1hr30m ride from Flower Mound to Grapevine and Back

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The above link is to a ride that I did with Robert on Wednesday July 21st. It was a great ride b/c it was the first time that Robert and I were actually able to get out on the open road without having to stop and start and stop and start repeatedly. In finding this route we have opened up the ability for us to test our speed on a course that is somewhat hilly but has a perfect black top surface. There was not a single pot hole or dip or rock on this course and it made the riding tall that more enjoyable.

We averaged 18.3 MPH moving and it may have been faster but we ran into a situation with Robert's chain coming off and that slowed us down. The way the Garmin works is that it picks up my speed at a certain point and slows down at a certain point but it is not immediate. So as you get to a stop light you are slowing down but you are still going faster then the cut-off point and that translates into your speed.

I think that at 18.3 MPH we were doing a great job and that should translate to 19.0 - 19.5 MPH in a race where you don't have stop lights and can just keep peddling.

My HR got into the 5a zone but for the most part was in the mid to high 4 zone. Tomorrow I have a long training session that includes a 1h30m ride and a 1h run. I have a mapmyride detail from a friend that I am going to print up later today and ride that course. He has it setup for 50 miles, but I will cut it down and follow my route as much as I can remember. If not, I will ride this route again and see if I can be faster then the last time out.

The best part of the training for tomorrow is that I get to run without concerning myself with being in a low HR. This will simulate race conditions as much as possible and Coach says that I should be focused on refueling as if I were in a race. I am going to use my tri suit since that has pockets for gels. I am going to head to Run On today at some point to buy a small water bottle to hold and run with so that I have some water on the run for myself.


Speaking of Coach. She was in the Dallas area yesterday and Karen and I went to go see her. She is up in Flower Mound near my friend Jeff's house so I knew where we were going.

She had asked that I be prepared to swim so that she can evaluate my stroke and give me one-on-one pointers and they sure helped.

I have a tendency to over-rotate my hips, and when I mean over-rotate I mean that my hip is out of the water. This is not good as it then causes my legs to scissor and thus act like brakes on the swim. I have to practice slight hip rotations on the breathing and barely getting my mouth out of the water instead of my entire head to breathe. This will take work but is fixable.

The other item I have to work on is catch and pull. I cup my hands and that is not the proper technique, but instead keep my hands relaxed so that they create a web effect. Then when I pull my hand through the water she wants me to exaggerate the movement and bring my hand to my torso and down, then when I am pulling my elbow high out of the water I need to 'flick' the water out basically.

It was like getting a golf lesson where you try to do 100 things at the same time but in the end I was getting better and I could feel my speed pick up. One thing to remember is that I don't have to feel like I'm going 100 mph to actually be going 100 mph. Swimming is about form, and form creates speed.

One piece of advice that she gave me that I know I needed was that I swim with locked arms and legs. My locked left arm is going to cause me to have rotator cuff issues in the long run so I really need to focus on getting that catch and pull done correctly.

With my legs that is fixable and relatively easy as I just need to be more relaxed in the pool. With these little tips and secrets I will be able to more relaxed and swim faster.

Having her one on one coaching for an hour yesterday was worth it's weight in gold. Thanks Coach C.
Job Hunting -

This is going as well as can be expected. I am a doer and an expecter of immediate results so when I don't hear from jobs that I have applied for it can get me down. I know that it won't be easy and I know that it won't be immediate but my personality as a person who goes out and grabs success causes me to become a person who is not comfortable not working. Working is what I do and what I enjoy.

I can't wait to publish my blog tomorrow after my long session. I am looking forward to it and really am on pins and needles about how well it is going to go.

Until tomorrow, always remember that living life to the fullest is the best way to achieve ones goals in life.
Jason Bahamundi

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I grew up in New York and lived there for 34 years until I got divorced and moved 1600 miles to my new home in Texas.  I love New York and miss it but that does not mean that Texas hasn’t been great to me because it has.  It was here that I discovered endurance sports and specifically the sport of triathlon.  Triathlon has given me new life through all the challenges it presents.  I no longer look at life the same way and I can say that is in part due to my endeavor into this sport.

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