I did it! I did it!

Today was going to be an epic training day and of course there were two one big football game that I had to watch. My training called for a full SBR today.  3400y of swimming, 3 hours on the bike and a 30 minute run.  This was going to be the mother of all training.  Added all up we were looking at about 5 hours of training today and this is on the heels of one of the biggest days of my life. This morning the alarm went off at 4:18am as usual.  As usual I hit snooze until Karen said to me are you getting up to go swimming.  She had a running date with her friend at 7:30am.  So with that little nudge I got up and got myself ready to hit the water.  Toast with some peanut butter and coffee and out the door to the gym.  The parking lot had a total of 5 cars.  Do people not work out on Sunday at 5am? Before I hit the water I have a visit to the toilet.  Get in the water and it is cold but quickly warms up during my 400y warm-up.  After 400y the stomach says its time for the bathroom.  Out of the water and freezing run to the bathroom.  This doesn't happen just this time, it happens a total of 4x.  4x in an 1.5 hours.  I believe all the fruits and vegetables that I have been consuming since switching to a plant based diet finally revolted. All in all the swim was awesome.  I had that 400y warm-up, then a ton of drills followed by a main set of 10x100s and 10x50s.  The 100s went very well and I was at a pace of 1:57 to 2:04 which I was very proud of.  Each of the 50s were less than 1:00.  My cool-down was to be 400y but I only did 200y because I had to get home for Karen.  Well I got home late but you know all those trips to the hopper were the cause and that was not something I could help. Spent the morning with chico having breakfast and grocery shopping and then during lunch he practically fell asleep at the table.  I put him down for a nap, Karen came home from her run and I was on the trainer. Perfect timing for the trainer because that first football I had no interest in and figured I could use turnovers or 3 and outs for a timing of sprints or hill climbs. The first hour went by so fast and I was feeling strong.  I had planned to do some sprints for 1 minutes followed by standing climbs, then seated climbs then flats and recovery and back and forth and kept changing it up.  The 2nd hour was just as good.  I looked at my distance at the 1:45 mark to compare to my earlier ride in the week and I was almost 4 miles past that and feeling strong.  The third hour kicked in and again I felt great until the 2:38 mark.  My legs started to feel like concrete all of a sudden.  At this point Karen and Chico woke up from their nap to find me pouring sweat and spitting and grimacing and cussing under my breathe.  I was thinking to myself this is the hardest thing I have ever done and not from a leg strength stand point but from a mental standpoint.  I had checked out of the football game so much earlier that the only thing getting me through were articles sent to me by BDD, Emails from Carrot, Comments from Jon and Patrick's blog about his epic ride.  I want to ride like these guys and they all have pushed me to get better.  I kept on pushing and pushing and pushing.  When that clock on the Cateye struck 3:00 I jumped off and got my sneakers on, switched shirts from the sweaty soaking mess and out the door for a 30 minute run.  I did three hours on the trainer and I am fired up about that.  The mind was stronger than the legs today and kept on pushing me. Out on the road and it took about 20 steps before my legs were comfortable at my pace.  I looked down and I was at a pace of 8:09, but no distance.  I thought I had hit the start button but must have forgotten.  I had to do 30 minutes and had already run nearly a full mile so my first thought was to go 24 minutes and that would certainly be 30 minutes.  I hit the start button (again) and got going.  The pace was great.  I never felt fatigue in my legs, no soreness and my breathing was spot on. By the way I am a mouth breather, so I catch a lot of flies when I run.  Recently I started using the term sopapilla cheesecake to regulate my breathing.  Sopapilla on the way in and cheesecake on the way out.  If I can get that then I know I am going to fast.  So sopapilla cheesecake was going perfectly.  I was on fire and I wound up running 27 minutes and I know for a fact that I was passed my 30 minutes total. All in all I got in 3.9 miles in that time for a pace of 8:24/mile and that was my finishing time for the marathon.  I am excited about that because I know I could have held that pace for another 2 plus miles and then negative split the back 6.5 miles.  What that means to me is that I am in great shape for the run off the bike. When I got home I saw the mileage on the cateye and it totaled out to 46.5 miles.  I was thrilled because I know that I will get those 56 miles in 3 hours or less because I did a lot of climbing on the trainer and never kept it in a spot where I could turn the crank at a pace of 18-19mph.  The last time I did a 3 hour ride outdoors I covered approximately 54 miles in that time and I am much more prepared now than then. One issue I faced was during the end of the run I got hungry.  Jon had given me advice to work on my nutrition on the bike and I have been.  Today I took 3 Powerbar Energy Gels at the 30 minute mark, then a honey stinger at the 1 hr mark, gels again at 1:30, then honey stinger at 2:00 and 2:30.  At the 3:00 mark I took more gels and ran.  The issue I believe is I ran without a gel flask.  Had I had my gel flask I believe that my hunger would not have been there.  This seemed to work but will still be a work in progress.  The best part is I get to do it again next Sunday.  Now I have a 46.5 mile base to compare it to I am going to beat that number for sure. Here are some numbers to chew on for the month of January so far, then broken down by week: January 1-16 Swim: 17,159 yards in 7:00:01 or a pace of 2:27/200y which includes rest time Bike: 197.31 miles in 11:42:36 or a pace of 16.85 mph (all but one ride on the trainer) Run: 65 miles in 8:39:12 or a pace of 7:59/mile Calories burned:  22,941 January 1-8 Swim: 6,050 yards in 2:30:45 or a pace of 2:30/200y which includes rest time Bike: 68.97 miles in 4:17:36 or a pace of 16.06 mph (all but one ride on the trainer) Run: 36.74 miles in 4:52:27 or a pace of 7:59/mile Calories burned: 9,846 January 9-16 Swim: 11,100 yards in 4:29:17 or a pace of 2:26/200y which includes rest time Bike: 128.34 miles in 7:25:00 or a pace of 17.30 mph (all on the trainer) Run: 28.26 miles in 3:46:45 or a pace of 8:01/mile Calories burned: 13,095 My training is in high gear with the first two weeks of January totaling over 25 hours already.  I am at a perfect spot in my training and have my eyes set on a goal time that I was told to keep to myself by my coach but you can figure out what it is based on my splits so far. =================== Thank you to everybody for your kind words on my post from yesterday.  I have fielded one call from a woman who will most likely be joining as well as already having another sign-up.  I believe that the team will be at 20 people when all is said and done for North Dallas.  Great, great start for this venture which will only keep getting bigger, better and stronger.
Jason Bahamundi

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I grew up in New York and lived there for 34 years until I got divorced and moved 1600 miles to my new home in Texas.  I love New York and miss it but that does not mean that Texas hasn’t been great to me because it has.  It was here that I discovered endurance sports and specifically the sport of triathlon.  Triathlon has given me new life through all the challenges it presents.  I no longer look at life the same way and I can say that is in part due to my endeavor into this sport.

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