach and arugula.
  4. Once the kale, spinach, arugula mixture has wilted remove from heat and put aside.
  5. After the polenta has come together put on a plate and place in freezer for 5 minutes to cool down.
  6. Just prior to removing the polenta heat up the remaining 1/2 Tbsp of olive oil and add 3 mold rings.
  7. Once the pan is hot place your polenta evenly into the rings and allow to pan fry until a crust is formed.
  8. While the polenta is setting place peas in a bowl with water and place in microwave for 1-2 minutes.
  9. Once the polenta is done begin the assembly by placing 1/2 of the kale, spinach, arugula mixture into a bowl.
  10. Top with polenta cake then greens mixture and repeat until all the polenta cakes and greens are plated.
  11. Top the last polenta cake/greens with the sun-dried tomatoes.
  12. Finally place the peas around the outer edge and garnish with sriracha.

If you don't have these greens use whatever you have available.  I would also recommend making this with red or green cabbage that has been chopped prior to wilting. If you don't have ring molds do not worry as you can skip the tower building and lay a base of the greens mixture, top with polenta and then more greens mixture, sun-dried tomatoes and circle with the peas. The polenta tower recipe is versatile, as I mentioned you can add an egg and serve for brunch, but also will take well to different greens.  If you don't have peas you can replace them with beans (garbanzo and black) but I would not recommend adding corn since you already have it in the polenta.  Maybe a garnish of roasted and diced sweet potatoes.

How Do You Prepare Polenta?

By the way you can find us on Instagram now as well.  There you will find pics of the food that I am making in my own kitchen.  If something sparks some inspiration and you want a recipe that isn't posted on this blog please Contact Me.

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