Ironman Texas 2013 (5 Weeks Away) Monthly Training Progress Report

Ironman Texas training is going full tilt and that is because the event is now officially less than 5 weeks away and that means that the overload weeks are here.  That means that my ramblings on this blog may get more and more random as I try to draw oxygen to my brain and food to my stomach and oh yeah sleep.  I looked at my training for this week and I am scheduled for 21 hours of training and that does not include yoga which may be impossible to fit in with the way the schedule is shaping up.  I am hoping to get there on Friday but we shall see what happens by then. The 2013 version of Ironman Texas is going to see a completely different me than the 2012 version.  I am leaner and certainly faster but I am also experienced.  Having raced this course last year and having Ironman Arizona under my belt give me confidence heading into this race about what I can do.  At IMTX in 2012 I had no clue what the day would bring and how my body would react.  I was as prepared as I could be but you never know what is going to happen in your first race. When I ran my first marathon I finished in 4:29 and was very happy with the results.  One year later with a better understanding of the experience that was the marathon I ran a 3:39 and followed that up with a 3:31 one year after that.  Experience is a wise teacher and I believe that it will teach me well going into my second version of Ironman Texas.  I know that at Ironman Arizona in November that experience was a big help in getting through the  swim as well as rebounding from the bike accident.  I understood what it took to run a sub-4 hour marathon and believe that would have happened had the accident not occurred. Parlaying all of the experience and the fitness gains I have made with Maria and John and my confidence in my abilities entering this phase of training have never been higher.  Yes, this period will test me and push me and make me question my sanity but I also believe in the process and that process will have me primed for taper and race day.  Ironman Texas 2013 will unfold the way it unfolds but I will be able to deal with anything that comes my way.

Ironman Texas Training Monthly Progress

Swimming: I could not be happier with the way my swimming has unfolded.  Last week I noticed a hitch in my stroke that was causing me to bring my elbow to the surface where my hand was brushing my hip instead of my outer thigh.  Once I made that change along with a slight head lift my times dropped from 1:44/100y to 1:39/100y and I was able to swim hard at 1:35/100y.  The process is still unfolding but finding something that simple and seeing the difference it made was a tremendous boost to my confidence in swimming the 1:15 I have planned. Biking: The last few weeks have been all solo rides as I get accustomed to spending hours in the saddle with nothing but my inner thoughts. These rides have been refreshing as I am not playing the 'I have to catch those guys' game anymore.  It is just me and my ability to pedal my pace and work on getting into certain heart rate zones while also practicing my nutrition.  I am working on a new nutrition product for the bike during training to see how it unfolds for me and if I can use it in the race.  I will fill you in on the product once I determine whether or not I am going to use it in the race.  At this point I can get into my heart rate zones and ride comfortably for hours which tells me my efficiency and fitness have been getting better.  Right now I am about 10bpm faster than last year's Ironman Texas goal heart rate and I feel just as, if not more, comfortable than last year. Running: Oh my friend running.  My first foray into endurance sports has come back into training and fairly vigorously.  I am doing mile repeats on tired legs in the afternoon and running sub 6:20/mi.  I have been talking myself into a sub-4 hour marathon but the more that my running form takes shape the more I need to talk myself out of not going out like a wild boar.  I need to remind myself that this is a long day and that the running I do after a 2.4 mi swim and a 112 mi bike is not a 4x1 mile repeat.  That being said I have noticed a tremendous drop in pace while maintaining my heart rate.  In other words I am getting faster at the same efficiency.  The puzzle pieces are coming together. Nutrition: My nutrition has gone to another level, and I have Instagram to thank for that.  I have been inspired and motivated on a daily basis when looking at the amazing dishes people present on their feed.  This has gotten me into the kitchen to create some of the best meals I have ever made.  I am right at my race weight these days and so it is a maintenance phase right now.  I don't want to lose anymore weight but I want to maintain my muscle mass and body fat.  It will get tricky with the overload hours but I also know that I am refueling properly with the right amount of macro and micro nutrients and feel very strong. Life Outside Triathlon: I am working on a project that I would love to bring to light in the next few weeks and with the powers that be agreeing that this should happen I hope to fill you in.  That has produced some stress while trying to sell our house has produced other stress as well.  One reason I love training is it removes me from the stress for a few hours.  As we all know storms happen and I can see a scenario where the project comes to fruition within a few days of selling our home or moving as well as race day.  That is just what happens in life and if it does we will deal with it but through all of this training and house selling and project work I  am ready for Ironman Texas to get here and race my face off. [caption id="attachment_7880" align="aligncenter" width="553"]ironman texas - training - triathlon Ironman Texas Monthly Training Progress Report[/caption]

Are You Racing Ironman Texas 2013?

I Will Be  In The Woodlands On Thursday Morning So Contact Me To Meet Up If You Will Be There.

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