This week's version of Triathlete Tales involves a different type of endurance, and how my life outside of the office helped me with my life in the office.  As many of you know I work for DMNmedia which is the marketing solutions provider for The Dallas Morning News.  My role is to work with companies, both local and national, with marketing to their target market.  We have over 80 different solutions ranging from hyper-local print publications all the way through to guaranteed hires for recruiting services.  I tell you this because last week I had to be on my A game and know how every one of these solutions could work for a company trying to brand, sell widgets or hire their VP of Finance. Last week was the DMNmedia Works Print and Online Expo.  This is a one week expo that we prepared a month for.  We spent the better part of that month calling current clients, past clients and possible clients to invite them to the expo.  At the expo we meet and greet the attendees and talk to them about their business and what environments would work best for them in terms of targeting their best customer, be that in print or digital.  Once that portion was over we watched a video that contained client testimonials and then we entered into negotiations.  All of this takes place in the matter of approximately one hour.  Endurance needs to be at a high level, not to mention being able to think on your feet.  Let's compare this to an Ironman.

Endurance Sports In The Real World

Training. The month leading up to the event I spent as much time learning about our real estate section as I did with our hyper-local publications.  Let us not forget the automotive section, sports, news, business, home and garden, travel, women's lifestyle and many more.  This is just like the months you spend swimming 2500 yards in the morning and then a 2 hour ride followed by a 30 minute run in the evening.  You wake up the next morning and you go strength training.  This time after learning about real estate and how it pertains to commercial realty I would then move over to businesses that operate in the food industry.  How does our Guide publication work and who is reading it?  SO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!!  It was tiring yet simultaneously invigorating as I was learning so much that I could go to current clients and talk about how we could help them sell more, brand more and be sure to not waste their marketing dollar.  Efficiency......sound familiar triathletes? Nutrition. Don't think that nutrition is important for a week-long event?  Guess again.  I knew that I needed to eat a proper breakfast before heading off to the conference center where there would be loads of cookies, cake, candy and whatever other simple sugars people could consume just to keep their energy level up so that the negotiations could be conducted with a coherent person.  Obviously, with triathlon training and racing you do not get from the start line to the finish line without proper fueling.  What I learned throughout my years of endurance sports I applied and not only did I have a big breakfast before I brought my own lunch as well.  Yes, I was made fun of and even the CRO of the entire company laughed at me as I was eating my PB&J but I knew what worked for me and how I would be able to maintain my stamina through 10-12 hour days. Pacing and Rest. This was beyond important.  Each day we had 6 sessions starting at 9:30a and had to be at the conference center by 8:30a.  Most days I would not leave until close to 6:00pm and some beyond that.  Long days were in the mix so I had to make sure that I did not come out of the gate on fire.  I had to control myself but still be able to plug away and give the attention that each client was owed as they graciously gave of their time to us.  Not only did I have to stay well hydrated but I needed to also ensure that when the day was over I got in a good dinner and went to bed at a decent hour.  Not being rested and having to be on your A game for 10 hours does not mesh well just like trying to get in back to back long days on the weekend and only sleeping for 4 hours.  That is a recipe for disaster. This expo was unlike the television upfront negotiations I was accustomed to performing in.  During those negotiations we would present plans to our client after having reviewed them with our management.  Negotiations would sometimes take a week and be done but it was never a constant stream of negotiations with clients from business varying from non-profits to $4.5M per annum plastic surgeons.  It was all an amazing experience and one that I will lean on when the idea of doing a 2 hour and 30 minute brick seems impossible.

How Have You Applied Endurance Sports To Real Life?

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