Bike – Run Brick – May 20th 2010

Today's training involved Hill Cruise Intervals.  This is basically setting your gears so that you are peddaling at a low cadence and going up hills for 30 seconds then recovery for 30 seconds.  Do this for 10 reps then a solid 5 minute recovery then back at it for another 10 reps.  The total ride was to be 60 minutes and you were to be training at an anerobic level where your heart rate is elevated.

My HR was as high as 159 during these intervals but would drop considerably during the recovery phase but shoot right back up.  It was amazing and tough.  My legs were feeling it after this 60 minute ride.

And oh, did I mention this was to all be done in the aero position.  I finally realized that Coach C meant by doing bicep curls will help with leverage during the climb on the bike.  I was pulling on those bars so hard I thought they might rip off.

Below is the map of my ride along with distance, elevation gained, time and calories burned.

Well I wasn't done yet. After that I had to do a 30 minute run and try to keep my HR below 148. As soon as I took a few steps my HR shot right up to 150 and it was time to slow it way down.

I got it down in a jiffy but my Max HR wound up being 151. I was really trying to be no higher then 148. My avg though was 144 which is great. I ran my miles in 11:28, 10:54 and 10:41 so as the run got longer I got faster and was able to keep my HR down.

Below is a map similar to the one above but this is just the run. If you have a Garmin and use Garmin Connect you can track all of this data and it will help you analyze your training and hopefully improve your performance.

When I was training at a high BPM my Garmin was useless to me, but now training like this I see the benefit of having one and will not train without it.  Even when I go to the gym to use the treadmill I have my Garmin so that it tracks my HR.  Great device.  I am looking at getting another watch though for the races since the Garmin is not waterproof.  Getting a Timex Ironman (similar to the one I have now) but with a HR monitor on it.  Guess I should check out if it is waterproof or not, otherwise it will be pointless to me.

Now I get to rest. The rest of Thursday and all day Friday and so the next training is Saturday with a Bike-Run Brick with the bike the focus again. I believe Karen and I are heading to Grapevine as she has a bike-run brick to do as well.
Jason Bahamundi

About the Author:

I grew up in New York and lived there for 34 years until I got divorced and moved 1600 miles to my new home in Texas.  I love New York and miss it but that does not mean that Texas hasn’t been great to me because it has.  It was here that I discovered endurance sports and specifically the sport of triathlon.  Triathlon has given me new life through all the challenges it presents.  I no longer look at life the same way and I can say that is in part due to my endeavor into this sport.

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